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FaggotPet'd Gang Up Dare

Posted Yesterday at 03:57 PM by JTN2010

I'm completing dares from the gang up thread, and doing write ups for each.

This was one of the smaller ones, which I completed after getting home from an event tonight (Saturday). I'd drank plenty of water on my way home, but unfortunately I ended up going to the bathroom right when I got home (before starting the dare).

To begin I rolled a 2, which is pretty lucky. So essentially I'd need to use the diaper twice, meaning there was a 90 minute minimum on the dare/challenge....
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The nature of members

Posted Yesterday at 03:39 PM by Bloxo

This will be one of my musing posts...after a while on GetDare you just try to make sense of it all, find some logic or pattern, it's not easy!

It can be easy to generalise, something I'm often guilty of myself I admit...

On the front of it, looking at the forum you could say everyone here is either a giver or a taker...and it's true for a lot of people but not everyone.
Let's look at the sorts of people we have here:

Those that want to give dares...
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Posted Yesterday at 02:36 AM by Spacepieeater

Small buttplug
Mid buttplug
large buttplug with tail
Small anal beads
Large anal beads
Inflatable anal beads
Bullet vibrater
Penis pump
2 handcuffs
Red black lockable cuffs
Hog tie kit
Chains and locks
Nipple clamp
Nipple clamp with collar
Couple collars and leashes
Ball gag small
Ball gag XL
Ball gag full harness + blindfold
Ring gag
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Posted 06-14-2019 at 03:30 PM by Spacepieeater
Updated 06-14-2019 at 03:33 PM by Spacepieeater

maids dress
mermaid dress
teacher outfit (top + mini shirt)
vampire dress
batgirl costume (corset + mini skirt)
harry Quinn costume (corset + leggings)
long black dress
short black dress
2 black catsuit
long red skirt
short black skirt
black legging
couple bras
balloons (that can be used as boobs)
fishnets (half body or full body)
black wetlooking...
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PrincessDiaperPants's ABDL Dare

Posted 06-13-2019 at 08:20 PM by JTN2010

From a gang-up abdl dare I lost, PrincessDiaperPants gave me a dare.

Have to put on a diaper, suck my thumb, drink apple juice, and watch my little pony. The dare ends after wetting twice or finishing 5 episodes.

Simple enough, but sounds unappealing. After work today I threw on a diaper, got some apple juice, turned on Netflix and started watching. I was hopeful, I wet myself in the first episode (during some scene with a flying chariot). Unfortunately, despite heavy drinking,...
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Enjoying other people's chastity

Posted 06-12-2019 at 12:39 PM by Cassandra (Mad prophecies from ancient greece)

Back in february I did around 5 weeks of chastity, with a partner of emlalock. I had been getting quite horny over that time, even doing some tasks I hadn't dared otherwise. Good to know the one side of something.

Because in the past weeks I enjoyed holding the keys for some wearers, asking tasks from them, meddling with their time, even more. The fun is in making others suffer in that denial and chastity way, and making them things do by being in control. Having the keys means you have...
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I am a diaper slave for a week--Day 3

Posted 06-12-2019 at 10:16 AM by DiaperHumiliate


i woke up this morning in a very full diaper with two stuffers. when i got up i got to the conclusion i had very bad skin that got infected. so i was free of diapers for a big part of the day.
When i got home from university i had to go back into diapers. So i put on a diaper and went in with the rest of my day. I was going to eat dinner and they told me to pee while i was eating dinner with my roommate. I only red this message when i finished dinner so i didn't do what they...
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