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PM Dares + Todo List!

Posted 11-09-2020 at 10:08 PM by Yoyo Foxwell
Updated 05-03-2021 at 02:19 PM by Yoyo Foxwell

Here is a list of PM dares I am currently accepting. Dares can be taken via getdare or kik, but responses may be slightly quicker on kik. Todo list is at the bottom.

Proof can be requested in any format (pics, vids, reports)


!!! IMPORTANT !!! You may send me up to three dares at once. You may only send me dares once every 48h per person.

SLAP X - I slap my balls X times. Max 30

PUNCH X - I punch my balls X times. Max 10

WHACK X - I whack my balls with an object of your choosing X times. Max 20

SLAP BATTLE X - I will slap my balls that many times. I can reply to the PM and make you do the same for twice the amount of times. So can you. (Amount of slaps gets doubled with each PM) (X: up to 30 times)

RED ASS X - I will spank my ass X times with an implement of your choice. Max 30

PIES - I will shaving foam pie myself, you choose where the pies go. Max 6

PIC - Will take a pic in any position you like (no face).

TOYPIC - Will take a pic of me using up to 3 toys from my supplies list (excluding diapers and laxatives)

CLAMPED - I will wear nipple clamps for the next hour after seeing the message

PLUGGED X - Will wear a plug for how long you want. Max 6 hours

SPITROAST - I'll fuck my ass with one dildo while sucking another for 10 minutes

SIT X - I will sit on my dildo without moving away or removing it for X mins. (max 60)

SHAVE - Will shave one body part (or pair of) of your choosing. Won't shave the same body part twice before the skin has time to rest.

PANTIES - Must wear panties for the next 24hours after I see the message

GAG X - I will gag myself with a used sock for X mins (max 60)

STINKY - Will not flush my toilet until I've pooped twice in it.

ENEMA - Will clean myself out

1MORE - Adds one more day to my current chastity sentence. If I'm not in one I will lock up for 24hrs. Only one of these allowed per person every 7 days.

GRAFFITI - I will write a word/short phrase of your choosing on my body (nothing exposed though)

AVATAR - I will change my avatar to whatever you choose (within gD's ToS)

SIGNATURE - I will add a phrase to my signature. Overwrites anything in there that was added by this.

NEWDARE - I will add a new PM dare of your suggestion. I reserve the right to refuse this one.

DAREME - I will give you a dare

TRADE - You give me a dare, I give you a dare

SWEARJAR - I will add 2 to my sex toy fund - current fund 4

CASHIN - I will spend my sex toy fund - either on something I want or something of your choosing.


To-do List:
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