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Update...I Guess

Posted 11-13-2016 at 02:32 PM by Komodo Jones

It's been a while since I've been actively involved here and I guess this is kind of a free write and just an update on what has been going on. I'm kind of been here only in the search for a Domme and most of the friends that I do talk to are limited to my phone with kik and texting.

Since moving out, it took me almost a year but I finally got Wi-Fi for my apartment. And I also officially got a Netflix account. Yeah I know a lot of you are thinking well that's not too exciting but it kind of is when you had been practically Internet dead except for once a week for almost a year. I got Wi-Fi for mainly one reason and well that reason hasn't been happening a lot, but catching up on YouTube and everything it's kind of been a blessing for me.

When I last wrote this I was the owner of two subs and the key word in that sentence is "was." Both of my subs and I have broken ties. Alexis and I lasting several years ended things amicably and we still talk on a nearly daily basis. Usually it's to play with my Jeopardy calendar but we still talk about stuff and she still remains as one of my main supports if things are going haywire in my life which speaking of...

I have a condition called IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) yeah because people want to hear about that, and I've had that for several years now. I won't go into all the details but in short it's hell on your lower digestive system when it acts up, which lately it has been acting up more often than normal and it's irritating because it effects my paycheck a lot. My hours have been diminished a bit since I started working and well sad to say my IBS is acting up so much so that the last time I worked all my shifts in a full week was Labor Day. That is early September for those of you who don't celebrate it. With missing that many days, I am very grateful that my boss and supervisors understand this and have not let me go or fired me. My family doctor has since moved on to another practice that won't accept my insurance so I'm without a family doctor and my gastroenterologist is only giving me medications that alleviate the symptoms (if they decide to work) instead of making it stop. But I can't blame them as people aren't sure what causes IBS ergo they can't stop it. But I've gone too much into this paragraph.

Going back to not having subs anymore. I'm kind of what I call a "free agent" meaning I don't own anybody nor am I owned by anybody. I am protected by somebody but that's a story that I won't go into. Since then I've had another sub in training who didn't even do the first task I told them to do so I quickly dismissed her. I had two possible Mistresses that I met through FL. One was going crazy as her first task for me was to delete my FL profile...yeah that's a warning flag. The other one seemed promising but like most other relationships I was in where I was the sub I was quickly forgotten. This seems to be a trend for me sadly, and I honestly don't think it's my fault. But it's a work in progress and I've been on dry spells before. It's somewhat difficult for me because I'm over 30 now and also I'm picky. Also, the search is difficult because after really thinking about it, I really only want to be under a woman's heel, and those are difficult to find...that match to what I want in a D/s relationship. But as I always say this same lame pun "Good things CUM to those who wait."

Rules I set for myself have really not been followed. I'm not naked all the time because it's getting colder and my feet are freezing as I type this even though I have socks on. Wearing panties when getting Final Jeopardy was getting too uncomfortable and affecting my sleep patterns. And I'm not sure if it's me getting older or being depressed lately but my libido has kind of died down a little. I still cum at LEAST once a week, but couldn't tell you the last time I got a spanking and I love getting spanked.

However, I'm going to close on something good. I only see myself getting married to a woman but I still do enjoy playing with men, especially giving oral, and that is one of the good things about having an apartment. I don't have to sneak around without worrying if my parents know I 'm gone or wondering where I am. Since moving here I have had five different dicks in my mouth, four in my apartment, one in a hotel room, and even had my first 69 with a man. But as I said despite this I still only plan on marrying a woman and that may be a search that I plan to start soon as my dad has said that he may help me by paying for eHarmony or Christian Mingle. Christian parents, Christian sites go fig.

Anyway, that's about all worth saying right now. So yeah I'm quiet but still around, so if you ever want to shoot me a pm or something I promise I don't lash out irrationally, unless there's arrogance because that and stupidity don't mesh well with this dragon. Which speaking of Pokémon Moon comes out in 5 days!
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  1. Old Comment
    Alexis Rune's Avatar
    Even though I knew most of this, as you suggested I would, it was nice to read. I hope you find what you are looking for, you really deserve it.
    Posted 11-13-2016 at 03:25 PM by Alexis Rune Alexis Rune is offline
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    Butterfly's Avatar
    It is great to hear from you.

    I am sorry to hear about your IBS issues and about you not being with Alexis or your other sub anymore.

    Depression is a powerful thing and it can affect many different areas of your life. Please reach out if you need a friend to talk to. You know I'm always around. Also if I knew you were looking for a sub I may have been interested. I am starting a one week trial this week with a new sub.

    Dating can be tough. Especially online dating. Those are both good places to start. Let me know if you want any help or support.

    Good luck with everything friend.
    Posted 11-13-2016 at 04:48 PM by Butterfly Butterfly is offline

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