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Tessdog's Story

Posted 12-19-2007 at 06:49 PM by admireu4ever

I joined getDare a very long time ago. Infact, it's been just over a year since I found out about this site.
When I arrived the Story Section was not even two pages. The first stories I had read were the Robin Hood Story and a few others.
I had read one of Powerstrips stories and it inspired me to start writting.
With in the next few weeks, I'd become one of the most active writers on getDare.
Then finally, I proposed the idea of me becoming a moderator. The staff had agreed I should not be a moderator. Like the fool I was, I had choosen to advertise a campaign for me to be the next getDare Mod. I'd told everyone getDare should be a democracy and I was trying to get the people to help me to become a moderator. Well I posted in every topic with the same thing.."Vote Tessdog, for getDare Moderator" it was that simple. Well, sadly I was warned and temp banned. When that ban had ended I had continued. I'd fought with Depp and said some mean things about him. I was then at that point banned. I continued on foward and for the next few days I could not get, getDare out of my head. That is when I made my second acount. I'd then got banned because of the IP Adresses...I continued making acounts and I had almost never been gone from getDare. Well one day the bans had stopped, something strange had happend. It turns out Dabear and I run on the same IP Adress...thus forth...a IP Ban would get rid of him and other AOL Users. Well, I left for a weeks in hopes of rethinking myself. I then returned to getDare as Admireu4ever...and not too long ago..I revealed it was me...Tessdog.
I've made alot of mistakes, but that staff at getDare have forgiven me. I've not broken any rules, and I continue to try to be a helpful active member of getDare. If there is a lesson to be learned here, "RESPECT THE STAFF AND DON'T PISS OFF DEPP." Thanks to getDare I've learned alot of lessons that I use in my everyday life. I can't thank you all enough for letting me back onto getDare.
If you want to see the final thing I wrote as Tessdog...go to and check out "Stick it to the Man" it's in Soarslight profile...it is the only poem of mine that remains on getDare.
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    I think you're doing great personally. I was not a member when this "Tessdog incident" that people still talk about sometimes happened... I had no clue what it was until reading your entry. And it does not change my opinion of you whatsoever...

    Acouple of daysI reached to my fellow getdare "colleagues" to give Brownie a break... It was, in part, because I didn't want others to say whenever something happens "this reminds me of the Brownie incident...".

    We must not forget that getdare is about fun & friendship, first & foremost. And EVERYONE is deserving of that attention. A "forum message board incident" should not make anyone be lesser then another...

    On a personal note to you, Tess: I stiil have that PM you sent me a few months ago. I do read it, sometimes, when I feel down just to make myself smile... So you've at least done something right...

    Chloé xx
    Posted 12-19-2007 at 07:02 PM by SubMissChievous SubMissChievous is offline
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    admireu4ever's Avatar

    You Rock

    Well, it's people like you that remind us all how great life is. You have done so many great things, from your stories just to the sheer kindness you show to everyone. I think you should be elected getDare Member of the Year. You are a great person, and I wish I could be as half as good as you.

    Happy Holidays
    Posted 12-20-2007 at 08:27 AM by admireu4ever admireu4ever is offline
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    chain's Avatar
    1 problem, we know that you and dabear have the same IP, but because of you, we have new ways and better way to indentify users. We know every account you had. It's aite though, just don't be an idiot again, I'm sure you won't. The worst thing you can possibly do is lie to the staff, note Peter_Kay's perm ban.
    Posted 12-20-2007 at 04:49 PM by chain chain is offline
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    Sum's Avatar
    I remeber reading your stories when you first arrived you were really one of the writers who helped to get the stories section going. I as Chole did missed the whole 'tessdog inncednet' i took quite a long hiatus from this place and returned i think only a few weeks after you gone. At that time everyone was going on about it, though i couldn't work out what exactly had happened. It's nice to have it fully layed out, that way new users can learn form your experience.
    Posted 12-20-2007 at 08:01 PM by Sum Sum is offline
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    admireu4ever's Avatar

    Just replying

    Well, when I first joined getDare I was a horrible writer. But the thing is, I inspired other people to write. They were much better then me, so that's what got the stories kicking. I'm glad getDare has a great IP Detection System thanks to me, atleast it can prevent hackers like Depp's April Fool's Joke...of "Tessdog!"..which I still think is very funny.
    Posted 12-20-2007 at 09:07 PM by admireu4ever admireu4ever is offline

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