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All about my feet: For Jaro

Posted Yesterday at 06:53 PM by Butterfly (The Butterfly Effect)

This is a really hard blog for me. I am very self concious about my feet. They are not small and dainty like some girls feet. I got my feet from my dad. They are thick, wide and long with short, stubby little toes.

On top of this, I also have a skin condition called Schamberg Disease. It isn't harmful, but it also isn't pretty. It leaves my feet spotted with rust colored spots.
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Dear Santa ...

Posted Yesterday at 05:27 PM by Butterfly (The Butterfly Effect)

Today Daddy and I put up our Christmas tree and decorated the house for Christmas. It was a lot of fun. I have some very special ornaments on my tree, but some of my favorites are the butterflies, Rapunzel, Eeyore and our engagement ornament.

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Also, this year Daddy bought me a new ornament. It is Ariel from The Little Mermaid!!! It is so pretty and I really like it.

After we decorated, Daddy helped me write a letter to Santa.

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The Contract week 7

Posted Yesterday at 01:03 PM by [email protected] (Janes occasional blog)

Week 7

Saturday 10th (of week 6)
After our trip we had agreed to continue in our new relationship but I could see D had changed significantly and only time would tell were things would end up. We were certainly much closer now.
D came round to my flat at 1200 I was expecting her so had done my chores without getting dressed and was naked when I let her in.
I served her lunch as a nice day we decided to go out for the afternoon and take dog for a walk.
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Long list of likes, limits, and what I'm looking for in a master

Posted Yesterday at 03:25 AM by OnlineHumiliateSlve

First of all, You may be as mean and humiliating as you like and make me feel as dumb as you want, Sir. I'll tell you if it's too much, Sir. Im looking for a very controlling and mean master who will talk down to me like I'm the dumbest,most vapid and airheaded stupid bitch they've ever talked to. I can take a lot of verbal degradation and humiliation as well as in tasks, Sir. I would like a mastersnwho will control and extremely humiliate and degrade me at any point possible yet also understand that...
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Likes, limits

Posted 11-16-2018 at 07:21 AM by stitofff

Likes. Crossdressing, bondage, public, humiliation, pain, spanking, licking something, nudity.
Dislikes (but can do). Messy, pet play (not too long).
Soft limits. Involving other people, cam dares, pics, blackmail.
Hard limits. Shaving, permanent (but 1-week long is ok), anal, eating/drinking pee/cum/shit (but can eat food from my pants).
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One of my biggest insecurities is one of my kinks!

Posted 11-15-2018 at 01:20 PM by lilith_ (Ramblings of a Nymphet)

A few days ago I received a few "asks" on my blog on Tumblr. I will post here one of the questions that I received along with my reply because I find it so interesting how deep insecurities can also be our kinks!

What the most humiliating name you love to be called
Okay, thatís a very interesting one! Just a note: this is only acceptably by PARTNERS. Do not go and call me these things because youíll get blocked.

I love anything that
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A trip to Olympic National Park

Posted 11-14-2018 at 06:59 PM by KittenRose (Kitten's Submissive and Slutty Blog)

Early this year, in September, my BF (J for short) and I went to the Pacific Northwest for a short vacation. Even though it rains a lot, the western corner of Washington, just south of the Canadian border, is amazingly beautiful in summer and autumn. Winters can be dreary, but then summers are so gorgeous that they more than make up for the depressing winter cold and rain. We visited the lavender fields and then drove to the Olympic National Park, the only remaining rain forest in the continental United...
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