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Ramblings of a diaper boy

Posted 06-17-2018 at 10:33 AM by Diapered_prince


I am still up with my grandparents, and will likely remain with them the entire month (and a bit of next month as well.) However, a routine has started to develop around the house so at least that is good.

My diaper supply is running low (right now I have 8 left) so I am going to need to go to the store sometime soon to purchase some more. The trick is, how do I get out of the house for a bit. I don't want to lie about where I am going, but my grandparents...
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Changing my dream fantasies

Posted 06-17-2018 at 07:29 AM by Cassandra (Mad prophecies from ancient greece)

They say when writing a story or a novel, you have to learn to change your vision of it. Because when you bring it down into words and details, breath life into it, make it real, you get reflections and feedback. How you imagined things isn't right an healthy, so life points out that you have to change. Change your perspective, yourself, your story. As long as you don't, you will fail.

Since decades I bring up certain fantasy scenarios when I am in bed trying to sleep. They reflect...
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Home sweet home

Posted 06-17-2018 at 04:48 AM by lilith_ (Ramblings of a Nymphet)

Nothing beats the sensation of falling face down on your bed and finally laying your head on your own pillow after spending days in a hospital. N O T H I N G . Even orgasms can't beat that feeling. It seems like the medication is finally starting to work (it's been 6 weeks goddamn it!!!) and I am starting to have a - totally fake - stability. But as a very special person in my life told me "fake it till you make it" and that's totally what my new frienemy, Zoloft, is helping me do.
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