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I'm a Barbie Girl

Posted 06-18-2018 at 05:24 AM by lilith_
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Yesterday I woke up feeling good! What a surprise! After doing my daily exercise routine, I decided to do one of the dares that has been given to me in my thread. Of course I chose the dare by lola.fox because it's one of THE BEST!

Originally Posted by lola.fox View Post
dress up in your most feminine, girly attire (shades of pink and lots of ruffles are a bonus!) and wear exaggerated bright lipstick. put your hair in pigtails or a high pony. play “im a barbie girl” and complete as many edges as you can during the song. once completed have as many orgasms as you possibly can during a 15 minute period and tally them up. use the orgasm total number and multply it by 10 and spank yourself at the location of your choosing that many times.

if you feel inclined to do this task and write a report, please post it on your thread or in a blog post! bonus points if you want to take a photo of your outfit or make up choices (doesn’t have to be on you, just laid out of course) to an album. i didn’t see photos in your limits and you had specified not sending photos on kik, so i wasn’t sure where your comforts lie regarding album photos.

i hope this takes your mind off things if you choose to do it!
First I began applying foundation, then my glittery pink eyeshadow, pink blush and OF COURSE glittery pink lipstick (it's the one I'm wearing in my profile picture). Then it was time to do my hair. I decided to go with french maid braids because we all know there is nothing cuter than blonde hair in french maid braids. I got the whole Lolita vibe going on so I need to stick to it no matter what! I CAN'T GIVE UP THE FRENCH MAID BRAIDS! As for clothes I decided to wear my satin blue nightgown, it is so classy and feminine.

After that I opened spotify and put the anthem and soundtrack of my life (Barbie Girl) playing on repeat. I sat down on my pink sheets, I spread my legs and I put my vibe on my clit. Sadly I managed to edge only once because the battery was dying and the vibrations weren't as intense... No surprise there, there is no worse luck than mine. I also couldn't use my hands either because lately it's been hard to reach an orgasm or edge without vibrations or the shower head (gotta hate medication that messes with my clit!!!!!!). So I decided to use the shower head. Best decision ever! I managed to cum twice in 15 minutes, so that meant 20 yummy spanking on my butt!

And that's when it hit me.... Butts have two cheeks. So what do I do?? Spank only one cheek? Divide it in two and only give 10 spankings to each cheek? I decided to go with 20 spankings on each cheek because I'm a total sucker for butt spakings

Now not only my lips and cheeks were red but also my butt! As for the pictures, I decided to put them as my profile picture and avatar just so I make sure everyone sees how fucking adorable this lipstick is hahah

Thank you Lola for the dare! It was very fun and now I can't stop singing Barbie Girl even if a day has passed
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