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#15 - Becoming an Edging Toy - An edged hour

Posted 11-26-2020 at 05:56 AM by Felix645

Becoming an Edging Toy

#15 An edged hour...

Here now yesterdays task!

It was quite the step of from the task two days ago but it was really fun!

As much edges as possible within and 1 hour time frame! Sounds simple enough but thats not all. I also had some constraints on how often I can use a technique to edge with! So I had to come up with a plan how I would edge. And I came up with a cycle that met all the criteria (list is found below). But that wasnt the real challenge. My master also had a number in mind what he thought was possible to achieve. Depending on the outcome I would have rewarded or punished. But first the report I sent to him afterwards:

I started by setting the everything up. I looked up two porn videos since I didnt found a good one that was an hour long (at least not one I was in the mood for). I set the the timer and an counting app up on my phone and my technique cycle on my second monitor. I then started the first video and began stroking. It didnt take long to get to the first edge. It didnt let myself rest much either, I waited about 5 seconds and edged with the next technique. Obviously this time it took a bit longer edge because my body doesnt get a chance to adapt to the stimulation. I edged faster and faster and I began to sweat. Some techniques took faster than others (Ill post a list of my technique cycle afterwards). The longer this was going on I got more and more horny and my cock harder and harder. Sometimes I was set back a bit because I edged in too quick of a succession and then my cock was too sensitive for a minute or so. After about 40 minutes I was starting to become a mess. I could only think about my cock and how good it feld to stroke it. But I had to keep myself in line, too. The last 10 minutes were the hardest, my cock was so sensitive I wanted to squeeze in some more edges. My cock head was wet with pre cum and all I wanted was to just cum and explode. A lot of high pitched whimpers came out of me (I rarely really moan except when cumming). I was so relieved when the hour was finally up but also proud for lasting. But I was still sooo horny, even right now as Im writing this. The craving to touch my cock is so big but I know for certainty that I would just eventually cum if I would continue to edge myself like that ...

So, to sum things up:
  1. 15 minutes: 16 edges
  2. 15 minutes: 19 edges
  3. 15 minutes: 22 edges
  4. 15 minutes: 29 edges

If my math is correctly that sums up to 86 edges ...

The cycle of techniques I followed was this:
  1. normally in a chair
  2. Moving my foreskin over my head with just my finger tips
  3. only stroking the cock head
  4. normally while kneeling
  5. normally on all fours
  6. reverse grip
  7. with non dominant hand
  8. Moving my foreskin over my head with just my finger tips
  9. using only two fingers
  10. normally sitting crossed legged
  11. normally while laying down on my back
  12. with non dominant hand

The happy message: I did beat his number by a veeery small margin! His number was 86, so just 2 edges made the difference!

And that kinda reflects on todays task ... which I assume would be pure edging hell ...

Ill try to give updates today, as is this is going to consume a lot of time ^^
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