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Re: Rules!!

Posted 01-12-2015 at 08:28 AM by MasterDaddy02


It is so very interested, in how you hear the word "rules", so very much before agreeing to become a submissive slave. There is a reason in which, that each master has there own idea of the term to fit them only. Just like how no two burgers are cooked the same. As the quality is at different levels. In all honesty, just from there personality in which they deem in them. You have masters, who are hard because that is just them. Then, you have the middle level master. Lastly the low level master. Just like burgers which come with the works, then all down. But, remember also on where your master is located at too. That is a very important factor and also the bottom line. Some, have contacts just like applying for a job. Then, those that just have agreement. Lastly, are those who just feel there is no need for such a thing. Again, goes back to the kind of master personality.


To ensure, that as a submissive slave, you do know what you will be following if you choose to become a submissive slave. All the facts are listed before you decided. Each master, rules are different and fit them first. They have that right. Is it wrong? Of course not, do in part, they are being upfront with you. Remember, they are not trying to please you.


To help you as a submissive slave, to become a better person. In dealing with factors that you are asking for help in your daily life. You are putting your trust in your master, to take that role. Or to teach them in how much, they can be happy. By, someone else deciding for them on major factors, in which they have made wrong choices in doing.
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    naughtylittlegirl's Avatar
    I think to simply measure the quality of a "master" by how strict he is and/or how many rules he sets is a rather shallow system of evaluation. While I agree that any rules, terms, conditions, etc., of a D/s relationship must be thoroughly discussed beforehand so both parties are clear on how the relationship will work, I have a real problem with the "rules" fitting the "master" first because it's his right. Both the dom and the sub have equal rights when it comes to entering into a relationship. The relationship ought to suit both of well, and so the rules ought to suit both the dom and the sub well too. How can a good dom, or "master," set rules that only take himself into account and not the sub? That doesn't show care or attention towards the sub, nor much understanding of responsibility on the dom's part.

    I also have issues with the dom not trying to please the sub. I think both persons in the relationship ought to be trying to please one another. I certainly wouldn't expect the dom to cater to the sub's every whim such that the roles are reversed; but good grief, what is the point of being submitted to someone that doesn't care at all about pleasing you? I would think that wouldn't make a fantastic match, nor a very sustainable experience if a dom cared so very little for me.

    Then to your third section: if that dom is setting rules to help me become a better person, but is setting them based only on what pleases him, what suits him best, and so forth, with minimal if any regard for me, how can I reasonably put my trust in him to dominate me? It seems a little lacking in logic. I think it works much better when rules and such are discussed and negotiated so they fit both people, so they take into account the lives of each, and so they aren't unreasonably imposed.

    What do you think, MasterDaddy02?
    Posted 01-12-2015 at 07:46 PM by naughtylittlegirl naughtylittlegirl is offline
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    drwarschauu's Avatar
    I agree with what Tink wrote.

    I'm not that much of a hard-ass myself. Sure, I made some rules for my subby! I want her to stick to them. She actually doesn't know all of her rules, but she does them anyway, if that makes senses. If I were to ask her to make a list, she'd get most of them on paper, but not all. But during the day, she does all the things I expect her to do.

    It doesn't always work out like I planned. For instance, I have this rule in place where my subby has to edge first thing in the morning. That's because I love it when she's nice and horny. Now, she does this for me on most days, like the good girl she is. There are days where it becomes impossible or hard, because of her schedule, being sick, other people being around or what have you. It goes without saying that she won't edge in those cases! She might mention it, but not always. That doesn't matter to me, because I know she will do it if she can. I know she will try her best to please me!
    I think that doesn't make me a bad Dom. Actually, I think it might make me a better Dom to be realistic and nice!
    Posted 01-13-2015 at 05:46 AM by drwarschauu drwarschauu is offline
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    **Mandi**'s Avatar
    I agree with both of the comments above (:

    A lot of people have told me in the past I'm a really good sub, very obedient, never breaking the rules, etc. If I think about that statement though, "never breaking the rules", I don't really have rules. I did for a little bit, but then (because all D/s is different and all submissive are different) Sir and I, after a really good discussion, elected to change these things from rules to something more like "suggested guidelines". These fit me and my personal submissive nature much better. Since they got 'demoted' I haven't 'broken' any of them. Them not being rules doesn't make me see them as less important or make me see Top Hat as less dominant or less in control.

    I suppose, though, we do have unspoken rules. For example, honesty. These are things I don't really see as rules though because it just seems like an obvious thing for a healthy relationship.

    Just my two sense (:
    Posted 01-13-2015 at 10:31 AM by **Mandi** **Mandi** is offline
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    justJane's Avatar
    Originally Posted by drwarschauu View Comment
    I think it might make me a better Dom to be realistic and nice!

    I also agree with everything NLG said, and I am in awe at her awesomeness right now.

    I like what Mandi said, as well, and I will often be given things that are optional, meaning if I truly can't do it, or even if I'm just not feeling subby for some reason, I don't have to do it and I'm not to feel bad about it (even though I usually do). Sometimes you just can't do it all for various reasons and I can't imagine how terrible it would feel to be punished on top of all the other things you're feeling; I don't think that's sustainable.
    Posted 01-13-2015 at 05:19 PM by justJane justJane is offline

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