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Giving up control

Posted 02-13-2024 at 11:50 PM by KinkyBBW
Updated 02-16-2024 at 11:41 AM by KinkyBBW (Updating)

I am not a submissive, but I do enjoy giving up control sometimes. Due to stresses in my life where I have had to be the one making decisions and being in control of so much, I decided to give up control of my orgasms for the rest of February to a special online friend.

With his permission, I will be documenting my experience of letting him control my sexual play the rest of this month here in this blog post. I am writing this on day 4 of 19 days of him being in control.

It was agreed that I cannot cum for the rest of the month without asking him first. He was very generous and gave me three orgasms "in the bank" in case he didn't respond when I asked and I can use them how I see fit, but he can also modify that throughout the month if he chooses. I will also be posting pictures of his choosing in this Kink Talk album for the rest of the month. In order to view the album, you have to be a registered member of Kink Talk.

The first night he was in control, he had me put on some lingerie, and insert a Lovense Lush and put it on a pattern until he took control of it. He said "nipple decorations" were up to me, so I put on jingle bell nipple nooses. He also instructed me to have a dildo close by so I could suck it whenever he told me to. He also said when I was not sucking it, I could do whatever I wanted with it. I decided to titty fuck it or at least have it squished between my tits whenever it wasn't in my mouth. Once he took control, he told me I was allowed to play with my clit, but I was not allowed to cum without asking first. He had me suck the dildo for a couple minutes at a time throughout the session and gave me permission to cum five times during the session. Once the battery on the Lush died, he had me replace it with the dildo and told me to ride the dildo until I came one more time.

He also gave me a rule of wearing nipple jewelry every time I left the house for anything other than work so when I went to the gym the following day, I put the jingle bells on again and went to work out.

After my workout, he gave me permission to fuck my pussy any way I wanted, but I was only allowed to cum if I had something in my ass at the same time. I fucked myself with an ejaculating dildo and put a Lovense Hush in my ass. I set the Hush to a pattern and fucked the dildo for almost half an hour. I came twice in that time and the second time I came, I was instructed to make the dildo ejaculate inside me while I was cumming. Both of the orgasms I had were incredibly satisfying and made my legs shaky for an hour after.

I was unable to play the day after that due to a very long work day. However, starting today, I have a week off work with only a few commitments that will get in the way of playtime. So today, I put on my favorite necklace that attaches to my nipples via chains and nipple nooses and went to the grocery store. After returning home I told my friend that I would be inserting a Lovense Dolce and turning on a pattern after making and cleaning up from dinner. I promised to message him when I did that even though he would probably already be asleep.

I inserted the dolce and turned on a pattern that would last about two hours, knowing that the Dolce's battery usually lasts about that long during continual use. I messaged him when I started and, as I suspected, he was probably asleep as he did not respond. I allowed the pattern to play all the way through and the battery of the Dolce died right around when the pattern was ending. I sent him a message halfway though the the pattern and he still did not respond so I continued on with the pattern. I edged by accident four times but managed to pull myself off the edge and did not orgasm as he did not give me permission and I want to save those banked orgasms for when I am truly desperate.

I am still wearing the nipple noose necklace as of writing out this first entry and will continue wearing it until I get ready for bed.


Day 5: I woke up to instructions for the day. He instructed me to edge within 60 minutes of every major meal. He said I could masturbate other times during the day, but of course would need to ask to cum. I was to choose how I got myself to the edge for breakfast and lunch but for the dinner edge I was instructed to also have a toy in my ass "that will stay there for a while". After dinner and the dinnertime edge, I was to set aside an hour before bedtime where I was to edge every 15 minutes and then cum at the final 15 minutes of the hour. Only after the orgasm was I allowed to remove the toy from my ass.

Waking up to these instructions made me immediately wet and needy. I had breakfast and then used my Lovense Flexer to reach my first edge. It did not take long as I was so horny from the thought of being teased all day.

After the edge, I left the Flexer in playing a pattern while I did household chores. After chores, just before the Flexer battery died, I was desperately horny and asked to cum. He gave me permission and the orgasm felt soooo good. Not overly intense or strong, but so delicious after an edge and almost two hours of teasing.

After lunch it was time for edge number two. I decided to use my Lovense Domi so I could reach the edge quickly as I needed to get to the gym before it got too busy. It took me only about three minutes to reach the edge and I almost failed by going over the edge but managed to stop myself.

Right after that, I got dressed for the gym in my usual leggings, sports bra, tank top and t-shirt, but added nipple jewelry as I would be leaving my house for something other than work.

When I returned home, I did not tease or masturbate but I did spend time looking at pictures he has sent me and thinking about what to use for my dinner edge as well as my hour of teasing.

After dinner, I inserted a string of anal beads and used a vibrator on my clit to have my dinner time edge. I then waited for a good hour marker to start my hour of teasing. For that, I pulled out my Lovense Nora (yes, I have a LARGE collection of Lovense toys). I got into a comfortable position on my back, turned on the Nora and began slowly fucking myself with it. I had to focus hard on not reaching the edge early as I was to edge at the 15 minute mark. The first one wasn't too hard to hold off until the 15 minutes passed, but each 15 minutes after became more and more difficult to hold off. During the second edge, I almost wasn't able to stop, but pulled the toy fully out and prevented myself from cumming.

By the third edge I was desperate to cum, but held off because I was determined to do exactly as instructed. After the final edge, I was so desperate that I pretty much stayed on the edge the whole final 15 minutes. Once the final 15 minutes ended, I came immediately on the 15 minute mark and it was an insanely intense orgasm that had my whole body shaking for a couple minutes after it ended!

Day 6: I had family commitments and some errands to run, so I didn't get to play, but I still followed the rule of nipple jewelry so I wore a chain that wraps around my neck then trails down to my nipples and attaches with little nooses around the nipple. Looking at it, most would think it is just a long necklace that hangs below my shirt, but those in the know would recognize it.
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    Sounds like a fun month for you, enjoying your pics on kinktalk also!
    Posted 02-14-2024 at 06:13 AM by tzzzr tzzzr is offline

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