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Taken to Task - a compilation of my reports

Posted 11-21-2020 at 02:41 PM by AnalAddict
Updated 12-12-2020 at 05:50 PM by AnalAddict

I've been having a lot of fun lately on this forum, and it shows in the number of reports I've been writing. As most of them were related to tasks / punishments / gifts on threads, I posted the reports in the appropriate place rather than on my blog. Feels like it's time to do a compilation with descriptions and links (click on the underlined descriptions to go to the relevant report post).

Celebrating my birthday with dares
Once upon a time, a group of conspiring fiends convinced me to start my own thread and prompty inundated it with edging/ass fucking/spanking/plugging gifts. The report on the resulting incredible birthday took me two hours to write, to give you a sense of how packed full of dares it was. One dare didn't quite go as planned, so I underwent some extra enema training to rectify that error... (You can find training 1, training 2 and the final double training here.)

14 days of buttplugs and denial
You know you're owned, body and mind, when your Dom starts a surprise thread in your name to get you plugged and denied, and all you can do when you discover it is grin and squirm. Even when you end up with over 12 days of continuous buttplugs and denial that won't end before your plugging does (and might extend a good while longer). Before I even got to the end of the thread, I managed to break the rules by doubleposting and got myself punished with a night of edges that left me blissed out and a little desperate.

Contributors to the thread got the chance to leave me a task. The first one was about humiliation and the calm submission can bring you. The second task was a dice dare that made cleaning up the house a lot more fun--clamps, plugs, and spanking included. The third task got handed to me by a guy who MIGHT have received a FEW spanks at my hand in his thread. He definitely served me my ass in revenge.

After the tasks, I got to write a squirm-worthy story about anal stretching and fisting for the top poster, as a secret gift.

By now, I've done all the edges assigned in the thread, loving every second of it, especially one edge-filled night with a lot of deepthroating and anal that nearly broke me.

Fourteen days after starting my dare, I finished every minute of plugging time gifted to me. In return, I've gifted you my final contemplations and a brief ode to dildos

Now it seems my denial has only just started. Seems like a story for yet another report...

Punishments and rewards I acquired
I've been having tons of fun on other people's threads lately. And may have sparked a trend to hunt for rulebreakers and punish them. It might not surprise you that I regularly (and I swear unconsciously) break rules...and get punished.

Now to be fair, there was this one time Sir seduced me into a game of chance that only could end badly for me. And led me right into breaking the rules while I was trying to get rid of the gag so I could have lunch. Can't blame a girl for getting a little desperate when hungry. I got a lovely task that involved hidden public and line writing out of it. Wasn't the last time I managed to break the rules on bluedieblub's thread. Accidently using more than one keyword in a post meant I got to do a fun anal stretching game that got me on edge in no time at all.

It seems to be my competitive streak that gets me in trouble most often. In my haste to use my negotiated superpower in Bdsub's edging thread, I accidently broke the rules. Twice in as many posts, yielding me two punishments involving toothpasts and red inner thighs.

Sir arranged a gift for me on a thread I *very* actively participated in. For every post which gave Bluedieblub 5 edges and a task, I got one edge as a gift with the associated task. Of course, I didn't know that before the thread ended. I was awarded 197 gorgeous edges and 4 days of mindless pleasure as a result.

Then there was a reward I got to help with--a story for Bdsub about a man in the power of a woman, to be read every morning and night of his denial while his edging thread racked up a very, very nice number of posts. That same thread also lead to a deal with a plugged-choking-and-fucked-orgasm as a delicious result.

An hour to spank AnalAddict
Given how much I squirmed at the first surprise thread Dungeonmaster set up for me, he surprised me with another one while I was in meetings. One hour of some very, very engaged gentlemen and gentlewomen landed me 210 spanks to the pussy, 136 to my tits, and 132 to my ass, leaving me marked and happy.

Earning my orgasm through tasks
A few weeks into denial, Sir had the brilliant idea to have me earn my orgasm in a delightfully creative thread. Anyone who wanted to earn the right to vote in a poll ('Make AnalAddict work for her orgasm or deny her') could propose tasks. If I negotiated a deal with them, they'd then proceed to vote YES. I ended up with 12 tasks and 516 spanks thanks to the thread. And permission to cum once I finished them all.

Next to a list of my toys and an insight into my likes and dislikes I wrote, the first task I completed was one I'd written myself--the Kink Games, designed for multiple brave participants of my thread and myself to participate in. I then completed a strangely familiar dice dare I was challenged to in what turned out to be an unexpectedly deep state of submission.

In a few marathon sessions of tasks, my ass and pussy got used hard. If you want to know what is a greater mindfuck than knowing your ass will be fucked with the fisting dildo, I can tell you. It's being told that it will fuck your ass again a few hours later. The day after I got to do another task that Sir had me design for myself and that got me into a deep submissive calm.

Until, 28 days into my denial, I got Sir's permission to cum. And shattered at his feet.

There are plenty more reports to come, and looking at this list as it stands makes me very happy. Every single report here includes memories seared into my mind and flesh. What's not to love?
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  1. Old Comment
    Bdsub's Avatar
    Glad you are enjoying. I know I enjoyed helping give you all the “gifts”!!!
    Posted 11-22-2020 at 05:47 AM by Bdsub Bdsub is offline
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    Originally Posted by Bdsub View Comment
    Glad you are enjoying. I know I enjoyed helping give you all the “gifts”!!!
    Oh, but they are GIFTS. I enjoy every single one of them. Even the prospect of 197 edges and an even longer denial

    Thank you!
    Posted 11-22-2020 at 06:06 AM by AnalAddict AnalAddict is offline

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