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Upcoming Endurance Bet Rules - Denial, Forced Orgasms

Posted 07-10-2021 at 08:01 PM by NudeDude61
Updated 07-17-2021 at 06:06 PM by NudeDude61

The Tournament

The tournament will be played between four players in two rounds. in the first round two of the players selected at random will play one head-to-head craps game. The remaining two players will do the same. In each case, the loser will be assessed a duration for his endurance penalty.

In the second round, the two losers of the first round will play each other in another head-to-head craps game. The loser of that game will also be assessed a duration of an endurance penalty which will be added to the penalty from the first round loss.

These rules become final and all players are bound by them when the first roll is made in the first game. No alterations substitutions, or side bets to alleviate payoffs are permitted. Winners may not release losers from paying their required penalties, but winners may choose not to exercise any winner perks.

The Game

Head-to-head craps is played in rounds. Each player will roll a 2d6 in each round. The outcome will be decided by the sum of the dice. (NB The recommended dice rolling website is http://rolz.org. Specify the GetD room.)

A roll of 2, 3, or 12 is a losing roll. A roll of 7 or 11 gives that player immunity in the following round, meaning there are no losing rolls for that player in that round. All other rolls have no effect and the game continues to the next round.

In the event that both players throw a losing roll in the same round, a 3 loses to a 12, and. 2 loses to both a 3 and a 12. If this does not break the tie, both players roll in the penalty duration phase (See below) and the player with the longest duration is the loser. If even those rolls are identical, both players roll another penalty duration and add that to their prior penalty duration roll(s) until the tie is broken.

Penalty Duration

The base duration of the penalty is a number of days equal to the round in which the losing roll was thrown. (Eg, if the losing roll was thrown in round six, the base duration of the penalty will be six days, ie, 144 hours.

A dice roll will determine a number of additional hours of penalty to be added to the base duration. This roll depends on the number which was rolled to lose the game.

If the game ended in Round N with a roll of 12, the number of additional hours is the sum of an Nd6 roll. If the losing roll was a 3, then the value of N is doubled. If the losing roll was 2, then the value of N is tripled.

The penalty duration clock begins ticking as soon as the time of the current loser (Currently NudeDude61) expires.

Definition: Posing

Several of the subsequent rules will refer to "posing." Posing consist of going on camera at http://whereby.com/getdare and standing in front of the camera, naked, full frontal, with hands locked behind the head. If the player does not have a hard limit preventing showing of his face, the pose must also show his face. For ease of discussion, this will be called "face pose" and the opposite wii be called "faceless pose."

Penalty Time Activities

In addition to the posing activities, the losing players must engage in one of two activities chosen before the game: either denial or forced orgasms. A player risking continuation of his time being served from a previous bet must choose the same kind of payoff method as he is currently serving.

Denial: A player who chooses the denial option is not allowed to touch his cock in any way until his penalty expires. This includes peeing, laying of the hand over the crotch even while wearing pants, adjusting oneself inside pants, wiggling the pelvis to grind the cock against pants, humping on pillows or mattresses, etc. The one exception is daily hygiene where a soapy washcloth may be applied to the cock with an open hand (no curling fingers or grabbing) for up to 15 seconds and another 15 second with a wet non-soapy washclogh for rinsing. A towel may also be used for 15 seconds.

In addition, such a player must perform poses on a regular basis. He must not allow 24 hours to elapse between the end of one face pose and the next. These face poses shall be 10 minutes in duration. If the player has a limit preventing showing his face, he must not allow 18 hours to elapse between the end of one faceless pose and the next. Faceless poses shall be 15 minutes in duration.

The whereby webcam site periodically closes for approximately 15 minutes. It is the player's responsibility to take that into account when planning when to pose. A closed room is not an excuse for failure to pose in a timely fashion.

Denial: Penalties for Failures
Touching The number of touches throughout the denial period is recorded. The N'th touch extends the penalty duration by 1dN hours. In addition, the player must schedule a special face posing penalty of 5 minutes in no less than 6, nor more than 24 hours from the time of the touch. A faceless pose shall be 10 minutes in duration. The time of this punishment pose must be immediately posted in the report to allow GetDare members time to arrange to watch the punishment. (See below)

Stroking The number of times a stroking session was engaged in is also recorded. Stroking can be by rubbing a hand over the cock, or by rubbing the cock against a stationary object. Exaggerated pelvic motions to stimulate the cock by rubbing against worn clothing is also considered stroking. If the M'th stroking session is part of the N'th touch, the denial duration is extended by Md(N+6). Since stroking also involves touching, the player must also extend denial time using the dice roll described for a touching penalty. hours. Eg, a player strokes for the 3rd time in his 7th touch. The stroking will add 3d13 hours to the duration as well as 1d7 hours for the touching penalty. In addition to the additional denial time, a punishment face pose of 10 minutes (or a faceless pose of 15 minutes) is required. The time of the punishment pose must be reported at least six hours before show time.

Edging If the player edges, the punishment is similar to stroking. The playersy denial will be extended by Md(N+8) hours for edging. The extension for the accompanying touching and stroking are also added to the denial time. In addition to the additional denial time, a punishment face pose of 20 minutes (or a faceless pose of 30 minutes) is required. The time of the punishment pose must be reported at least six hours before show time.

Orgasming If the player orgasms, the punishment is similar to stroking. The playersy denial will be extended by Md(N+8) hours for the orgasm The extension for the accompanying touching and stroking and edge (that the player went over) are also added to the denial time. In addition to the additional denial time, a punishment face pose of 30 minutes (or a faceless pose of 45 minutes) is required. The time of the punishment pose must be reported at least six hours before show time.

In addition, orgasms are subject to the doomsday penalty. On the M'th orgasm a d20 is rolled. If the roll is less than or equal to M, the doomsday is triggered and the dice roll is the number of weeks the loser's penalty is extended. For example, a naughty player has orgasmed the 4th time while supposedly in denial. The d20 roll is a 3. Since that is less than 4 (number of orgasms), the penalty is extended 3 weeks or 3x168=504 hours.

Late Regularly Scheduled Pose Failure to complete the regular periodic pose on time results in an extension of the time the player is denied. The denial is extended by 24 hours (for players doing face poses) or 18 hours (for players doing faceless poses). In addition the lateness of the pose is multiplied by N, where N is the number of times the player has been late to pose. That product is rounded up to the nearest hour and is also added to the denial time.

For example, a player who is late face posing for the third time by 42 minutes will extend his penalty time by 27 hours. 24 + (3*42 minutes = 126 minutes which rounds up to 3 hours).

Forced Orgasms: A player who chooses the forced orgasm option must roll a 1d3 dice roll to see how many on camera orgasms he is required to have within the next 24 hours. If the player does not show face, he must add one to this number of orgasms. The number of orgasms is rolled at the beginning of the payoff and immediately after the final orgasm of each set, which begins another 24 hour period.

If less than 24 hours remain in the player:s payoff, the number of orgasm is multiplied by the fraction of 24 hours remaining and rounded to the nearest number. For example, if the player rolls for three more orgasms, but there are only 13 hours remaining in his penalty, he would owe 3 x (13/24) = 1.625 more orgasms. This would round to 2 additional orgasms.

All orgasms must be performed on camera at the same whereby site that is used for posing. Unless the player has a limit of not showing face, all orgasms must include both face and cock on camera.

Any orgasms achieved off camera do not contribute to this total.

All cum produced must be collected and stored for use at the final release. (See below)

Penalties for failure to orgasm: The time to achieve the necessary orgasms can not be extended by taking a delay of pose penalty. The orgasms must be achieved before the scheduled time of the next pose or the following penalties are assessed.

One Orgasm Not Achieved The number of times the full complement of orgasms is not achieved within the 24 hour time frame is recorded. The N'th time this happens the players required time to be forced to have orgasms is extended by 1dN hours. A punishment face pose of 5 minutes or faceless pose of 10 minutes is also required, with a published start time in the Reports thread at least six hours after the announcement.

Two Orgasms Not Achieved If the number of orgasms is two short of the required number in a set, the time required by the player to be released from forced orgasms is increased. If this is the N'th time he has failed to complete his orgasm set, but the M'th time he has fallen two orgasms short, his time is extended by Md(N+6) hours. For example, if this is the third time not all orgasms were completed, and the second time two of them were not performed, the extension would be 2d9 (9=3+6) hours. The extension for missing one orgasm is also applied, so an additional 1d3 hours will also be added. A punishment face pose of 10 minutes, or faceless pose of 15 minutes is also required announced at least six hours in advance.

Three Orgasms Not Achieved If the number of orgasms is three short of the required number, that deficiency is treated like a two orgasm shortcoming, but the dice roll is an Md(N+8) in addition to a one orgasm shortcoming and a two orgasm shortcoming roll. A punishment face pose of 20 minutes or faceless pose of 30 minutes, announced and published at least six hours in advance, is also required.

Four Orgasms Not Achieved if the number of orgasms is four or more short of the required number, thst deficiency is treated like the two orgasm deficiency, but the number of additional hours will be determined by an Md(N+12) roll, as well as the extension rolls for a one, two, and three orgasm shortcoming. There is also the possibility of a doomsday penalty. This is treated exactly as in the denial scenario, except it is based on the number of times four or more orgasms were not achieved within 24 hours.

In all cases, the number of orgasms not shown on camera is added to the number required in the next 24 hour oeriody.

Changing Kind of Payoff

A player whose payoff is not being continued from a prior bet may change the kind of his payoff once per game: from denial to forced cum, or vice versa. If he does so, all his accrued penalty counts carry over to their equivalent in the new penalty type. (A player with three touch penalties in denial will have those converted to three "missed one orgasm" penalties.

The player must arrange the "final release" from his previous penalty type before transitioning to the new one.

The new penalty type must be paid in its entirety. For example, if the player has served 100 hours of a 150 hour forced orgasm penalty and chooses to switch to denial, he will owe the full 150 hours of deniall,. not 50.


Upon completion of the game, a post will be made in the Bets&Challenges forum on GetDare containing a link to these rules, the losers of the game and what they owe, and a link to the whereby getdare room where all on cam payoffs are made. All losers must report the following information on this thread as soon as possible, preferably immediately: completion of each regular pose; die rolls for required orgasms before the next pose, every required on cam orgasm; number of missed orgasms; any touches (and beyond) while in denial; the pre-announced time of all extra upcoming punishment poses; the additional time added for any rule violations; and anything else deemed necessary to help the other players keep tabs on the payment of the bet.

A daily update if how much more time the loser has to serve should also be posted to allow any corrections to be made as soon as possible.

These reports will have the (un)fortunate side effect of keeping that thread near the top of the page and driving more spectators to whereby for the discomfort of the losers.


If a player in denial or forced orgasm plays this game and loses, the penalty time is added to the time remaining on their existing payoff. In particular, a player in denial remains in denial in the instant between the old penalty ending and the new one beginning. He may not cum between them.

A player being continued does not have his punishment counts reset to zero. Any late poses, touches, edges, etc (or their forced orgasm equivalents) continue from their current values at the end of the original payoff. The early penalties of the new payoff are thus higher than the late penalties of the old payoff.

Final Release

A player completing his time and being released must arrange a time for the other players to witness the release ceremony. This should be scheduled when all four players are free and within 24 hours of the scheculed finish time. If not all players can attend sumultaneously, the player being released makes a good faith effort to schedule the time to include as many of the other players as possible.

This provision does not apply to a player who is being extended, since the penalty time for such a player is not ending and there will be no final release at this time.

For a player who has been in denial, his release ceremony consists in an on camera cum for the other players. He may touch, stroke, and edge between his release time and this ceremony, but must not cum. The leakage of a single drop of cum before the final release is treated as an impermissible orgasm and penalized as such putting the player back in denial until that additional penalty is satisfied.

For a player who has been in forced orgasm, all the cum that was collected over the course of his payoff must be returned to his body. This may be done in one of two ways, or a combination of the two, at the player's discretion. He may place the cum in his mouth and hold it there for five minutes and only then swallow it. (All on cam of course) Or he may suck the collected sperm into a syringe and then plunge it into his asshole. This process must of course take place on cam, and his asshole must be broadcast for five minutes afterwards as well to show any leakage that may occur.
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