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Lines, punishment, and public exposure

Posted Yesterday at 09:04 PM by MsX (My punishment blog)

Last week I was punished by RST.

I have agreed to be obedient to him and be trained as a piggy under him. I was in need of discipline and he provided it.

One of the first things that happened after he took me into his service was a punishment. He immediately knew what a slut I was and disciplined me for it. He saw the desperate need in me to be controlled and decided to start off my subservience to him with a reminder of what I am.

I had to write 50 lines....
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Pain & Humility - an afternoon session with Sir

Posted Yesterday at 05:44 AM by AnalAddict

After an exhausting weekend filled to the brim with work, chores and a minimum of sleep, I missed Sir like crazy. So when it turned out He had time for a session this afternoon, my entire body squirmed with need. I counted down the minutes to my lunch break and was stripped and on all fours within seconds after I got off the clock.

(NB. After rightfully being punished by Sir for calling His holes mine, I want to point out again that I'm fully aware these holes belong to Sir and Sir alone....
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965 ballbusts to do! Ouch!

Posted 10-18-2020 at 11:56 PM by Slave_bjorn (A swedish dare slave.)

A while back I joined a thread called Girls Pop The Balloon (Ballbusting) and once the balloon got popped, I ended up with 965 ballbusts on my "to do list"! Now, I've never tried ballbusting as CBT before and I don't want to go all crazy when I'm going to do the busts. I guess I should take it fairly easy at first? Should I do them all in one session or perhaps spread the busts out over multiple sessions? And then there's the question about how HARD the busts should be? I do think that punching...
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Tasks i need to do

Posted 10-18-2020 at 12:28 PM by SissySlutSamantha
Updated Yesterday at 08:04 AM by SissySlutSamantha

These are dares ive been given either through GD or Kik. Will try to complete tasks within a week.
Will be uploading some proof to an album

Copy 2 pictures - for Victoria85 (done)

Buy a halloween costume - for sissiesofmarvel

Clothing chosen by winner - for SissyJuliette (in progress)

Copying 3 of 5 pictures chosen by winner - for jthunderbolt (done)

3 pictures with release condition - for marchman (first message sent)...
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Crossdressing Clothes

Posted 10-15-2020 at 12:43 PM by SissySlutSamantha
Updated 10-17-2020 at 04:25 AM by SissySlutSamantha

A range of cotton panties
A range of thongs
Black pvc hotpants
Crotchless black panties
Crotchless maid panties
White bra
Black bra
Blue and black bra
Misc bras
Sports bras

Black basque
Purple basque
Pink basque
Red chemise
White nightdress
Red babydoll

Light blue bikini
Pink bikini
Blue bikini top
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When you yearn to be punished...

Posted 10-15-2020 at 12:48 AM by AnalAddict

Yesterday's session was intense. So intense in fact that I couldn't write the report after because I was too exhausted to form another sentence. That's telling for someone who loves to write...

This past week, I've been yearning to be punished. Maybe it has to do with the stress I'm under at work and in my personal life. When Sir asked me to describe a fantasy to Him while I was grinding my XL butt plug with pegs on my nipples, clit and tongue, the one I came up with was all about punishment--humiliation,...
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email slave success

Posted 10-12-2020 at 01:58 PM by bbydpr

here are some of my results from the email slave

I wet myself within 1 minute of reading one email

Another gave me urges to suck my thumb, and when i did i would have an accident....and i made a mess

Another made me pee as soon as i opened the bathroom door

hope to continue this
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