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Likes, Dislikes and Limits as Sub

Posted 06-20-2023 at 07:57 PM by Qwerty4569
Updated 10-24-2023 at 06:17 AM by Qwerty4569

Likes: WEDGIES(I like shoulder wedgies, squeaky clean wedgies, and chair wedgies the most), spankings, edging, dice dares, bladder holding, video games, creative daress
Dislikes: light anal
Limits:anything public, messy, pics/vids, cum play, mid/extreme cbt, extreme anal, denial for more than 3 days
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Posted 03-13-2023 at 04:06 PM by Tied_up_Maid
Updated 08-19-2023 at 02:19 PM by Tied_up_Maid

Likes: selfbondage, Maids, Humiliation, Degration ,Anal ,[CENTER]Hypnosis, predicaments, Bets/Challenges, Secrets,

Intrests: Pain ,Chastity, public; Exposure, Nudity, Name-Calling

Dislikes/Punishment: Line writing(100< Lines), Light Messy, High pain, Permanent Exposure, Bodywriting( longer then a few days),Pics ,Chastity,

Limits: CBT, Bodyfluids, Age play, Friends/Familie, Illegal, Furry, Beastiality, Shit, Vomit
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Likes & Limits

Posted 02-20-2023 at 02:27 AM by Azyliux
Updated 06-05-2023 at 04:54 PM by Azyliux

I am a 46 year old, straight male Dom or Master.

I play casually on getDare as a dare and task giver, and generally participate in kink discussion and learning. I rarely (never) accept dares or tasks, but I love giving them out so my likes and limits here are as a Dom, Master, Top, or general Dare Giver.

I have experience with many forms of BDSM kink but my primary kink is submission and control. This means that I am generally willing to take account of your personal kinks and...
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lumine's likes and limits

Posted 06-29-2021 at 02:33 PM by lumine
Updated 03-18-2024 at 08:42 AM by lumine
Tags likes, limits

Likes: Toilet play, Feet, Exposure, CBT, Bondage, Pain, Blackmail, cnc, Being controlled
Limits: Needles, Family, Illegal, Permanent, Messy food play, full public

i'm a disgusting pig who'd love nothing more than to serve as a public toilet, please also treat me as such
My BDSM test results

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Detailed Likes/Dislikes

Posted 11-30-2020 at 07:39 AM by subaisha

I was asked recently to put up a more detailed description of my likes and dislikes and I thought it was a wonderful idea to those who would like to know more. This is an addition to my originally “About, Likes/Limits and Rules” blog post, so please check this one out too before you send me and dares or tasks.
Obviously, those are essentially just guidelines, so you know why I like/dislike certain things and what would fit best for tasks/punishments. How you use that information in the end if
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I discovered a New Limit: some people

Posted 10-03-2020 at 01:17 PM by CSasha (I love words)

Hello friends and readers,

As time went by, I recently discovered a new sexual limit for me: people who don't play with people with a penis.

I have nothing against talking to and interacting with people who don't play with people with a penis. It also might sound like a very uncommon limit.

But that's how it is. I had enough and now recognized that I indeed don't want to ever play with people who don't play with people with a penis anymore. Nothing personal,...
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Likes, Dislikes, Limits & Toys

Posted 08-06-2020 at 06:26 PM by FTMRandom
Updated 01-09-2024 at 12:52 AM by FTMRandom


- Self-bondage
- Some orgasm control
- Some pain
- Losing control
- Parental controls
- Rules
- Semi-Public
- Small Amount of Edging

Dislikes [Used for punishments]:

- Ruins
- Hard spanking
- Corner time
- Kneeling
- Humiliation
- Lots of Edging


- Orgasms
- Piss drinking/play
- Scat
- Feet
- Pictures...
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