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Likes and Limits

Posted 11-03-2018 at 12:54 PM by MissSabrina
Updated 11-11-2018 at 06:38 AM by MissSabrina

Likes:God slavery, transformation, starvation, feeding, TPE, blackmail, daily tasks and rules, writing tasks, brainwashing, misandry/female superiority, gender control, food control, toilet control, cum control, public, beast, scat, forced/rape play, diapers, humiliation, public humiliation, vomiting, sleeping tasks, dog/cat/pig/cow play, wetting, dehumanization, stuffing, gaping, impact play, hitting/slapping, bullying, name calling, blood, cutting, burning, anal, hypnosis, bimbofication, piss, ice...
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Done being dominant (kind of)

Posted 07-07-2018 at 04:48 AM by lilith_ (Ramblings of a Nymphet)

I think my online dominant days are long gone. I don't get that much out of it anymore. Well, it's amusing and all but it doesn't turn me on sexually. The only times I get turned on is when it is with a girl, but then again I don't always have those dominant glimpses and it also depends on the other person and how good we get along.

Now real life domination is a whole other thing. I don't like dominanting guys in real life. I prefer submitting to them. But I just cannot say no to a cute
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The Body Contract

Posted 11-03-2017 at 09:38 AM by PrincessJessica (Jessica's Blog)
Updated 12-15-2017 at 10:07 AM by PrincessJessica

The Body Contract

The following terms define and designate "ownership" of the submissive's (maleforyou's) body to the dominant (X). The contract exists to provide a safe framework for the dominant to take control of the submissive's body to use as they wish, within the broad limits of the submissive.

1. Roles and definitions

Submissive - Should obey the dominant as set out in section 2 in as far as their limits are respected. They should refer to...
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So You Want Your Boyfriend To Dominate You

Posted 01-26-2014 at 12:23 AM by vladimir_bz_lion

I’ve had a recent surge of questions from eager, fairly inexperienced submissives wanting to know how they can turn their BF into the Dom of their dreams. I don’t know if anyone can deliver that kind of transformation on a blog - but here’s my best advice.

#1 Figure out what you want.

You need to decide exactly what it is you want, and that means writing it down. Blog about it. Write in a journal. I don’t care. Just get very, very clear what you want and what you don’t want....
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unlimited power

Posted 01-05-2014 at 11:32 AM by vladimir_bz_lion

Here’s a question: What do you do with unlimited power over another human being?

Since my entire fetish is mind control - that is, the power to gain unlimited power over another human being by controlling their mind - it’s a question I have to ask myself often. Knowing what you are in the dark is the only way to keep yourself from becoming a hideously evil human being....
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What it means to be a dominant.

Posted 01-04-2014 at 01:21 PM by vladimir_bz_lion

I frequently run across blogs where people make demands, “you must call me Sir,” or “you will obey me.” In my opinion, dominance is not something that someone can command of a submissive, it is something that is earned, like respect. The louder that you yell to demand it, the less likely it is that anyone will ever grant it.

To me, dominants are accepting. Accepting of self,...
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