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Do you use safewords when you play?

Posted 01-23-2022 at 03:45 AM by RainbowSky

Do you use safewords when you play? If so, which words do you like to use? What do they mean to you?

Ok a multipart question for todays blog entry as part of Butterfly's blogging thread

Do you use safewords?
Absolutely, yes. I am also a firm believer everyone should use safewords. You know your body best, you know when enough is enough. Without a safeword a partner could cause serious harm or damage to you both mentally and physically. So yes, absolutely. But I rarely...
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Why doesn't my husband Dom me?

Posted 01-22-2022 at 07:19 PM by Butterfly (The Butterfly Effect)

When people get to know me, and they learn that I have a kinky husband. A husband that I met through getDare, a husband who was once my Dom, they always wonder - why isn't he my Dom now? What happened?

In short my answer is that Mr. Devious loves me too much. I know that sounds silly. Mr. Devious is a wonderful Dom, but the love and the life that we share prevent him from being the best fit for me as a Dom.

Let me explain a little better ...

Finding time
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What are 10 items that would be on your kink bucket list?

Posted 01-22-2022 at 09:31 AM by RainbowSky

This blog is written as part of Butterfly's 30 days of kinky blogging (thread here.

Ok, this is a really challenging first post for me. There are definitely loads of things I've never tried but I've never considered creating a bucket list. There are a lot of things I'm curious about trying but know in reality I would possibly chicken out of so it was hard to make a list of 10.

1. Messy - very broad I know. I have tried some messy tasks before and I have enjoyed them...
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Serving others beside Sir

Posted 01-16-2022 at 11:43 AM by RainbowSky

Over the last 6 months, Sir and I have been exploring rules, boundaries, tasks we both enjoy, tasks he enjoys more than me and generally getting to know each other and develop our relationship. Luckily, it's all going amazingly well and both of us are happy.

Recently, Sir and I have been exploring different clothing for sleeping in. Determining which one is most humiliating or embarrassing for me to sleep in - which sounds ridiculous when I live alone and have no reason to be embarrassed...
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Likes,Dislikes,Limits,Toy s/clothes

Posted 01-12-2022 at 03:00 PM by MysteryMailMan
Updated 01-12-2022 at 03:10 PM by MysteryMailMan

Likes: Femdom, JOI, SPH, Degration, Light Edging, Light Mess, Bladder Control, Porn control, Un-ordinary dares, light crossdressing, light anal, bondage, wedgies, online exposer, games

Dislikes: Denial, Pain, shit, cum eating, piss drinking, toothpaste/ice hot

Hard Limits: Public dares, face pics, intense pain, permanent effects, alcohol, purchasing items/spending money, family/friends

Toys: I do not own any toys but there’s nothing I love more than turning...
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PM dares

Posted 01-07-2022 at 10:58 PM by MysteryMailMan
Updated 01-18-2022 at 10:02 PM by MysteryMailMan

1.Bladder Bitch- you can give me bladder control rules for 24hrs
2.JOI- PM me a link a JOI video and I will watch and follow it.
3.Piggie- I will be hog tied, gagged and blindfolded with white noise playing for x minutes (you get to choose what number represents x. max xx minutes)
4.milkshake- Next time I cum i will cum in a glass, then pee in the same glas and drink the mix of cum and pee.
5.Wedgie- I'll do the wedgie you ask me for, for as long as you tell me
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January rules

Posted 01-03-2022 at 05:43 PM by little slut ashley
Updated 01-03-2022 at 05:55 PM by little slut ashley

I can only cum once a week, I can earn an orgasm by edging 400 times and deepthroating my dildo 1000 times. Each orgasm I earn makes my next orgasm require another 20 edges and 10% more deepthroats, though if I fail to orgasm the amount of deepthroats decreases 10% but never below the starting 1000 and my edges reduce by 50 but never below the starting 400. My edges and deepthroats reset every Monday. I also am not allowed to wear panties for the month and I can only wear a bra to work.
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