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Task Report: 5 days of edging - Part 3

Posted 04-11-2022 at 06:43 AM by SilverBlue (Fucktoy)
Updated 04-11-2022 at 06:47 AM by SilverBlue

Hey there, I hope you've read the previous blogs before jumping ahead here. Not that I can stop you, or blame you, but part 1 explains why I'm doing these edges, if context matters to you.

2 Days to go and 12 edges. As I must do my edges in one session per day, this Fucktoy would do 6 on Thursday and the remaining 6 on Friday.


Thursday, time for more edging. Today I have to do edges that are a result of comments from zephyrnem and Bigbuttplug. Master
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Task Report: 5 days of edging - Part 1

Posted 04-08-2022 at 06:33 PM by SilverBlue (Fucktoy)
Updated 04-08-2022 at 06:56 PM by SilverBlue

Hi again, it's me your resident Fucktoy with another blog entry - OMG it's so soon after the last one. As part of this Fucktoy's weekly routine, every Sunday after a weekend with Master, I am tasked with completing a set number of edges. I must do these edges starting on Monday and complete all of them before midnight Friday.

For my last blog, Master handed over how many edges I must do this week to the getdare members commenting or rating that blog. Based on previous blogs, the number
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Report: Getting naked on a closed track [3/3]

Posted 11-10-2021 at 09:16 PM by SilverBlue (Fucktoy)
Updated 11-10-2021 at 09:43 PM by SilverBlue

In an earlier post I wrote about doing dares in public spaces without getting into trouble, especially for nudity. It takes planning and preparation here, but I was in conversation with someone from Europe who claimed that in Germany there’s no laws against non-sexualised public nudity. However, he admitted to never actually seeing anyone nude in public himself. He added that there are also topless and nude beaches etc... around Europe too, which we kinda have here, but they’re not officially nude beaches....
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A day in the life of a Fucktoy and my thoughts on "Stealthing"

Posted 10-01-2021 at 07:25 PM by SilverBlue (Fucktoy)
Updated 10-01-2021 at 07:48 PM by SilverBlue

Sometimes I get asked “When is your next adventure?” or “are you doing anything exciting this weekend?”. I feel like those questions seem to ignore my daily life as a fucktoy. Sure, I have a “vanilla” life that I lead during the day, so I’m not always in the role of a “horny slut”. Does that mean that I’m only a fucktoy when I’m tied up or out doing something risky in public? Well, no. So, I thought I’d write about my life as a fucktoy and just kinda go through a typical day for me, and a day with Master....
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