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New year 2024

Posted 12-31-2023 at 02:04 PM by CSasha (I love words)

So I missed to post last new year, but let's come back to it. 2023 has been a pretty rough year, as I surprisingly lost my mother and one of our two cats.

What I missed to write is that I got a new job last year, quite necessary as my prior job has become quite toxic. Guess what, I am looking for a new job as the current one is disappointing and annoying me, having no future. Not as bad as the prior one, but bad enough to look around and switch as soon as I find something significant better...
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My KIK inspection dare results

Posted 12-31-2023 at 12:54 AM by Anything
Updated 01-03-2024 at 05:47 AM by Anything

- Very eager to show off that cunt. Good girl. Thank you for sharing. I'll give you a 7/10 for your eagerness and sluttyness

- Good boobs. Good for a tit wank. Better with clamps though so 7/10
Ass not tight or firm enough although good pose 3/10
Pussy clean, open and wet , likely well used 9/10
Very slutty

- Boobs are a bit saggy, therefor 9/10. Pussy also 9/10. Body could be more in shape, therefor 5/10.

-Fuck not bad at all tits 9...
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Welcome to Honey's kinky 2024

Posted 12-30-2023 at 02:11 PM by honey_98
Updated 02-10-2024 at 05:13 AM by honey_98

As everyone knows i would like to start my 2024 kinky!
Since i wasn´t able to complete the dares I was given in the last days, I decided to move them all to 2024 and track them here!
Please I dare you to enjoy my suffering!

Everyone who wants to add more is always welcome!

Start 2024 plugged & spanked
Before i can start this i need to take a look at the thread. every post is 5 minutes beforehand with my tunnelplug. the post count x2 and these are...
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Slave Rules

Posted 12-28-2023 at 04:49 AM by aforapple
Updated 02-07-2024 at 08:02 PM by aforapple

Slave Rules

Slave Name: aforapple

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Temporary rules while Sir is away for a couple of days

Posted 12-26-2023 at 11:15 AM by pluky
Updated 12-29-2023 at 01:56 AM by pluky

  • All Sir's default rules remain the same but Sir's toy can choose to take a break from any rules if things get too uncomfortable

  • Sir's toy won't be punished for not following a rule

  • Sir's toy has to stretch her vagina with markers everyday

  • Sir's toy can earn an orgasm by doing clothespins/clamping time :

  • If she reaches 30 mn of clothespins time on a work day (if that seems too easy the first day, she will have to increase the goal to
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Curbing my bisexuality

Posted 12-18-2023 at 03:29 PM by pluky
Updated 12-18-2023 at 03:33 PM by pluky

On my demand, and for a bunch of reasons that I won't explain here but are very valide for me no matter what others may think of it, I requested of my Dom to do something to keep me more on the heterosexual side of things, and from there I've had rules meant to keep my homosexual side in check for a couple of months now.

I've been punished a lot for breaking them, usually accidentally because whenever my lust for females was activated it's like I couldn't think anymore and remember rules....
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Report to Custom Transformation Dare from LucyTheBedwetter

Posted 12-13-2023 at 12:31 PM by Kaiyo
Updated 01-01-2024 at 05:09 AM by Kaiyo

I finally was able to get to doing the very creative Custom Transformation Dare I got from LucyTheBedwetter and thought sharing it would be fun ^^

Originally Posted by LucyTheBedwetter View Post
You've ended up roped in as the house slave of a sorority over the winter break. There are only four girls present, each treating you in a slightly different manner. I've provided some information on these girls, below - you will have to make decisions later on and this information may prove useful.

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