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Exhibitionist Challenge: Strip Club Audition #02

Posted Today at 04:56 AM by SilverBlue (An Exhibitionist's Blog)

Hi! In my last blog post I talked about the application to a strip club and what’s expected of the girls. I spent my weekend watching dance moves and practicing at home in front of the mirror. Unfortunately I’m not a trained dancer. Anyway, while I was watching some music videos, I clicked onto something - that the singers in music videos weren’t really great dancers either. What they lacked in dance skill, they made up for with their sexuality. With that in mind, I decided to work on sexy moves and...
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A Monday Afternoon

Posted 09-22-2020 at 10:59 AM by lola.fox

What I spent my afternoon thinking about, rather than working

I’m minding my own business standing at a sink or table and then feel your hand slowly slide up my spine, around my neck until your gripping my jaw. You force my head back to make me look into your eyes staring intently until you flick your eyes down to the floor and back at me, with one raised eyebrow. I get the hint and kneel on the floor avoiding your gaze as you step directly in front of me, so closely that you’re just...
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Corner time today.

Posted 09-22-2020 at 09:52 AM by Slave_bjorn (A swedish dare slave.)

So I had to pick one of my dislikes as punishment a while back. Today it was time to go through with it (see this thread). While I tied my balls I got hard of course. Couldn't really help it. But with a 1kg weight hanging from my balls, it didn't take long for it to go soft again. Stood in the corner like this for 20 minutes (decided by rolling two dice) but it sure felt like a lot longer.

Punishment album.
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Exhibitionist Strip Club Challenge #01

Posted 09-22-2020 at 05:48 AM by SilverBlue (An Exhibitionist's Blog)
Updated Yesterday at 05:47 AM by SilverBlue

I started writing this pretty much fresh from my audition, however my thoughts were a bit jumbled up. I went to bed late and had crazy dreams until about 3am so I didn’t get much sleep. So this is kinda “take-two”. You can kinda take this as an insight into getting into exotic dancing aka “stripping”.

In my last blog I mentioned my application was sent to a strip club last week, something to exploit my exhibitionist side. Like with any job application, I spent the last couple of days waiting
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#13 - Becoming an Edging Toy - A break

Posted 09-20-2020 at 02:51 AM by Felix645

Becoming an Edging Toy

#13 A break

Sorry for the late blog but I was out last night ^^

For yesterday wasnt much to say anyway. I didnt had any further instructions from my master so I did fall back to the standard rules. Edging 15 times in the morning and in the evening that is.

I kinda wanna cum though at the moment
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Get an exhibitionist job and show off that bod

Posted 09-18-2020 at 06:21 PM by SilverBlue (An Exhibitionist's Blog)
Updated 09-18-2020 at 06:32 PM by SilverBlue

I'm going to cover a few things in this blog, but let's start with dares. When you live at home, your parents might have pushed you to get a job to contribute to household expenses. When you're an exhibitionist whore, you get pushed to get a job to show others your body, money being secondary.

You'd normally apply for the jobs yourself. Job applications have been sent on my behalf for 2 jobs, both require a degree of nudity but the nature of it is very different.

The first
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#12 - Becoming an Edging Toy - Edge, edge, edge ...

Posted 09-18-2020 at 01:34 PM by Felix645

Becoming an Edging Toy

#12 Edge, edge, edge ...

Today is the day of maximum edges ... 170 edges ...

I started with 30 edges in the morning, quite an easy start at this moment. Though I noticed already that this day would hard.

Around noon I had another 55 edges. I already started whimpering and moaning then and there, and I was just half way through for the day! My cock is pre cumming like crazy at this point, and I can feel the need to cum growing...
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