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Kink: unfairness/being bullied/bully

Posted 09-29-2021 at 02:47 AM by CSasha (I love words)

Please keep in mind as a kink these behaviors are based on consent of all involved. You should never bully anyone for real. If you are bullied, seek help. Real bullying ruins people's life up to killing them.

That said, given my favor for add threads and PM dares, sometimes in some creatively mean ways, unfairness is one of my kinks. It's a special form of humiliation, possibly masochism, to let yourself be put under other people's powers of meaniness.

Like in these rule...
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My earliest kinky memories

Posted 11-11-2016 at 05:46 AM by CSasha (I love words)
Updated 11-21-2016 at 05:16 AM by CSasha

I remember kinky moments very early on, besides memories from my time as a toddler I suspect to be usual, like potty time and pacifiers until my brother threw all of them behind the shelves because I was too old for them in his opinion. When I grew up we had a large kindergarten in front and on the backside of the five-story house, where we lived in an apartment. Those were huge compared to the kindergarten nowadays, with much space around the main house for the children to play outside in the safety...
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Story: Lola

Posted 11-07-2016 at 11:40 AM by CSasha (I love words)
Updated 12-01-2016 at 11:23 AM by CSasha

Where the heck was it? I searched my schoolbag, but since it was tidy, there wasn't any chance I could have overseen it. Did I leave it anywhere? No, I remembered. I had put it in, and this was the first lesson we needed it. Had I looked something up or lend it to anyone? Also no. Though I had been alone in the recess, I had spent my time watching my fellow students and the environment. The beautiful sky and the few trees in the schoolyard. I had envied the migrating birds in their freedom and fellowship...
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