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My favourite place on getdare

Posted Today at 10:28 AM by Pariahterror

As a dare I was to write about my favourite place on getdare. I have been around a while and have found multiple spots to lay in and they are all comfortable and carry some memories.

I strated at the TORD online section where I lost and won some game. I wrote dares and got some too. Here I started adding to multiple adding threads too and made some friends. During the adding we talked a lot which I did like. In the end I made a thread for myself too which I am still working off happily....
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Such bullshittery

Posted Today at 12:51 AM by Scintillate (Eternal Bosom of Hot Love)

So my depression and anxiety have been kicking me in the dick for the last ~2 months, after i've been doing really well for an entire flipping year. (Which, for my standards, was a damn good run.)

While it has hardly impacted my career and work and studying are still going perfectly fine, my personal life suffered as expected. I've always been super shy and introverted, which isn't helping things either. Also i've been so stressed out, i actually feel myself physically trembling. Which...
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Bringing people together

Posted Yesterday at 06:53 PM by Bloxo

Life is about connection...

Connection of people, connection of ideas, connection of people to objects haha

We all try to find links to something that makes us happy, for me it was books, computer games...action figures...
Later I discovered people, drinking, socialising, acting, work
Later still I found kink, Fetlife, GetDare...my last few months on this site have been my best and it's the fun, the exploration...that comes from the people here, this is a community...
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The Contract week 3

Posted Yesterday at 11:50 AM by [email protected] (Janes occasional blog)
Updated Yesterday at 03:30 PM by [email protected]

Week 3
Tasks left by D for week as she was on holiday in the sun!
• refraining from touching myself inappropriately 15 days (8/10-23/10)
• – no knickers or bra allowed 15 days 8/10-23/10
• Catch up with Blog
• Do 2 hours of corner time (standing nude hands behind back nose to wall) every evening to keep out of trouble?
• Do Dare /Task below.

Sunday did task for Master MH ‘Sluts pussy with rice;see blog
Monday-Tuesday nil.
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Whole Slut having her several ways

Posted 10-21-2018 at 01:02 PM by [email protected] (Janes occasional blog)

Lobster Style
Oven Roast
Spit roast

This recipe uses up your slut and is best done when you have used up other parts of the slut in recipes (sluts pussy, nipple kebabs or waxed breasts) then you get the most from your slut.

• Slut you are no longer fond of anymore or generally grown tired of.
• Stuffing for slut (cum, chilli peppers, ginger, sage and onion all depends on taste and method of cooking.
• Seasoning to taste....
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Health Goals / New Years Resolutions

Posted 10-21-2018 at 12:40 PM by knorke (knorke's hidden library)
Updated Yesterday at 08:27 AM by knorke

I know what you're saying. "It isn't even December, nor November, how could you possibly be thinking that far ahead"?

Most people break with their new years resolution pretty much on the week after New Years' Eve, so here's to hoping I last until 2019. No, really, there's not much of a reason to pick January 1st as a day to make all your nightmares come true and go to the gym for a week - any day would suffice. So here's what I'll try to do from here on out when I'm done with...
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Dares I still need to do

Posted 10-20-2018 at 02:15 AM by honey_98
Updated 10-20-2018 at 02:24 AM by honey_98

I need to act like a dog with a collar and barking. I need to put rtoothpaste an my clit. The task ends when i edged 3 times without touching by humping something. If I want to cum after that I need to put a clothpeg on my clit and nipples and hump furniture for 5 minutes.

I need to eat out of a bowl from the flor without hands for 24 hours (3 meals, snacks and drinking). I need to be plugged and naked while eating and drinking.
If I dare and if I can managed it I need to...
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