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An uncertain weekend

Posted 02-18-2022 at 12:13 PM by slaveger
Updated 02-20-2022 at 06:20 AM by slaveger

I met Miss Z in chat in mid-january. After a few PMs with questions for me, Miss Z gave me a some tasks, all of them I completed successfully. Unfortunately she doesn't have much time, so she suggested that she give larger tasks instead of small ones to me (from time to time, maximum one per quarter). I agreed and sented her a list with some free days....This leads to the following:

Message from Miss Z:
“Slave, this is your free and home alone weekend, you know, what that means.
I hope you are willing to serve me and suffer for me. I hope you better do.

This is a preparation mail for you. You will get your task in a new PM on Saturday morning!

-You are not allowed to cum!
-If you can´t hold an edge, ruin and swallow it!
-Every drop of precum will be swallowed too!
-You do every task as I told you. NO mercy for you slave!!!
-You will write a blog as a report! If I like it, I will respond to you.

You will prepare toys on five stations for tomorrow:

1. Station: inflatable plug, small dildo, 12 clothespins

2. Station: shoelaces, clover clamps, wooden spoon

3. Station: estim clamps, large penis gag, candle, (prepare also icecubes)

4. Station: nipple press, full face mask, small penis gag, blindfold, 0,5L water bottle, shoelaces

5. Station: medium dildo, large dildo, crocodile clamps

You will also prepare the following: lube, a normal dice, an online dice generated and a stopwatch

If you can, set up all stations in one room.

You will get up at 8am, have some breakfast if you like, take a shower and clean yourself thoroughly. When you're mentally and physically prepared for the day, open up GD and your PM's. You will then find your task.”

So, preparations done. Don't know, if I find some sleep tonight…

So the morning had come. I prepared as ordered and opened my PM's and saw the message from Miss Z:
Slave, I hope you are ready. You'll have to endure a lot in the next two days…
You will do 3 sets today and another set tomorrow morning. Each set will consist of a certain number of stations that you have to work through. After each station you will bring yourself to an edge, and remember all other rules.
Another important rule is that you change the position of clamps by rotating them 90 degrees at each new station, except the nipple press. You are also always allowed to use lube, if you need it.

After each set you will take a break of at least one hour, take your time. Relax and recover, you will need it and don't do any kinky stuff in this time.And clean everythink, you included. Once you start a set there is no turning back, you have to finish it.

You're probably wondering how many stations you have to do per set. For this we need the dice generator: In the first set you will set it between 10 and 15. In the second set between 15 and 20, and in the third set you can expect a number between 20 and 30.
On Sunday morning there are 25 stations more waiting for you in the last set.

You will receive another prep message and a message with your final task on Sunday when you have finished all the sets.

In the set´s your normal dice will decide which of the six stations you have to make, reroll after each edge.
Oh, and yes, six stations... Although you only prepared five stations.... The sixth station will be a joker station.

Ready for the tasks at the stations... Alright, there you have it:

Station 1: Lay down on your back. One clip on each nipple, the rest on your balls. Insert the plug and give it 10 pumps. Put the dildo in your strong hand and start a facefuck. Because that's just the S dildo, you'll only be doing deepthroats after 30 seconds of warmup. You do the whole thing for 10 minutes at this station... Oh, and after every minute that has expired, another pump, set a timer for that.

Station 2: Sit down, tie your balls up and separate them in the bondage. The clover clamps come on your nipples. Now roll your normal dice. The score x10 is the total number of hits your balls get´s. A hit that doesn't make a noice doesn't count. If you roll a 1 or 6, you will roll again (regardless of what you throw) and both rolls add up together.

Station 3: Put on the gag and get on your knees. The first time you do the station, you can shove one icecube up in your ass, the second time two and so on. (Make sure, that the icecubes have nor sharp edges). Put the estim clamps on (wave, level 10) and light the candle. You will stay, till the ice is melted. After a minute you will start dripping wax on your useless cock and balls. After the second minute you will increase the estim level by one and switch to shock mode, third minute wax again and so on....

Station 4: Stand up, legs spread more than shoulder wide. Put on the mask and the gag. Tie your balls (this time without separation). Put the presses on and tighten them up, and tight means tight!!! Now connect the bottle to the balls and let them swing for 10 minutes. And don't forget to put the blindfold on when you're all set.

Station 5: Ready for some fucking. Put the croco clamps on. This station time depend on you. The M-dildo ends up in your mouth, the L in your ass. If one dildo goes in, the other comes out. First you count 50 deepthroats. All the way to the balls in and full out again. Then you count 100 anal thrusts. Also all the way in until you can feel the balls of the dildo and out again until the tip is out of your ass. The faster you are, the faster you can get rid of the crocos.

Station 6: Joker round, lucky slave…. You will do station 1-5 in this round!!!

Have fun slave. And don't you dare break a single rule or fail at a station... It would have terrible consequences for you!!!

Oh fuck, I didn't expect that... But what did I expected? The message first left me speechless for a few minutes... The tasks themselves... And then the number.... Was it all a mistake... But there was no turning back now. I confirmed the acceptance of the task and first generated the number of sets with the online dice with the following result:

Set 1: 11 stations (puh, could be worse)
Set 2: 19 stations (damn)
Set 3: 27 stations (nooo)
Set 4 on Sunday 25 stations

Okay, before I get discouraged, get the first set started...

I will do here just a short report/thoughts of the four sets. A detailed report was send to Miss Z. If you have any request, PM me for more.

So I rolled and did the following:

Set 1: 11 Stations:
1: Station 1, good start with a bit of stretching, clamps are the easiest one.
2: Station 4, humiliating, but swinging is even easier than I thought. Let's see what gets worse over time, the swinging or the pressing
3: Station 3, okay, fist ice cube, melted faster than I thought but the whole task could be the worst for me with more ice
4: Station 4, again, okay. So far so good. Balls getting stretched…
5: Station 1, okay, seems I have a little rest station here
6: Station 5, get it done slut, felt very humiliating, produced precum and swallowed it
7: Station 4, okay, both get worse. Nipples get more sensitive, but balls get it too….
8: Station 2, rolled a 5, so 50 spanks, made every hit count
9: Station 1, okay, this is realy my rest station
10: Station 6, fuck no…
11: Station 5, I think I get used to be spitroasted after this weekend….

The edges leave me with some precum on the one hand, but are almost like a break, especially for my nipples.

I did a break for about 90 min and prepared myself and the toys again. My body is still senestive. I hope for some luck with the dice.

Set 2: 19 Stations
1. Station: 3, oh a cold start
2. Station: 3, again? So 4 icecubes, my ass gets frosted
3. Station: 2, 20 spanks this time
4. Station: 1, a short rest with a stretched hole
5. Station: 3, not again...5 icecubes, does the ice melt at all.... estim level 20...
6. Station: 1, good, my ass can warm up again
7. Station: 5, oh again, the crocos are evil, try to fuck me as fast as I can
8. Station: 3, no no no…Icecube number 6. Getting the feeling to be filled already
9. Station: 4, okay, maybe the mean presses could be the problem
10. Station: 2, rolled a 6 and a 4, so 100 spanks. Had to do 10 more, because of no noice
11. Station: 5, yea, get used to the dildos…
12. Station: 3, again, what is wrong with this dice…
13. Station: 4, I overdid it with the swinging, what a pull....
14. Station: 2, rolled 1 and 3, 40 spankes
15. Station: 4, okay, the longer the swinging goes on, the more painful it becomes, presses are no longer the problem
16. Station: 1, good, a little rest
17. Station: 5, becoming a little fuck slut
18. Station: 4, oh hell, will I swing my balls off on this weekend?
19. Station: 5, my throat starts hurting…

I can hardly control the edges, but so far only precum. Of course I swallowed everything, just because Miss likes it...

After a 3 hrs break I prepared for set 3. But will I be able to get through it, my nipples are still very sensitive and hurting, also my balls. My throat and ass seemed to be relaxed again. 27 Stations is a huge amount…

Set 3: 27 Stations
1. Station: 6, of course, worse you can´t start
2. Station: 2, rolled for 30 spanks
3. Station: 1, oh good
4. Station: 4, let it swing…
5. Station: 5, go as fast as I can, crocos are motivation…
6. Station: 2, rolled 1 and 1, so only 20 spanks
7. Station: 3, hell no… 9 Icecubes.
8. Station: 5, deepthroats getting harder each time
9. Station: 3, mh… Not again, stuffed with 10 icecubes
10. Station: 2, rolled for 40 spanks
11. Station: 1, a welcomed rest
12. Station: 5, want to do it faster, but my throat doesn't allow it
13. Station: 2, 50 spanks…. It hurts…
14. Station: 3, so 11 icecubes, getting hard to take them all in... Oh estim on max level 25…
15. Station: 1, a rest, stretching my frozen hole
16. Station: 4, it gets harder to keep the balance
17. Station: 4, again, my knees are getting weak
18. Station: 3, fuck. Getting the 12th icecube in only with pressure
19. Station: 4, loses my stand for the first time
20. Station: 5, it takes more time each time... the crocos are biting
21. Station: 1, resting
22. Station: 2, rolled a 6 and a 5, 110 spanks, made everyone count
23. Station: 1, a rest again
24. Station: 4, stop the swinging please
25. Station: 5, my throat gets tighter, my ass is pulsating
26. Station: 6, so 13 icecubes pressed in, fucking getting also harder
27. Station: 5, what a finish, need a break

The edges are becoming more and more a looked-for break, but also more and more difficult to control.

Everything hurts, fun is gone…I hope I can recover overnight so I can survive tomorrow...

So far I think it was my most intense, but definitely the longest experience as a pain slave....The area of this being a task or ta dares is over I think, we are more in the area of a real torture...

Sunday morning, so get to work. I've recovered a bit, but my nipples are extremely sensitive.

Set 4: 25 Stations
1. Station: 4, a swinging start
2. Station: 1, okay, a rest is always welcomed
3. Station: 2, rolled for 50 spanks
4. Station: 5, get used to be fucked, but not to the crocos
5. Station: 3, nothing more to say, 14 icecubes
6. Station: 4, lets swing again
7. Station: 1, good
8. Station: 2, rolled for 40 spanks
9. Station: 4, getting my balls stretched, but my nipples are worse
10. Station: 2, rolled a 6 and 3, so 90 spanks
11. Station: 1, good
12. Station: 5, my throat...
13. Station: 1, rest becomes more valuable every time
14. Station: 6, horror, not all tasks, please. So 15 icecubes, more is not possible
15. Station: 4, when will my balls rip off
16. Station: 4, I hate every single swing
17. Station: 2, 20 spanks, fast done
18. Station: 5, my throat and nipples get destroyed
19. Station: 2, rolled a double 6, so 120 spanks
20. Station: 2, stop it, 50 spanks
21. Station: 1, oh, a rest
22. Station: 2, ouh, 90 spanks
23. Station: 4, stop it….
24. Station: 6, had to secure the 16 th icecube with my finger the first minutes
25. Station: 5, what an end

I take a final 60 min break and opened the preparation Pm for the final task
Miss Z:

“Good slave, your performance so far isn't bad, but you'll have unlearn complaining. Your final task will separate useful slaves from unworthy maggots.
Prepare everything from Station 5, the estim clamps and the laces. Rules will be the same as on station 5. So prepare everything and yourself”

I did as told and when everything was ready, I opened the final task:

“You will do everything like on station5, but harder. So you will have to do 500 anal thrusts. But there are some changes. First tie your balls, then go half way on your L dildo and now attach your balls to your ankles with the other laces. It should be the case that the laces now offer just little room to move. Now put the crocos on and , oh, they are made from metal, so attached the estim clamps on them (shock level 20). Now you know, what you have to do.

When you done all the anal thrusts, remove the clamps and free your balls. Now get the L dildo balls deep in and start jerking. Cum on your M dildo. Now clean it, you know how (station5, without clamps). To make sure, it is clean, do 50 anal thrusts.”

I did as told. I just was able to move some cm for or back on the L dildo, before the stretching started. And on every shock I had the feeling that my nipples explode. The pain especially on the nipples was extreme hard and I had to concentrate to avoid screaming which would have hampered the deepthroats. I just wanted to get it over with. After what seemed like a while I had made it, now the most humbling part would follow. But the pain was finally over. So I came fast after all the edges and cleaned the dildo as instructed.

The weekend left me devastated but on the other hand proud and satisfied. But now I need a break.

Thank you Miss Z for this amazing but hard task. I hope I have proven myself as a good slave and hope to hear from you again.
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    Congratulations to Miss Z, good work and very nice tasks. I think the slave had fun, didn't he? And apparently he doesn't get enough of it either. Miss Z, feel free to get in touch with me, we can hatch something together
    Posted 03-14-2022 at 05:56 AM by Miss_Kathrin Miss_Kathrin is offline

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