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Bread-eater or rice-eater?

Posted 07-09-2021 at 09:39 AM by Cassandra

Disclaimer: No offense intended. You have all right to identify yourself however you like. In fact, you are the absolute expert with which identification you feel most comfortable, confident, and live your life to its best. You also define that definition, with the option to vastly vary from other people's definition. You don't need anybody to confirm your identification and definition, especially no majority. Never let you tell anything else by anybody.

You also determine how you like to be called. You have no right to be called however you like, but it's a matter of respect to fulfill your wish about being addressed within reason. I recommend to pay and withdraw this respect on a mutual basis.

I am just writing about pure, natural, scientific, biological facts everybody knows and nobody can dispute.

It's widely known that all living creatures large enough to be seen easily with the naked eye are either animal or plant.

Plants produce new cell matter out of inorganic material by photosynthesis. They do not have the ability to move around their environment except by growing or being transported by wind, water, or other external forces.

Animals don't produce their own food but must eat other organisms to obtain it. Animals are more complex structurally. Unlike plants, they have nerves and muscles that aid in rapid, controlled movement around their environment. Animal cells do not have rigid walls.

Two very clear definitions. There are no other living creatures than plants and animals. Fact!

As you read this, I suppose you are a Human animal. Nothing much to talk about.

Now the question is, dear reader, as it isn't obvious to me in your case, are you a

bread-eater or a rice-eater?

As children already learn, all humans are either bread-eaters or rice-eaters.

Just to make sure, none of them is better than the other! They are just different, given by nature.

You are either born a bread-eater or born a rice-eater. You can change your diet, change your appearance, your behavior, and maybe even become the opposite eating-type but with high effort. You always remain born a bread-eater or a rice-eater.

Sorry to say that, but however hard you try, your natural disposition won't change. You cannot change your DNA. The bread-gene might be a tiny part of your genes but it had immense impact forming your body way before you are even born.

Of course there are exceptions but the norm and vast majority are bread-eaters and rice-eaters. You wouldn't say Humans don't have two arms and two legs just because some unfortunate are born with less or more. Exceptions confirm the rule.

It's natural. Bread-eaters and rice-eaters exist for survival and reproduction. Without one or the other, Human could have never settled and dominated the whole world as it has. Easily devouring bread and easily devouring rice are two opposite abilities. You find the same principle in all mammals - carnivore and vegetarian. You cannot successfully feed dogs and cats with plants, nor can you feed guinea pigs and rabbits with meat.

Bread-eaters are strong and tall, stronger and taller than rice-eaters on average. Of course there are strong rice-eaters, too, but if you compare the strength or height of a random bread-eater with a random rice-eater, then the bread-eater will clearly surpass the rice-eater.

There's many more to say about bread-eaters and rice-eaters. Both have more common attributes, typical behavior, and tendencies. But since there are also physical traits associated with them, you can distinguish them on sight 99.9% of the time. In all other cases, just politely ask.

In case you have been trapped by rumors and myth about these natural facts, you now do know better. Identify as you like but are either born a bread-eater or a rice-eater.
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  1. Old Comment
    SilvertongueLyra's Avatar
    I am a rice eater for sure.... We are short and thin and sometimes frail, but we have mastered more ways to defend ourselves than bread eaters, I think... Or perhaps not
    Posted 07-10-2021 at 03:09 PM by SilvertongueLyra SilvertongueLyra is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Runesmith's Avatar
    The assertion that there is a "bread gene" or a "rice gene" is wrong. Dietary preferences are generally not genetically defined (except for the rare occasion involving the genes responsible for maintaining milk digestion in to adulthood).

    While diet, especially in the pre-teen and teen years, has an effect on final height/weight, that effect is minimal compared to the influence of genetics.

    The dietary preference that you use is a thinly-veiled reference to racial prejudices, and is formed by the food available in the regions where the socio-cultural frameworks emerged.

    Personal food preference forms in the early formative years, and by the age of 5, most children exhibit a preference for the food that they had been given up to that age. Most Schwabian school kids prefer Käsespätzle to bread. Do they lack a "bread gene"?

    When people emigrate, they bring their culture and cuisine with them. Most first generation Asian Germans grow up eating the cuisine their parents brought with them, and develop that as a food preference in to adulthood. It's not because they have a "rice gene".

    Frankly, I am surprised that you posted something like this. I had a better opinion of you. Maybe you read this on some facefuck page that disseminates fake "scientific basis" for racist prejudices, much like phrenology - a pseudo-science invented in the 1800s by our compatriot Franz Joseph Gall - to "prove" that Europeans were more intelligent than Africans, which is still quite popular among the neo-nazis.

    The "rice eater" and "bread eater" stereotypes are nothing other than a stand-in for "yellow skin" and "white skin". Please stop propagating this racist pseudo-science.
    Posted 07-11-2021 at 03:48 AM by Runesmith Runesmith is offline
    Updated 07-11-2021 at 03:50 AM by Runesmith
  3. Old Comment
    StrawDog's Avatar
    Ha! Shows how out of the loop I am! I read this as a piece satirizing anti-trans people misusing biology to back their dogma, using rice/bread instead of male/female.

    EDIT: Though, regarding cat safety, they do need to eat meat. Dogs can do without under artificial environments, but have preference for meat. Pigs can also be reared vegetarian, and their meat is an entirely different colour than one fed normally.
    Posted 07-11-2021 at 04:54 AM by StrawDog StrawDog is online now
    Updated 07-11-2021 at 05:03 AM by StrawDog
  4. Old Comment
    Runesmith's Avatar
    Originally Posted by StrawDog View Comment
    Ha! Shows how out of the loop I am! I read this as a piece satirizing anti-trans people misusing biology to back their dogma, using rice/bread instead of male/female.
    If it was, then the satire flew way over my head, and I apologize for the misunderstanding.

    However, if it were intended as satire, then the build up is way too convoluted, and using the epithet "rice eater (Reisesser)" that some groups in eastern part of Germany have used to denigrate Asians even before the CoVID period seems to be an unfortunate choice.

    That said, nothing today is a safe choice.
    Posted 07-11-2021 at 05:00 AM by Runesmith Runesmith is offline
  5. Old Comment
    Cassandra's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback, @Runesmith, and sorry for the confusion. I regret not having found a better example. I suppose milk-drinkers wouldn't have been any better. As you might read, I never referred to any race. In fact, even race is made up and isn't backed up by today's science in any way, see this article.

    I mentioned genes since it is one of the common arguments in the discrimination topic which bothers me so much I wrote this blog entry.

    You have every right to be disappointed but I am disappointed in you, too. You didn't dispute the non-sense about animals and plants I started with. I admit, it's the more subtle one but it's the same principle: labeling people by body-type or genes, in too few categories to suit them all, relating physical, mental, and emotional attributes, behaviors, or even colors and professions to them, forming social expectations. And to back it all up, call it natural and scientifically proven ignoring the details and new scientific research.

    Have you any better example for me I could use to point that out?

    @StrawDog: Now I am relieved somebody got the reference. Still looking for a better example.
    Posted 07-11-2021 at 05:02 AM by Cassandra Cassandra is offline
    Updated 07-11-2021 at 05:16 AM by Cassandra
  6. Old Comment
    Runesmith's Avatar
    Race is a made up thing, and so is the the concept of fixed gender identity. Proponents of both use pseudo-science to "validate" their position.

    The confusion is due to the fact that a racially prejudiced epithet is being used, and also that there is no clear spectrum between your two chosen extremes.

    In that vein, you could have easily picked a different example, like flavours of ice cream - eg. strawberry vs vanilla - which would have had the same impact, without wandering in to the minefield that you stepped in to, and it would have been very apparent that it is, indeed, satire.

    It's extremely difficult to write satire, and this is a prime example of why it's that hard.
    Posted 07-11-2021 at 05:18 AM by Runesmith Runesmith is offline
  7. Old Comment
    Cassandra's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Runesmith View Comment
    It's extremely difficult to write satire, and this is a prime example of why it's that hard.
    I agree. I will probably delete this blog entry in some days. On the other hand, I am very thankful for both your input and our little debate.

    And I am still looking for a better example since this is roughly how I feel when being asked. Flavors of ice-cream doesn't work as well as bread/rice. It lacks the gene argument and hence can be put away as something different.

    I hope the non-existence of race is proven and accepted by now though I doubt it. I guess it still has to go a long way until a majority picked up the news and there will always be some totally uneducated people thinking that backwards.

    It looks to me that the same story for biological sex has only just started. Even supporters of gender identification and self-determination aren't as open for these news. I am not even sure how the current balance of scientific studies and articles in support and opposition to these statements is.
    Posted 07-11-2021 at 05:29 AM by Cassandra Cassandra is offline
    Updated 07-11-2021 at 05:32 AM by Cassandra
  8. Old Comment
    ScarletMaid's Avatar
    *sips tea*

    i dont get it. i was born eating both. *eats rice sadwich*

    it seems like satire but also like a thinly veiled analogy to a lot of stuff. Religion, Gender, Race.

    and how easy it is to judge people on their habits. seems like a fun post.
    Posted 07-12-2021 at 07:34 PM by ScarletMaid ScarletMaid is offline

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