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Mr. A’s Extreme Home Alone Dares – Schedule! (9th – 11th Oct)

Posted 10-06-2020 at 04:08 AM by bdsm_guy1
Updated 10-10-2020 at 06:31 PM by bdsm_guy1

In case you didn’t catch my thread, as I will be home alone from 9th to 11th October 2020 I issued a poll where GD members can vote on which dares I should do to fill my time. I massively misjudged the response rate and it turns out I will be doing all 10 dares (plus a few extra posted on the thread!). Therefore I am sharing below a suggested schedule of activities from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon – please feel free to suggest edits or additions!

I think that all of the below actions will be feasible to do within the timeframe (with perhaps space for a few extra hours of dares to be added), and I will keep a real-time diary to share updates during the weekend by posting to the thread and my blog, plus PM’ing anyone who voted for particular dares. I will colour code the below actions once completed.

Ongoing actions / rules
  1. Bottle all piss to be used in the bath
  2. Don't shower/wash myself
  3. Only use toilet in hours divisible by 5, otherwise piss into the bath (and leave it there for the weekend) + take a drink from the bathtub (thanks BR1985!!)
  4. Drink alcohol throughout weekend
  5. Be nude at home / only wearing panties (tuck the panties under my balls - thanks 2bchew!)
  6. Stretch my ass regularly during the day by increasing butt plug, dildo, etc.
  7. Wear a chastity cage all weekend where possible (thanks wantsomedares!)
  8. Keep something in my ass at all times (as far as possible) (thanks Pokeboy!)

Friday Morning (9th Oct)
  • My girlfriend leaves [DONE 11:42!]
  • Set up the flat (get out my toys, lay down PVC sheet, etc.) [DONE 13:01!]

Friday Afternoon (9th Oct)
  • Go for a jog to get sweaty - incl. 5 min with cock cage revealed! (30 min)[DONE 14:45!]
  • Go shopping with plug & clamps – buy messy wedgie items & alcohol (1 hour)DONE 16:15!
  • Drink 1 can immediately, drink 3 from a bowl, then remove clamps (thanks BR1985!) (30 min) [DONE 16:40!]
  • Do chores while only wearing panties (wash dishes, general tidying) (1-2 hours)[DONE ~22:00!]
  • Give myself an enema + let it out (1-2 hours - water & lemon juice) [DONE 00:09!]

Friday Evening (9th Oct)
  • Spank my ass / nipples using spanking machine (thanks to everyone who posted!) [DONE 700 ass spanks / 250 nipple spanks; 1400 ass & 275 nipple spanks remaining - 01:03!]
  • Shock my ass / nipples / body with violet wand each day (thanks to everyone who voted!) [DONE!]
  • Stretch my ass using speculum (20 min) DONE ~01:30!
  • Insert cherry tomatoes (x10), ginger and chilli powder to my ass (thanks Amithsys!) [DONE ~02:00!]
  • Strip in public stairwell (20 min) + pull nipple clamps off every 3rd stair (10 min - thanks tariksum!)[DONE 02.45!]
  • Moon at window (5 min)[DONE 02:45!]

Saturday Morning (10th Oct)
  • N/A - slept in!

Saturday Afternoon (10th Oct)
  • Wear sensory deprivation hood and sit in dark cupboard for 1h (1 hour) [DONE 15:40!]
  • Perform messy wedgie & eat the contents (30 min)[DONE ~19:00!]

Saturday Evening (10th Oct)
  • Drink 2L water; Hogtie myself with ice lock, incl. butt plug, clamps and gag [DONE 01:00!]
  • Spank my ass / nipples using spanking machine (thanks to everyone who posted!)[DONE 23.52!]
  • Shock my ass / nipples / body with violet wand each day (thanks to everyone who voted!)
  • Take a bath in piss; let it dry (0.5-1 hour)
  • Walk far from home / apply chilli sauce to panties & walk home
  • Corner time 10min with clamps, plug + hold penny against the wall
  • Strip on balcony (20 min)
  • Outdoor full strip for 5 mins!
  • Tie myself up and insert a plug; try to sleep! (overnight)

Sunday Morning (11th Oct)
  • Do chores while only wearing panties (general tidying, clean floors, bathroom, wash clothes) (2 hours)
  • Corner time 10min with clamps, plug + hold penny against the wall
  • Prepare stockade; lock in stockade (1.5 hours)
  • Insert ginger to my asshole for (20 min)
  • Play the pain game with a deck of cards OR video game (2-3 hours) - rules here

Sunday Afternoon (11th Oct)
  • Tidy up before my girlfriend gets home!
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  1. Old Comment
    sirie's Avatar
    What a nice weekend 😋
    Posted 10-09-2020 at 10:25 AM by sirie sirie is offline
  2. Old Comment
    bdsm_guy1's Avatar
    Originally Posted by sirie View Comment
    What a nice weekend 😋
    Yes it's going to be fun! Only just getting started Let me know if I should do anything else
    Posted 10-09-2020 at 10:30 AM by bdsm_guy1 bdsm_guy1 is offline

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