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Me and my ... Peecock

Posted 10-27-2018 at 02:30 AM by Cassandra
Updated 10-27-2018 at 03:03 AM by Cassandra

I have been asked to write more about my transition, from a male body to a gamma body. Because I am not a man. Here is me again writing about my journey to explore and discover what I really am, and how I get to perceived and accepted as the person I am, including being labeled and treated the way I want.

So I have a peecock, a penis. It's quite average in size and shape, far away from perfect, a bit hairy, bend sidewards, but all in all a good piece. And it comes with the typical merits and flaws. Peeing with it is quite practical. allowing me to pee while standing and aim without tools. It makes me less vulnerable to bad hygiene and infections as its counterpart. And the best: it is very enjoyable to touch it, pet it, stroke it, up to giving me an orgasm. On the other hand it is hard to hold back from puking the ejaculation when giving me orgasm, and after puking it's difficult to get it stiff and pleasirable again. Difficult for multiple orgasms. Also, since with its balls it is a bigger package, it is difficult to hide and in conflict with panties, thongs, g-strings, hot pants, and mini and micro skirts. If you ask me, pussies are more beautiful than peecocks in general, though in many cases not. I find my peecock most beautiful with its ball sack small and round, and hairless.

Then there's one issue with other people: plenty of them react differently between me having my peecock or thinking I might have a pussy. Even if they don't see that body part, or having or wanting to do something with other parts like spanking, deethroating, anal, playing around, daring or getting dared.

I already asked myself if I would prefer to have a pussy rather than my peecock, besides its practical not in any sight. Even with a transition, there's no medical way to give you a real pussy these days. No. I am quite happy with having it. I wonder how it would be with a pussy with all its merits and flaws. I might not object too much about it. But I have no reason to complain or regrets over having my peecock.

Gammas tend to have a peecock.
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  1. Old Comment
    Jaro's Avatar
    I too love my penis but even though I am a man and happy to be one, I sometimes do wish I didn't have a penis for pretty much the same reasons you say. It just gets in the way too often.

    Objectively speaking I think both penises and vaginas can be good looking or ugly or anything in between!
    Posted 10-27-2018 at 03:06 AM by Jaro Jaro is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Cassandra's Avatar
    Thanks. Yes, I agree. Cocks can be awesome *mumbling with a dildo in mouth*
    Posted 10-27-2018 at 05:25 AM by Cassandra Cassandra is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Butterfly's Avatar
    I personally don't think either genitals are very pretty. But I am pretty happy with what I have. Although a penis would be much more convenient for peeing.
    Posted 10-27-2018 at 02:41 PM by Butterfly Butterfly is offline
  4. Old Comment
    amethyst353's Avatar
    One time I went to a workshop on how to teach trans-inclusive sex ed and we started by saying all the euphemisms we had for genitals. My personal favorite was a trans woman's penis being called a "hen" instead of "cock." But peecock is a new one to add to the list
    Posted 10-29-2018 at 10:30 PM by amethyst353 amethyst353 is offline

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