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PM dare Pool service

Posted 11-18-2019 at 09:33 AM by Cassandra

Back when I was active I had my PM Pool. Now I am not active in getting PM dares, so it doesn't work from my side. But maybe someone likes to pick up the idea.

I love PM dares, so much that I wrote why and how. In short, I found it a good way to give and receive dares. You don't have to read anyone's likes and limits, just pick from the options of PM dares and their numbers within the maximum. You don't even have to ask if they are open for a dare. See someone with a PM dare list, for example in the blogs recent entries or in their signature, just open. Sometimes they are inactive but then the page usually states that.

Though it's a bigger deal to get PM dared, since you make it the darers easy, you are more likely to get some. There seem to be way more dare takers than givers which can be compensated by more dare receivers sending PM dares more often.

There have been several approaches by the community so far, for example the Person above.. PM dare thread. Check it out, it's still active. Personally, I am very happy that the PM dare bashing thread is also still active from time to time.

But, we did have one approach based on the need to get PM dares more surprisingly, the RandomDarer by Jaro. It worked but as far as I know it suffered from people on the list becoming inactive. That became my inspiration to create my PM Pool. People could PM me to get in. I decided between non-swimmers and swimmers with the last category having to pulbish the report in their blog. Any people could send me a PM to randomly pick one from the pool and send PM dares. That's what made the timing kind of random. I then always removed the dared from the pool with the option to get back in. But they had to respond to do that. That's what cleaned my pool from inactive users. When I dared one, it didn't rejoin.

Now it's your turn. If you would like to have such a pool or a similar institution, you can create it now. You could even join in with other users so it wouldn't be all on your shoulders alone. We only get dared by people who dare.

Community is only as good as what we put into it, including you.
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