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Week one Denial Recap

Posted Yesterday at 06:17 PM by Phaade

So to first start this Blog I want to apologize and explain why I will start the Denial period again.

To start this Blog off I will tell you how the week went.
So the first thing is that I had quite alot of work to do and so I was busy and maybe had more distraction which helped at the start!

Beginning my first week of the denial I didn't change much in my daily routine.
Getting up, taking a shower and general hygiene things (basically getting ready for the...
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The reasons why you don't see me around

Posted Yesterday at 03:07 PM by lilith_ (Ramblings of a Nymphet)
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If you have noticed I am not very active anymore. That is because of various reasons. The truth is that the last weeks have been shit. I am really really apathetic and I don't do anything at all. I am bored of everything and I don't feel horny. Getdare bores me, homework bores me, work bores me, life bores me.

I just got prescribed a new medication that makes me feel like a total zombie, sure yeah I don't feel anxiety or have flashbacks but I also don't feel any excitement, happiness or
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REPORT: A Full Public Crossdressed Dare on Saturday - PART 3

Posted Yesterday at 10:59 AM by Gilly


Yes, chastised, plugged, fully crossdressed, freshly fucked and dared to:
- walk at least 5km in a town, with not so many chances to hide
- find a store, get in and buy something
- find a place to fuck myself again in the ass three more times for seven minutes each
- go back to the car....

Ok, so I took courage, went out of my car, put my black coat on (it was actually not so cold as I feared) and took my purse. Ready for shopping?...
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REPORT: A Full Public Crossdressed Dare on Saturday - PART 2

Posted Yesterday at 09:59 AM by Gilly


Plug out and licked clean, there on the dash now.
Pretty embarrassing, no?
Surely embarrassing is what I was doing on the back seat. (Oh, I also folded down the seat, to have greater space using the boot).
Seven times seven minutes ass fucking. Licking it each time it goes out of my ass. Or at least this is how I intended the order “roll 2 d10 dice and do it d10 times d10 minutes”
And with a chastity cage securely preventing any sort of erection.
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REPORT: A Full Public Crossdressed Dare on Saturday

Posted Yesterday at 09:17 AM by Gilly

I have been dared to go out in public fully crossdressed as a result of a hot potato cumulative crossdressing dare.
Before all: Full Public is between my limits, but sometimes limits exist only to be broken, right?
And I already went out in public over the years, getting more and more self-confident, even if every time it’s a big thrill. (And turn on.... yes)

A small recap on the rules I had to abide to: I had to go out, take the car and find a place to fully change to female...
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Shyness is a bitch

Posted 12-08-2018 at 04:40 PM by Phaade

Hey everyone!

I have a bit of free time at the moment and thought I need to catch up a bit with blogs and Threads since I just made this Account. Also I have alot of things and ideas that I want to "bring to paper".

This Blog will be quite hard for me to write and I am sure it took me quite some time to finish it, because it is a real problem of mine and I struggle alot because of it.

Also something to mention is that this Blog specifically is inspired...
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Butterfly's birthday bash 90 day denial

Posted 12-07-2018 at 02:03 PM by CagedHiruzen

Report for butterfly on my denial.

My denial started on July 20, 2018, and it has been a struggle for me. Week one and two went well week three was where I started to get frustrated and wanted to give up on it but my girlfriend kept me going. I feel I have done a really good job of dealing with my hornyness and being denied for almost 3 months. I have done various tasks and punishments because of my attitude and behavior. I have had to do various tasks such as deep throats and plowing...
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