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PM Dare Diary Day 10

Posted 04-04-2018 at 10:12 PM by Yasna

It felt like playing a weird strategy game: How to cross off as many dares especially masturbation dares as possible without interrupting the obligations of everyday life? And of course without risking an orgasm. Needless to say I was denied again. And after not being able to finish a single masturbation dare the day before yesterday and a "rest day" yesterday the tasks had really accumulated. Moreover, I had a really busy day, appointments and papers approaching the deadline. But that's...
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Posted 04-04-2018 at 08:54 AM by JulieAllison (Sissy Julie Allison)

Well thanks to a helping hand I have moved my sissy training plan to a thread and have some interest so yay for that!

I received my first task on my calendar as well, no panties on every third day, sounds fun and I'll see how that goes. No panties tomorrow!

I also started an ask me anything (AMA) thread and that has been tons of fun so far too!

I'm beginning to like it here and can't wait so see how things progress and share some more updates.
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Punishment given by Master_skorpio

Posted 04-04-2018 at 02:36 AM by Pet Ra
Updated 04-04-2018 at 06:19 AM by Pet Ra

Conditions for this punishment:
- kneel on chickpeas for 45 minutes
- get 20 spanks with a ruler on each ass cheek
- get 20 spanks with a ruler on my cunt
- have clamped nipples all the time

Here is my report:
I took a good amount of chickpeas, placed them on the floor and kneeled on them. I've done this with rice before ant thought it would be easier since the chickpeas are bigger. Thought wrong, it was like kneeling on gravel. I was a bit nagging, so...
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Just The Beginning

Posted 04-04-2018 at 12:35 AM by pixi

When you meet someone online and instantly something clicks, something that can't actually be explained. When I met my master online that happened but for some circumstances we were not able to get serious then. Starting from then untill now I saw many other dominants but nothing really happened. You see I am a bit stubborn and hard to control, I like to tease my master and it's hard for me to control these tendencies at times which always gets me in trouble and makes it hard for me to submit.
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