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Maid to Behave

Posted 09-12-2015 at 11:01 PM by Kytten

One of the days you are at work, While you are at work you leave a list of expectations for me, you want it all done by the time you get home and you also tell me that there is a little game to go with this, there are two or three things you didn't right down that you want me to do and I have to figure out what they are and do them as well.
Then you let me know that you will call at some point and from that point I had best be finished everything as you are going to give me some new instructions.
I am curious about this and all kinds of thoughts go rushing through my head. In
conclusion at bottom is oh and Hun do not cum if you know what is good for you.
So when I awaken I get started you first tell me you want me completely naked and then I am to put on my maids uniform, I do this then you say I am to have a dildo in my ass and my pussy and to make sure they can't keep falling out. I do this to, then you tell me I am to follow the list of things to do carefully and figure out those extra things and do them.
On the list there are things like dusting and sweeping, vacuuming, wash dishes etc... you also put that I am to take pictures of myself doing these things. I do the best I can and take pics while doing my chores.
Then you phone me and I am basically done everything but not quite so for a punishment you also want me to once I am done chores use a Popsicle and fuck myself with it leaving the vibes in, while taking pics so you know I
did do it. I ask for how long and you explain until the Popsicle is gone. I try to beg," Please not that long!!", however you cut me off and ask," Do I need to add to the punishment?" I quickly respond with ,"No Master I will be
good." "That's better now." You say," Then do as I told you and once you are done that and your chores call me so I know when you finished and I can give you further instructions." I reply," Yes Master." Then we hang up.
I quickly finish up my chores listed and I did do three things that weren't on the list hoping they were my three guesses.
I do what you told me to do with the Popsicle. OH my oh MY so wet so cold but feels so good and numbing. I take so many pictures while I do this, it feels so good and I even stick it up my rear OH DANG so cold yet feels so good.
After the whole Popsicle melted I promptly phoned you, I explain I am now
finished and that I hope I found the right three things
You explain that I am to wright the three things down on separate papers then fold them and place them in the toy box. After I am done that I am to do some exercises example sit ups and crunches what ever I can do without over doing myself.
If there is a point where there is no one around the patio you want me to stand
there with the curtain open and take a few pictures.
Once I am done doing 15 min exercises and those pics I am to prepare myself for your arrival as you will be home in about one hour. That meant I was to put on my cuffs both wrist and ankle, and I am to put on the blindfold, place earplugs in my ears and gag myself, put clips on.
I chose to and then chain myself up. You mention that you don't want me knowing you are home when you get there I get extra curious about that, I Say ," OK Master ." I do not ask questions about it even though I want to. We say our byes and hang up.
I get right on writing down the three things and placing them in the toy
box, I do some exercises for at least 15 minutes once I am done that I take the pictures of myself at the patio praying that no one walks by and the other family stays off their patio, I take as many as I feel comfortable
doing. Then last but not least the getting ready for you.
I put in the earplugs and place the blindfold where I can put it on after then I gag
myself, at this point a lot of things are going through my head like, Why doesn't he want me realizing when he is home?, Why the gag? Is he really going to punish me that hard ??? Not realizing that it was in case not all the chores where done or they weren't don't properly etc...
I finish getting ready just a bit before you come in however I do not know you are there.
You set up the web cam to take video clips and you down load the pics I took going through them after to see just what pics I took and you set a file up to hold them and the videos.
Then since you have rested while doing that you decide to check the list and see if everything was done and properly.
By the time I had got to the bathroom I was tiring out so i missed a small spot in the tub, you took note of that then you took note of the fact I hadn't cleaned the window witch was
one of the things extra I was supposed to figure out.
As you went on you noted that when I vacuumed I had not gone into all creases
The last thing that was done however was cleaning up the patio ,however I missed cleaning the fridge properly and microwave so you noted them to.
Then you counted it all up 6 things missed you were wondering what I could possibly have found that you didn't mention so you looked at the papers I had wrote on.
One thing I had was the bathroom mirror as you had mentioned each thing separate yet it was not on the list, then there was mopping the
floors you had sweep but not mop, and then I had the patio witch was the only thing I guessed right.
You gave me a little leeway as the things I found and did weren't on the list however you still kept the consequences to
six you just lowered the amounts of each one a bit so if it was six smacks then I got five instead kind of thing.
Now you let it be known you are there you come to me and pulling out an earplug you whisper you were very bad you were slow and sloppy, you forgot a bunch of things and only guessed one of three things right.
So you are in for a punishing like I have never gave you yet, nod if you understand and I
nod as you place the earplug back in my ear.
You decide that I must get a good spanking so you close the window so it is not heard everywhere and you give me 15 good smacks. Then you place 5 clips wherever you want them on me, also you place 3 times 5 ice up my pussy making sure they are the bigger cubes.
Letting me stew like this for a while you go have a shower and play on the computer.
You have something to eat then you come in and move the earplug asking me do you need to use the washroom? or are you thirsty or anything? I nod yes to the washroom and thirst you then give me a sip of a drink yet say,"You need to hold your going to the washroom."
I cringe with a little excitement that you have all control and power over me and I can't do a damn thing about anything you choose to or not to do. I have no choice but to let you control things, however I do know if anything hurts to much I can grunt and you will stop.
Before you put the earplug back in you ask me," Are you comfy?" I nod yes
moaning with excitement, then you ask," Are you going to misbehave like that again?" I shake my head no. You say good however you still have more punishments coming I groan a small.. huh? You say," Well you missed 2 of three things and there was two things that were on the list as I put down clean the kitchen not just some of it...
Then there was two things only half done witch total six things. However there was a couple small things you found to do that weren't mentioned so I gave you credit for them and cut the punishment back by one sixth. I groan in frustration with myself.
You place the earplugs back in and give me another 15 good warm hits to the ass this time each cheek. Then you let me up and adjusting the blindfold so I can see my way you let me go pee but you move the earplug first telling me that I am to go pee and come straight back or else and that even if I need to go number two unless it is super bad I am to hold it, as you know I like to be told when I can or cannot do anything. I moan with joy.
You now have done 5 of six punishments. I come back to the bed you blindfold me and chain me up then you decide that I am going to just hang there for some time not as part of punishment but just to tease more, Because I am behaving through the punishments you decide to tease and caress me a little, well the point I am at that is real torture since I cannot cum until you tell me to. Oh how I want to beg and plead for you to let me cum but I can't with the gag on and you will not take it off because you do want to torture me. I can not hold back anymore and I start to cum.
You immediately stop and begin to spank me for cumming without permission.then you take the earplug out and tell me for that I will not get to finish tonight, you tell me that I will get you to the point of cumming and then you take off my gag warning me not to talk at all. You tell me to open my mouth and suck, so I do in a almost plea for forgiveness.
Once I suck you to the point you want to cum you tell me to stop and you jack off
all over me. Then asking," Don't you wish this was in you?", you gently rub my
cunt and say," Too bad you couldn't wait for me."Then you roll over and fall
asleep....... more to cum...
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    All opinions or suggestions are welcome and appreciated.
    Posted 09-13-2015 at 12:11 AM by Kytten Kytten is offline
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    As you wake up, you notice me squirming, you ask me if I need to use the washroom? I nod my head frantically as I really need to go bad... You want me to be aware how upset you are... so you put a diaper on me and command me to pee in it. I pee and you inform me it will be staying on me until you decide to do anything else. I am stunned I did not even know you had diapers for me let alone have the idea to do this to me. You inform me that if I need to pee or pooh that I must do it into the diaper even if it is full I must keep going in the diaper.

    You remove the gag informing me not to speak, letting me drink a bit of water, and eat a bit of food you feed to me. Once I was done you re-gag me constantly through the day coming and caressing me slapping my tits and face, you then unbind me from the bed. Keeping me cuffed behind my back you wrap a long coat around me and walk me to the car. You place me in the car, putting my seat belt on me you are sure to uncuff my hands from behind my back and you cuff them to the safety handle. I am curious what is happening? where we are going? what you have in mind?

    I don't dare fight or resist... I am already in trouble enough. You open the coat to expose me just as you get ready to drive away. we drive for a while... once we stop you come get me out of the car leaving the jacket in the car. I immediately am aware we are in or near the woods from the aroma of the fresh pine air and the sweet campfire filling the air. I notice the cool breeze brushing itself over my naked body. You lead me to a perfect spot to bind me to with my cuffs my arms are raised in a star spread then you use ropes to bind my legs apart as well in the star spread. I suddenly realize that if there is a campfire there must be more people as well, this brings me to almost cum as I think about it. I gulp a bit anticipating who everyone is and what was going to happen.

    I get my breasts played with, my wet diaper gets opened a few times so that I can be spanked. However I eventually need to pooh and can no longer hold it. I go in my diaper and everyone just has fun with that spanking me mushing it all over my butt. then someone gets a funny idea of wedging the diaper and keeping it wedged by using a bunch of tape. I can tell I am leaking through and no one cares.

    They are having fun disciplining me. after hours of torment, spanks before the wedge, the wedge, the dirty diaper, pinches and bites to the nipple. slaps to the face and breast and the humiliation knowing that there was more people and not knowing who they are, I get unbound and I am placed in a kneeling position my gag is taken off and I am made to stick out my tongue, if I bring my tongue in my mouth I will have hot sauce put on it. This makes me keep it hanging out of my mouth.

    I must let anyone put what ever they want on my tongue or I will be bound back up with the hot sauce on my tongue and it will be tied out of my mouth. Someone puts their butt to my tongue and I pull it back into my mouth.

    This upsets Master so you tie my tongue down to a near by log then bind my hands behind my back to a tree behind me. Using a bottle of hot sauce you pour a few drops onto my tongue. I instantly squeal and squirm... and everyone laughs at me. once the hot sauce is drooled off the tongue, they put their butt to my mouth again, I lick it as I was expected to and just try not to gag as I do.

    All I know about these people is there is one other man and one other girl. You allow anything to be done to me as this is a punishment, I get soap, hot sauce, butts, pussy, cocks, cum, piss all over my tongue.

    After some time you untie my tongue you unbind me allowing me to stand beside you I suddenly get ordered to a kneel on hands and knees legs spread ass presented the diaper gets taken off, and I am told to take what ever is given.

    This included ice cubes from the cooler a couple rocks, cocks and hot sauce, keeping in mind I have pooh drying all over my ass. when they are done with my ass they wash it using the melted ice so it was very cold and the rest of the water went into my ass with a enema bag. I was told to try to hold it in until I was given permission to let it out. I did this barely...

    but before being allowed to let it out I was re diapered then placed back into the car. I hear you thank the other people and agree to do it again some time, I hear the guy say maybe next time, I can be bound down the trail over night with peanut butter or honey or something all over me.

    You like this idea. You drive away, pulling through a drive through you order me to let myself go in the diaper. Wow I can tell I am embarrassed by the heat of my face getting red more and more as we get to the window and petting my head you commend me on my obedience as you thought of going back and doing that tonight if I did not obey. You allow me some of the drink then you ask if I liked what happened? I reply with some of it Sir yes, you thank me for my honesty then suggest we go back and stay the night for more. I try to beg you to reconsider this only makes you think more about doing it....

    will I be taken back? What will happen now? .... more to cum
    Posted 09-30-2015 at 02:20 PM by Kytten Kytten is offline

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