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Enema Task

Posted Today at 12:31 PM by DanaL (Dana’s blog)

I recently got an enema bulb. Master instructed me to mix warm water and salt in it and give myself an enema then hold
One of my egg vibrators on my clit. I had to roll 6 dice to decide how long I had to hold the enema for. It ended up coming to 19 minutes of holding the enema and holding the vibrator on my clit.
I filled the bulb (I forgot to put the salt in) and I inserted it about an inch and a half. Then I laid in the bathtub and emptied the water into me. Once the bulb was empty I...
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New Butt Plug

Posted Yesterday at 04:13 PM by DanaL (Dana’s blog)

I’ve never really done much with buttplugs but I got a training set of plugs in the mail today and Master had me insert the smallest in my ass. It went in pretty easy but was a very foreign feeling. It had me feeling a little full and like I needed to use the bathroom. I then was told to insert the biggest plug in my pussy but instead asked if I could use the second biggest to which master agreed. It went in easily and felt amazing. Master then asked me to try the biggest and it wouldn’t go in all the...
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Planning 6,000 posts celebration - Our PM dare party

Posted Yesterday at 05:35 AM by Cassandra (Mad prophecies from old greece)
Updated Yesterday at 04:43 PM by Cassandra

Hello everyone,

Note: you don't need to have active PM dares yourself to join, add and enjoy the upcoming thread!.

Thanks for all your contributions to my thoughts on a 5,000 post celebration. Some of you volunteered for special roles. I didn't do it but it made me quite aroused. But I made a poll asking for add thread experiences and preferences.

So after thinking over it and accumulating now over 6,000 posts in total, I prefer a new idea about a celebration...
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Work and shower Tasks

Posted 06-19-2018 at 05:37 PM by DanaL (Dana’s blog)

I was supposed to wear red or pink to work today but forgot so I will be punished for this tomorrow by having to wear sexy underwear and paint my nails red.

When I was getting ready to leave work I stopped in the bathroom and wrote on my chest ‘MasterCaz’s Fucktoy’ and above my pussy ‘X out of service’. Then I inserted my anal beads and put green scrubbing pads in my bra over my nipples. The drive home was interesting because the rough scrubbing pad in my bra kept my mind on my nipples....
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Likes, Limits and PM Dares

Posted 06-19-2018 at 09:31 AM by Jamin0731

Likes: Shower, dressing, Petplay, being a slut for you, Piss, cocks, masturbating, cumming, cum-eating, facials,watching gay porn,getting messy, hypnotic files, crossdressing, feminisation, bladder control, Dice Dares, DIAPER's, going commando, hidden public Getting Controlled


Limits: Family is around and Poop

PM Tasks:

Please ask for a report or picture proof.

There's no limit on how many you can send.
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Kik Sessions

Posted 06-18-2018 at 03:56 PM by DanaL (Dana’s blog)
Updated Today at 12:35 PM by DanaL

My Owner, MaterCaz will allow someone to use me for a kik session with his permission. Below are rules and my list of toys and limits that you need to know for a session. If you are interested please contact him.
  • Max session length is 2 hours
  • All contact only in kik group created by my Owner
  • Safe word is red. If I say red, all activity will stop
  • Photos are entirely at the discretion of my Owner and I, don't demand or expect pics
  • My limits must be respected or the session will end immediately
  • Future/follow
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Why I Like To Deny Our Little Worm.

Posted 06-18-2018 at 10:00 AM by IceMaiden (IceMaiden's Blog of Awesome)

Jaro recently asked Butterfly and I why we both like to deny him so much. Butterfly already posted a lovely blog here in response.

My reasons are pretty similiar. Why do I enjoy it?
Because it is fun to watch him squirm. To see/hear him beg to be allowed release, only to be told a big fat no. It amuses me when he offers us things of his own accord in the hope we will trade that in exchange for allowing him to touch/orgasm.

Of course, we can and do often order him...
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