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Date report: dildo in a change room stall

Posted 03-01-2023 at 01:18 AM by ClaireScott

Here is a changing room date offered by merkwurdigliebe. He had asked about my apartment building and its facilities and I told him about the pool and change rooms available. His instructions were:

“Next time you can go when the pool is empty or just has a couple of men in it. Go to one of the changing rooms and strip in one. Put the dildo on the floor and ride it until you cum. I'm assuming the changing rooms are in view of the pool. If they aren't, have the door to the changing room open.”

I did this dare this morning about 8am. I left my apartment wearing a pyjama dress that came down to my mid thigh, flip flops, and took a small bag carrying my dildo and some lube. I took the elevator down to the pool level and stepped out into an empty hallway leading to the change rooms. The apartment maintains gender neutral change rooms, similar to family change rooms at the public pool.

After a quick survey of the the pool area and the rooms, I picked a stall closest to the pool and furthest away from the hallway entrance. There was a total of 6 change rooms, 3 facing each other and a row of benches in the middle. As per the instructions, I went into the stall and stripped naked, hanging my pyjama dress behind the door, leaving it wide open. I reached into my bag and pulled out my dildo and lubbed it (and my pussy) with a generous squirt of lube. The dildo was a light blue one, about 7 inches long and an inch and a half thick, with a suction cup at the bottom.

With a good loud “twap” sound, I had stuck the dildo to the tile floor, right in the centre of the stall. Placing my feet on either side of the vertical silicone penis, I lowered myself feeling the dildo press for a moment against my pussy lips, before it entered my stretched pussy. I began fucking myself from a squaring position, raising myself up and letting my body drop down again repeatedly over the blue toy. I moaned softly and I could hear a light echo of my moans and the wet noises from between my legs.

I had done dares like this before, and while it seemed simple, actually doing it was different. My heart was still racing and I was still a tiny bit nervous of being caught in the lewd act. I moved faster up and down the rod, rubbing my clit as I did. The room was still quiet apart from my noises, no one else was around. It took longer for me to cum, and my thighs were starting to feel sore, so I changed positions and stuck the dildo on the wall so I was still facing the door but was no being dildo fucked from behind. I bent over, and pushed myself backwards against the wall. Because I was able to go right up against the wall, I was able to take more of the dildo in me. I fucked myself harder and faster, my breath heavy and my moans getting louder. I had lubed up generously before I started using the dildo, but I was pretty sure the liquid I felt oozing down my inner thigh and starting to drip from my bald pussy were my juices.

Finally, after a few minutes of breast bouncing wall fucking, my pussy tightened around the toy as I orgasmed, cupping my hands over my mouth to muffle my cries of pleasure. My breathing slowed and my heart beat returned to normal and I stood ass pressed against the wall and the dildo still embedded in me. I caught my breath, and pulled away from the wall. The blue silicone dick sticking out of the wall dripped with my clear juices, and I had dripped a little down the wall.

I retrieved my toy and threw it in my bag, slipped on my dress and headed out as if nothing had happened. It was a good way to start my day, and thanks again merkwurdigliebe for the dare.

I’m currently doing a bladder control dare as well, so come back for that report!

Thanks for reading and please send me more dares!

Hugs and kisses:
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    SilverBlue's Avatar
    Has merkwurdigliebe given any feedback on how you've performed the task?
    Posted 03-04-2023 at 03:05 AM by SilverBlue SilverBlue is online now
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    Nice dare. You should get changed in those rooms commonly, with the door wide open of course. If you are just changing quickly then use the rooms closest to the entrance to the changing area.
    I dare you to swim here twice a week. Change into your suit in these changing rooms, door fully open and you must edge nude first. When done swimming change back get nude, cum, then get dressed and leave.
    Posted 04-04-2023 at 01:41 AM by lurker54321 lurker54321 is offline

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