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My Likes, Dislikes, Limits, etc ... revisited (again) - 02.2023

Posted 02-14-2023 at 02:17 AM by pluky
Updated 02-20-2023 at 05:28 AM by pluky

Since I am not currently owned, I felt the need to update my list for any potential casual play I might find myself pursuing in the mean time, because admittedly there's a lot of things that just aren't worth the risk for strangers. Besides I find that some of my tastes can shift a bit here and there. This will be updated every now and then I guess, don't know if it's normal but that's how I'm gonna have to go about it.

  • Masturbation / Vibration (as a personal endeavor)
  • Vaginal penetration
  • Pussy stretching (light)
  • Restrictions / Temporary rules
  • BDSM mantras
  • Bondage (moderate) and blindfolding
  • Spanking (bottom)
  • Chemical burn (moderate)
  • Punishment (reasonable and justified)
  • Nipple play/torture (light)
  • Breath play (moderate + limit : no pressing on the throat)
  • Body writing (not too humiliating)
  • Being controlled in some non kinky ways

  • Denial
  • Humiliation (very light)
  • Anal penetration (small)
  • Chemical burn (hard)
  • Pegs (limit : clit)
  • Spanking (pussy, breasts)
  • Unfair punishment
  • Nipple torture (hard)
  • Clit torture (light)
  • Abrasion (harsh textures on clit or nipples such as Velcro, toothbrush, files/emery boards)
  • E-stim (light to moderate + limit : genitalia)
  • Heavy rituals


Special / Temporary / Unless stated otherwise
  • Some forms of kneeling (I have a knee injury)
  • Masturbation / Vibration (as a task)
  • Orgasm control / Edging / Multi-orgasm / Post-orgasm torture
  • Ice torture
  • Water torture
  • Scarification
  • Burn (melted wax, hot metal)

  • Mouth soaping
  • Pain directly on the clit (clothespins, rubber band snaps, e-stim, ...)
  • Nipple pain when my tits are tender from PMS (week before period)
  • Anal penetration (big)
  • Humiliation / Degradation
  • Bladder control
  • Any of the likes and dislikes taken to a more severe intensity than my comfort zone

  • Health risky things
  • Name calling
  • Public (any kind)
  • Lifestyle
  • Hypnosis
  • Scat
  • Enemas
  • Anything immoral, illegal, depraved (age regression, family, etc), unreasonable, and all extremes

That's the gist of it but I might edit if I think of anything else.
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