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Likes & Limits

Posted 02-20-2023 at 02:27 AM by Azyliux
Updated 03-12-2023 at 02:43 PM by Azyliux

I am a 46 year old, straight male Dom or Master.

I play casually on getDare as a dare and task giver, and generally participate in kink discussion and learning. I rarely (never) accept dares or tasks, but I love giving them out so my likes and limits here are as a Dom, Master, Top, or general Dare Giver.

I have experience with many forms of BDSM kink but my primary kink is submission and control. This means that I am generally willing to take account of your personal kinks and fetishes and adapt them into my control of you.

I do have a number of other fetishes or kinks that I am interested in fulfilling but it is in no way a deal breaker if any or even all of these are a limit for you. Your limits will be respected.

  • Orgasm control, denial, chastity, and edging - Over the years I have come to love these both as pure forms of sexual submission and for their uses as training tools.
  • Pain play - Yes, I admit I am a sadist. A compassionate sadist, but a sadist. I like most forms of pain play from spanking, clamps and heat, to chemicals and electricity.
  • Humiliation - I get a giant thrill from my sub/slave suffering humiliation to please or entertain me. What I love most is when they are turned on by my enjoyment their own shame. There are so many variations of this that are fun to explore as I discuss here.
  • Anal play - Just one of my pet kinks, especially when paired with submission or humiliation.
  • Bondage - I love creating that delicious feeling of helplessness and vulnerability in those I control.
  • Training and self-improvement - This could be anything such as weight loss, study or improvement in submission itself. Is becoming slutty an improvement? I think so.
  • Clothing control, toilet control, diet control - More control... I love it.
  • Exposure - I love the way fear or shame can heighten arousal, starting with hidden public and moving up to explicit exposure.
  • Sexual control - Yes, I love ownership of when, how & who you have sex with.

Too many things fall into this category that I cannot list them. Everything from wedgies to pet play. Some are very niche.

There is little I actively dislike that isn't a limit. I am willing to explore just about anything you want to play with. That said there are some things which I know from experience I am fairly neutral about in that they don't arouse me but I am willing to include in play if they interest you (such as messy, scat, and vomit).

  • Dangerous/Self-Destructive - Anything with significant risk to your health (including mental health) or that of other people is out. Examples of this include cutting, breath control and choking.
  • Illegal - Anything illegal is out, I don't want either of us in trouble with the law for obvious reasons.
  • Disrespect - I expect to be accorded general respect for me as a person, regardless of any relationship.
  • Dishonesty - Any deliberate intent to mislead me about something I consider significant will not be accepted.

Other than for dares, I am always open for people who just want to reach out with a question or have a conversation.
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