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Indoor dare - seen by strangers

Posted 12-17-2022 at 01:57 AM by ClaireScott

Hey GetDare community,
I recently completed a dare provided by zephyrnem that involved dice rolls and dares. Below is the dare provided:

A) Roll a die for what you will wear:
1. Underwear
2. Swimsuit
3. Shirt only
4. Coat Only
5. Towel
6. Naked
B)Now roll a die for how many times you roll and do a dare from the following list:
1. Roll a room number
2. Elevator (roll die again for how many buttons you push)
3. Door to outside
4. Hallway X number of floors away (roll for X)
5. Until seen by X (roll for X)
6. Until I have two orgasms in two different places
C) Now go to the number of places and/or do what you just rolled. Finish back at your apartment.

I decided to do this dare last week, and here’s a report of of what happened. Sitting in my living room, I brought out a dice from a board game. First I rolled a single die for what I would wear: I rolled a 3, I could only wear a shirt.

I then rolled for the number of times I rolled, and it was a 4! I then proceeded to roll the dice 4 times to see which tasks I had to do. Below are the rolls I got:
1st roll: 5. I had to be seen by X people (rolled dice again for X and I got 3).
2nd roll: 4. I had to go to a hallway X floors away ( rolled again for X and got 2).
3rd roll: 6. Have 2 orgasm in 2 different places.
4th roll: 2. Elevator with X number of buttons pushed (rolled for X and got 4).

After I got my tasks, I went to my closet to get the largest T-Shirt I had. I stripped completely naked and pulled the thin grey shirt over my body. The loose fitting shirt went about 2-3 inches past my pubis and just barely covered my butt. My thighs were pretty much fully visible.

I wasn’t sure where to start at first, or what to complete first, but then decided I would get the quicker ones out of the way, or the ones I could complete together. I scribbled down my tasks on a piece of paper, grabbed my apartment keys and stepped out into my hallway. I felt the colder air under my shirt and I was immediately aware of how naked I was under just my shirt. The building was quiet being a weekday morning.

I casually walked barefooted to the elevator on my floor. As I called the elevator, I looked at my self in the reflection of the reflective doors… you could tell I was not wearing anything underneath. The this fabric made my nipples, partially erect from the cold, clearly visible as two points sticking out from my round breasts. The bottom of my shirt barely covered my pubes. If I lifted my arms up, you would have been able to see a good amount of my ass and my clean shaved front would be clearly visible.

I was half embarrassed to see myself like that in public, but the other half felt excitedly slutty. The elevator arrived empty and I stepped inside. I checked my to-do list and proceeded to hit 4 random buttons (4th task rolled). I don’t remember what floors there were but my building only has 6 floors. The elevator moved up and opened to an empty hallway. Then went up again, and again opened to a musty carpeted hallway.

The doors closed and then the elevator started going down. Again it opened at an empty level before going down again and stopped at the recreation level (gym, common room, etc). I stepped out and took a careful look around. There was no one. I decided this would be a good place to attempt an orgasm as part of task for the 3rd roll. I walked around the small gym for a bit making sure no one was around. I then went over to weight bench that faced a wall.

I sat down looking back at the glass entrance making sure no one was around before spreading my legs and began rubbing my pussy. I was horny. The cool air against my damp lips and my bare thighs spread in a public space made me so wet. I frantically rubbed my swollen clit. I brought myself to orgasm with muffled and suppressed moans, my body shaking as climaxed on the gym bench. I recomposed myself and cleaned a wet spot I left on the bench.

Next I went back to the elevator and called for it to complete the 2nd roll (go to a hallway 2 floors away). I guess I had technically done this, but decided to do it anyway for good measure. I waited for the elevator conscious of how cold my bare feet were in the tiled floor in front of the elevator. Finally I heard the elevator ding and the doors opened. This time there was an older man inside. I avoided eye contact and stepped in. I felt exposed and bare and was sure he was puzzled as to my state of undress.

The doors closed. There was an awkward silence and I just stared at my own reflection in the elevator door. I could see the man looking at my legs. I figured pulling my shirt down would confirm his suspicions (that I had no shorts on). So I just stood as casually as I could. The elevator stopped. And the doors opened. The man left the elevator and I quickly pushed the close door button. I had no idea what floor I was at. Living on the 4th floor, I had to go to the 6th floor or the 2nd floor. I hit the 6 button on the elevator. I went up one floor and excited on the 6th floor.

I decided since I was here I could perform my second orgasm in the stairwell. I walked down the hallway and turned into the stairwell at the end. I went into the corner and stood with one leg raised on the railing and started to rub my clit. I could feel my juices starting to drip down my thigh as I pleasured myself. My slender fingers were covered in my juices by the time I came again, my body leaning over the railing as my pussy dripped juices onto the concrete floor between my legs.

I wiped my juices off on the back of my shirt, as I calmed down. My to-do list was all crumpled in my hand. I smoothed it out to check what was left. I had now completed everything except be seen by 3 people. I had another 2 people to encounter as the man in the elevator counted as the first.

I decided to go down to the mailbox just inside the entrance of my building. I figured either someone inside the building would see me, or someone outside on the street would. I walked back to the elevator very conscious my my juices drying on my thighs and pussy. I called the elevator and went down to the ground floor. I stepped out on to the cold tiled floor, half tip-toeing, half brisk walking.

As I stepped out, there was a repair guy working on an outlet of some kind, maybe electrical. He didn’t notice me and I walked past him to the mailboxes. As I opened my mailbox, to retrieve my mail, a young man (the apprentice of the electrician I guess?) knocked on the glass entrance door. He signalled that he was with the other guy and was asking me to let him in (my building has a buzz in system). I walked over and opened the door for him,

I felt the cold winter breeze blow up my shirt as I did. The apprentice was carrying a toolbox and another bag of stuff and it worked out that as I opened the door for him, I had to hold it open so he could come in. Remember what I said about lifting up my arms earlier? Yeah…

I opened the door pushing it outwards, I felt the blast of chilly winter air blow up my shirt freezing my nipples solid, and as the apprentice tried to shuffle in with his gear, I had to hold the door open with an outstretched arm. My shirt lifted up and everything from my hip down was visible. The other man inside was also looking at me now. The apprentice shuffled past me looking wide-eyed at my crotch. I let go of the door as soon as he was in and rushed back to my mailbox to close it.

Complete silence as I shut my mailbox and walked back over to the elevator and pressed the call button. I waited in my bare state and embarrassment. I heard the men whispering to one another, and despite my best effort, I couldn’t help but look back at the. They were staring at me. I looked away. A wave of embarrassment hit me.

Now this next part might sound cliché, but I swear in my own embarrassment that it really happen. I was feeling so flustered that in my nervousness of having exposed myself to a stranger less than 2 feet away from me, I fumbled my keys and dropped them. The men must have thought me a slut and a tease, but it was really accidental.

I took a deep breath, knowing they were watching me, bent down to pick up the keys as best I could to not expose myself again. In my half-squat half kneel position, my shirt still barely covered my ass and I think they definitely caught a glimpse of my butt crack. I heard a light chuckle from one of the men and a soft “holy fuck” from the other.

The elevator arrived and I stepped in and hid from their sight. I returned to my apartment and cleaned myself up. It was a good dare, one I certainly enjoyed. Thank you Zephyrnem again for this one, and I hope you enjoyed my report.

Let me know if you guys have any other dares I can do indoors these few cold winter months. Stay warm everyone!

Hugs and kisses,
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    berengar's Avatar
    Thanks, love Your report
    Posted 12-19-2022 at 04:53 AM by berengar berengar is offline
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    Damn that was one hell of a dare, good job.
    Posted 02-17-2023 at 02:47 AM by lurker54321 lurker54321 is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Nicely done :-)
    Posted 03-01-2023 at 03:16 AM by RedaDare RedaDare is online now

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