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Task Report: 5 days of edging - Part 3

Posted 04-11-2022 at 06:43 AM by SilverBlue
Updated 04-11-2022 at 06:47 AM by SilverBlue

Hey there, I hope you've read the previous blogs before jumping ahead here. Not that I can stop you, or blame you, but part 1 explains why I'm doing these edges, if context matters to you.

2 Days to go and 12 edges. As I must do my edges in one session per day, this Fucktoy would do 6 on Thursday and the remaining 6 on Friday.


Thursday, time for more edging. Today I have to do edges that are a result of comments from zephyrnem and Bigbuttplug. Master stipulated that I must put in extra effort for the people who commented. An added degree of exposure risk.

It's been an overcast day, with showers on and off all day. The bad weather may work in my favour.

Stripped naked, this Fucktoy began the task of 6 edges. Fucktoy took position by my apartment's glass doors facing the road and neighbours. I put on my blindfold as Master commanded. I could not see if anyone on the street below would be looking up, nor could I see if neighbours were by their windows looking in my direction. I lay my skinny Fucktoy frame down on the floor with my legs apart, opened toward the windows, and my feet flat on the floor. I begin pleasuring this Fucktoy body, knowing that my body won't get the orgasm that it feels is coming.

Rubbing on my clit to get myself horny and wet quickly, my head rolls back and I find myself arching my back. It's not comfortable pushing the back of my head hard into the floor. I hear the sound of my hand rubbing over my pussy as it gets wetter. Master told me I looked like a DJ scratching a turntable when I'm rubbing my pussy with my hand like this.

Uhh, I want to cum, feeling closer.... breathing heavily, this Fucktoy body feels ready to cum. I stop, laying my back flat on the ground again. Taking a moment for my heart rate to slow, giving my body a moment to rest before slipping my middle fingers into my wet fuck hole. Slowing starting to arouse my body again. Damn it, these fingers, my fingers, pushing deep inside my pussy until they're covered with my juices. I feel my abs and pelvic muscles tense and relax, tense and relax, an orgasm is building within me. I try to slow the pace of my fingers to make this feeling last. Yes, make me cum... but stopping. The self-control is tough, but the pleasure of building up to an orgasm is oddly enjoyable even without climaxing.

I subconsciously find my free arm caressing and cradling my breasts, even pulling at my nipples now and then. I feel so horny, like this session of edges is leading to a climax. After my last edge I feel a little tired, my arm that has been working my pussy gets a well-deserved rest. I kinda lay there on the floor a moment as if I'm unaware that I'm in front of my windows. So, I pull off the blindfold and find its very dark outside now (daylight savings has ended here).

When I try to slowly stand up, my cheeks feel flushed and warm, but I think I saw a person on the street below glance up at my building, maybe they detected my movement by the window? Not acknowledging if they saw me or not, I pull my blinds closed. I have noticed people randomly look up at my building. Sometimes they point at apartments, and I wonder what they're looking at and why they're so nosy. I feel anxious about looking at them too long in case they look over to my window and see my lithe naked body, so I move back slightly.

Anyway, I took a deep breath and thought about what I'd just done. It's a turn on to think people could see something by my window, although I wasn't in full view from the road below, simply the feeling of being unable to see, but potentially being seen (even if it's unlikely) let my imagination go wild as I edged myself. When I was finished with the edges, I decided to take a shower to freshen up as I was a little wet around my pussy and my fingers could do with a wash too.


Friday has rolled over, the weather cleared up today, but it was colder. I was kind of excited to begin my edges, it was quiet at work and for casual Friday I wore denim shorts with a hoodie and no bra. It feels different, but when I got home, I removed my clothes as my Fucktoy rules require. The 6 edges left to do came from comments left by Marshall_235 and Cassandra.

I made arrangements with Master to use me over the weekend and Master let me know how I was to do the edges for today.

I moved to my bedroom, adding a short clip on snapchat as I got comfortable on my mattress. 6 edges to go. Lubing my butt plug, then fingering around my butthole with lubed fingers, I work my butt plug in and feeling it pop into place inside my butthole. Today Master wanted me filled as I edged, fingering my pussy and sucking on my dildo for my first edge. The lube has a slight flavour so it's kinda tasty sucking on it as my fingers worked on my pussy.

For the next edge, I lick my fingers and push that dildo deep into my wet pussy. As if I'm being fucked to orgasm, I go hard and fast, feeling filled with the butt plug inside as well. It didn't take me long to get to the edge of an orgasm, I stopped, but my pussy twitched a few times. I let it settle down before even touching it again, for fear of pushing myself over the edge. Fuck that was a close one.

For the third edge, the dildo returned to my mouth, my pussy juices covering it as it slides into my throat. My fingers massaging around my pussy, careful not to over stimulate myself this time around. I swap back and forth between my mouth and pussy as I do the remaining 3 edges. Feeling my body tense up over and over, by the 6th edge, fucking my pussy with the wet dildo I really wanted to cum. Fuck my pussy you nasty dildo, oh gosh just make me cum! Damn that extra sensation coming from my anus as the plug reminds me its inside me too.

Just keeping that edge a little longer, a gamble, my abs tensing up I have to stop, forcing the dildo out of my pussy aided by a vaginal push to pop it out. I find myself laying on my bed for another 15 minutes afterwards. I'm just thinking about how horny I am and looking forward to being used as Master's Fucktoy on the weekend when I will get to cum after a week of teasing my pussy again. 15 minutes turned into an hour or so as I fell asleep. It was pitched black in my bedroom now. The light that came through between the slats in my blinds is long gone. Damn I hate the end of daylight savings, everything gets dark so early. Damn I wished I could have cum on that dildo. Damn, I forgot I had this butt plug still in my ass!

Thank you to people who rated and commented on the blog post. It added a bit more to my usual 5-10 edges per week, and of course I thank Master for coming up with some fun ways to complete them that hopefully made them more entertaining to read about as well.

Have an amazing week everyone!
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  1. Old Comment
    dragoneau's Avatar
    An other lovely report.
    I think you deserve that orgasm and I hope to see that report on how you get it soon
    Posted 04-11-2022 at 08:16 AM by dragoneau dragoneau is offline
  2. Old Comment
    lotusdriver81's Avatar
    You must have some real will power to stop like that. Well done.
    Posted 04-11-2022 at 09:00 AM by lotusdriver81 lotusdriver81 is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Great to see you blogging regularly again.
    Posted 04-11-2022 at 06:38 PM by SirD SirD is offline
  4. Old Comment
    SilverBlue's Avatar

    comment replies

    Originally Posted by lotusdriver81 View Comment
    You must have some real will power to stop like that. Well done.
    A lot of mental and physical control. But like anything, it takes practice. Thanks.
    Originally Posted by dragoneau View Comment
    An other lovely report.
    I think you deserve that orgasm and I hope to see that report on how you get it soon
    Oh gosh yes, I got a few that weekend! But then that's another story....

    Originally Posted by SirD View Comment
    Great to see you blogging regularly again.
    Thanks! Maybe not super regularly, but when I have something I can report, I will endeavour to put up a blog. More often than not, I do a task but too much time lapses and I just can't share the specific details.
    Posted 04-16-2022 at 01:44 PM by SilverBlue SilverBlue is offline

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