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Task Report: 5 days of edging - Part 2

Posted 04-10-2022 at 06:58 AM by SilverBlue
Updated 04-10-2022 at 07:01 AM by SilverBlue

Hey, welcome back. I've just got home from spending the weekend at Master's place. After having a shower I feel nice and fresh and have some time to do the report as promised. I hope you enjoy it


Starting Monday's set, I left it a bit late in the day. I've been out for a run, then had a shower to freshen-up, so I started around 8pm. Master added the stipulation that I do these edges with a blindfold on, I did them on the sofa. It was darkness for me, at least until I completed all 5 edges in this edging session, no interruptions and no distractions. I got to work rubbing my pussy, slowly warming myself up. Feeling my body getting more and more aroused from the stimulations. Closer, closer, yes, yes, ... to keep going would be too easy. I stop. This Fucktoy feeling betrayed at it's own hand.

I sit in darkness again, taking a short cool down period. Again. As if it were Master himself commanding me. I slowly start massaging my mound, feeling the smooth skin sliding under my fingers again. Fast now, but not too fast. Bringing myself to the edge again. My Fucktoy body writhing with pleasure only to be denied again.

Finally, I'd done the five edges I aimed to complete, my pussy wet and wanting more, I removed the blindfold and I was in my dimly lit living room again.


Tuesday, the second day of doing the edges from get dare members responding to my blog. 5 anonymous ratings, that's 15 for Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. It has been raining outside and getting heavier. No place else to be today, definitely not going for a run in this weather. Master required me to do my edges on my bed, blindfolded again, but adding a few restraints. Knowing what I need to use today, I sat on my bed and prepared this Fucktoy as Master commanded. 3 ties secured to my bed. Sitting upright with my legs spread, I fastened 2 around my knees before I laid this Fucktoy back on my mattress reaching with one arm to secure my wrist. The restraints aren't super tight, but they are enough to hold my limbs in place.

With my remaining free hand, I slipped on my blindfold and begin to gently massage my pussy again. Arousal from my fingers makes me wet. I'm feeling horny, I want to touch my body but my arm is tied. I finger myself now, a clitoral orgasm perhaps? I feel myself getting closer, my legs kept open but wanting to close. Uh yes please, make me cum... and stop. My wet middle fingers wiped dry around my teased pussy. I imagine in my head that I'm being teased by others, and my hand is not my own. It's easier to stop that way. Again, finger fuck that pussy, make it cum. Uh I feel wet, my Fucktoy body aroused, it wants to cum. I want to cum. Fight it. Fight the urge to cum... come on little Fucktoy... now stop! I find myself breathing heavily, elevated heart-rate. I let my body cool down for a few more moments before fingering my pussy again. It doesn't take long before I'm dancing on that edge again, and again. A longer cool down now. Give myself more time to warm up again.

I've completed my 5 edges for today, my Fucktoy pussy is wet and wanting more. I felt more used when I was restrained, like the times Master plays with this Fucktoy. I couldn't touch the rest of my body with my arm restrained and it was frustrating, but I still loved having my legs held open.


Edging can be fun as well as frustrating. I don't want to repeat myself too much in the same blog, so I'm not going to detail each edge - not that I could be that specific anyway. I will write about the general experience for the remaining days. I hope you understand that it's mostly to reduce repetition.

With barely a third of the edges done, I still had 17 more to do this week. I was curious to know how Master wanted this Fucktoy to complete my daily amount on Wednesday. Blindfolded, again? yes Sir. Using my dildo? yes Sir. I lay naked on my sofa, lifting my leg up to give access to my pussy. I know what I must do, and start by lubricating my dildo so it will be ready to fuck me. I slip on my blindfold again and prepare for another edging session. Fucking my pussy with the dildo like it was some stranger's cock. Yes, fuck me. Blindfolded, I'm more aware of the wet slapping noise my pussy makes as the dildo slams into me. Stopping for a cool down, I feel hornier this day. Fucking my pussy again, yes fuck use my pussy you fantastic plastic penis! Careful Fucktoy, don't make yourself cum! Why is it harder to stop when I'm fucking myself with a dildo? Maybe I'm just so used to getting an orgasm from a cock.

With Wednesday's 5 edges now completed, I've done the edges from the blog ratings. For the remaining 12 edges, I'll refer to the commenter who is responsible. I hope that's ok? Part 3 covering Thursday and Friday will be posted tomorrow and I'll remove usernames if requested.

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    lotusdriver81's Avatar
    Excellent reports as always.
    Posted 04-10-2022 at 10:12 AM by lotusdriver81 lotusdriver81 is offline
  2. Old Comment
    dragoneau's Avatar
    Always a pleasure to read your reports, keep up the good job
    Posted 04-11-2022 at 03:21 AM by dragoneau dragoneau is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Mmm lovely reports as usual
    Posted 04-11-2022 at 06:29 PM by SirD SirD is offline

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