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Pretty Pink Doll Part 2

Posted 11-26-2021 at 09:36 PM by lola.fox

A short drive later we arrive at our hotel. Iíve already been earlier in the day to make sure our room was set up to be cozy and prepped for all the fun we would have. I send you off to the shower to refresh and remove your plug and cage, with strict instruction to not touch yourself while your cage is off by any means. You leave the door ajar so I can pop in and make sure youíre being a good boy if I need to. It doesnít take you long to strip and soon you feel the steaming hot water rain over your face, and down your body. You marvel at how smooth and sleek you feel after the waxing as you wash your body, so tempted to stroke yourself. You hear me moving about outside the door unpacking your things and hear glasses clang before the sound of our playlist streams throughout the room. That piques your interest slightly so you quickly finish washing up and use some of the lotions and skincare things I left for you on the counter. You joked it would be my job to take care of these things while youíre here but didnít think I would actually follow through. You slip into the robe I left for you and head out into the bedroom to dim lights, candles and a bottle of wine. Iím wearing the black PVC corset and black mesh long sleeved one piece bodysuit you picked out for me months ago. I paired it with tight black thigh high boots, diamond studded earring in the many holes in my ears and a thin black choker around my neck. You cock stirs and becomes visibly hard beneath your robe now that you no longer have your cage on. I smirk as I see you sit on the bed to try to mask your erection, and pour us both a glass of wine. As you sip, you eye your many toys dotting the bed around you, trying to piece together what might be in store for you from the clues that surround you.

After I finish my glass, I grab your empty one and put it to the side so that I can climb on top of you and straddle you. Weíve both wanted this closeness for months and it feels surreal that itís finally here. My arms wrap around your neck as yours encircle my waist while we kiss and you lay back so that Iím top of you. You feel my hips roll in slow circles, grinding against your cock with nothing but the robe between us. You spread your legs a bit so that your robe falls open and exposes you, so I sit up and reach back and start to stroke you. I feel you throbbing between my fingers and pull the fabric of the base of my bodysuit aside so that I can slide you between my dripping wet lips as we continue our kissing. I glide over your cock, teasing you with every stroke until you start to moan. I was going to wait, but I decide then to full take you inside of me, so I lift up my hips and slowly sink back down on your hard cock, feeling you twitch as you work your way inside my tight pussy. I pick up the pace and ride you faster as your hands move to my hips, gripping them tightly while you watch my large chest threaten to spill out of the corset. You take one of your hands of my hips to start rubbing my clit and watch in wonder as I close my eyes and tilt my head back in pure pleasure. You start to feel me clench around you and hear my telltale moans, thanks to months of phone-sex, signaling that Iím close to orgasm. I hear your panting quicken as well and stop riding you. You groan and look at me in confusion until I tell you to sit up while I step into the bathroom for a moment. I return with your cage and you start to protest until place one finger to my lips to shush you. We have to wait a few minutes, but your erection weakens and Iím able to place the cage on you myself for the first time, the click of the lock almost as satisfying as the sound of your moans.

I sit on the edge of the bed, spread my legs and tell you to get on your knees. Once your sweet eyes are looking up at me between my thighs, I tell you to make me cum. You start tentatively at first, with long gentle licks, until you feel the heels of my boots slowly press into your thighs. I feel your hands slide up the back my legs and grip my thighs, spreading them just a little further as you pull me closer to you. I lean back on the bed on my elbows and close my eyes, savoring every lick and flick of your tongue. Youíre really living up to your eager little puppy title, as you lap me up with a ravenous appetite. As I get closer I wrap my legs around your neck and shoulders and buck my hips involuntarily while you slide to fingers inside me so that you can fuck me with them between licks. Your cock is straining against the cage painfully, but your pained groans mix into your lustful moans so itís difficult to discern the difference. I grab fistfuls of your hair and use them to guide your mouth to exactly where I need you to be and I grind against your face until I cum, only releasing my grip on your hair to grab hold of your arms so that I can feel as much of your skin against me as I can while I orgasm. Youíre satisfied with yourself for successfully getting me off and want to climb onto the bed with me but are unsure if youíre allowed to stop kneeling. You stay on the floor, face still glistening with my juices as you wait patiently for me to recover my breath.

I tell you to lay face down on the bed and you oblige. You feel me straddle your back and press your face down further into the bed, making it hard to breath, but it only last a few seconds before you feel me pull both of your arms together. I slide them into your white armbinders and make sure youíre secured in them tightly. Your mind is racing thinking back to every time they were mentioned during our play sessions, wondering if I would be taking inspiration from any of them. I flip you over and slide my hands down your chest to your crotch and give your cage a quick tug to illicit a low, rumbling groan. I grab one of the shopping bags and my own makeup bag and straddle you yet again. I get to work on the eyeshadow and you shudder as the brush gentle strokes your lids. You didnít realize how many different shades go into one look as you see me tapping brushes into a variety of colors. I add the concealer and foundation, contouring your face to highlight your cheekbones and thin out your nose like you were so curious about. I gently apply some eyeliner, giving you a cat eye look, and big black lashes flecked with iridescent pink glitter. Your eyes start to tear so I have you look up as I gently blow to dry the incoming droplets. Iím glad we can stop each others tears, no matter the reason. I smear a small amount of cream blush high on your cheekbones and blend it with my fingers, and you feel much more relaxed than you thought you would. It almost feels like a mini facial massage. You always thought this moment would be tinged with fear, and the thought of that made you excited and turned on, but now itís laced with intimacy and trust. Youíre still horny as ever, but youíre filled with excitement instead of dread. Finally, I apply some pale pink lip crayon to your lips and smudge it with my finger until its blended. I coat it with a smooth clear gloss that tastes like vanilla cupcakes. I climb off you and help you sit up and make your way to the edge of the bed. I get your short, pink wavy bob wig and fluff it a little before placing it on you. I make sure itís on straight and get my curling iron and add in more teased waves. You eye the iron warily every time it comes near your cheek, but I assure you youíre in safe hands. I flick on my magic wand and put it between your legs so that itís wedged against your cage. Itís far stronger than the Domi you have and youíre filled with pleasure and pain as it hits your sweet spot, but your cock canít escape its constraints. I tell you not to move or to cum while I go pick out your outfit or else Iíll be cleaning your mess with your new dresses and youíll still have to wear them that way.

It feels like an eternity that youíve been gasping, panting and squirming, nearing the edge and fearing accidental release. I return and to your relief, turn the wand off and help you stand up. I clip on your gold body chain around your waist and you catch it glint in the dim candlelight. I help your long, toned legs into the pink strappy harness like panties we bought from Shein and they fit like a glove around your matching cage. I walk around you and undo your armbinders and you feel pure relief at being able to outstretch your arms in front of you. I help you into the matching floral bra that you swore youíd never wear, cheeks glowing at realizing how wrong you were. I slide your frilly pink and white cuff up your leg and around your left thigh. You slip into the tight, muted pink bodycon dress and I zip you into it as you wonder what it looks like on since there are no mirrors in sight and you were only ever allowed to try them on for size. You step into the shiny, patent ballet heels and hear a padded heart lock click for each of them after I make sure theyíre tightly fastened. I walk behind you and clasp a small black collar with a bell to your neck, adding one more heart lock to adorn your body. I have you bend over the bed and you feel your dress get hiked up over your ass and feel a permanent marker tickling your backside. You start to wonder what could be written until you feel cold, lubed steel slowly tease your hole. It doesnít take long before youíre wearing a pink gemmed princess plug. I readjust your dress and have you sit back on the bed. The wand flicks back on and youíre sat there squirming while I apply pink opalescent press-on nails to your fingertips. The process is slow and agonizing, and every time you get too unruly and move more than Iíd like I scold you and threaten to rummage through my bag and get out the e-stim wand instead. You manage to do four edges in the time it takes for me to do your nails, the irony of having to stop so often to turn off your wand led to it taking even longer to finish your manicure. Finally I can add the finishing touches. I affix a thin gold bangle to you wrist, a gold clip on cuff to your ear, and a smattering of simple gold rings to your fingers. I help you up and we walk - well, I walk and you waddle, over to the mirror so you can take in your new look.

Your eyes linger over every inch of your body taking it all in. The dress hugs every curve, the locks and bell jingle with every movement, the jewelry glints with every flick of the wrist. Youíve never felt so feminine or completely someone elseís. It was in this moment you realized you really were my pretty little pink doll. The toy I always wanted and more. I pose you this way and that way, bending your limbs like a Barbies to snap the photos I want both on my phone and on my polaroid. Your legs feel shaky after a while from your boots and the short, cautious steps you need to take. The final photo I take of you on my polaroid is on all fours exposing your plug and the writing, making sure youíve got one hand reaching around to spread your cheeks. I tape it to the wall and tell you to stand there and watch it develop in front of you while I get ready. Three minutes later your face grows hot with embarrassment as you read the words ĎUNPLUG TO FUCKí on one cheek and ĎDESPERATE TO BE FILLEDí on the other. I come into view from the corner of your eye and you turn to take me in fully. Iím smirking at your embarrassment and am wearing a baby pink leather harness over my lingerie. The magenta pink dildo you had me ride for you many months ago is now firmly strapped on me. It looks more intimidating than in the photos and you regret the many tasks you had me do revolving around squatting over it, now that itís your turn.

I tell you that you can remove your cage if you can remove it yourself. ďEasy enoughĒ, you think to yourself until you remember the long almond shaped nails adorning your fingers. I giggle in delight as I watch you struggle to hold the tiny key and see you drop it several time. ďTimeís almost up honeyĒ, I say, and it only makes you more nervous. Your hands start to shake as I count down from ten, it shouldnít be this hard. You barely make it with only three seconds to go, but luckily you were able to unlock in time. Once the cage is removed, I instruct you to bend over the bed and put your hands behind your back. I wrap metal cuffs around your wrists and hold the chain with one hand while I prop on of my legs on the bed for leverage since Iím so short. I slide the lubed tip of the dildo back and forth over your hole before slowly entering you with just the tip, easing my way in. Your gasp upon entry is delicious and it takes a lot of restraint for me to maintain my pace despite my own excitement. Once youíre warmed up I pick up the pace, using your cuffed hands like my reign as I ride you. As your pants and moans ramp up, I let go of your cuffs and place one hand firmly on your hip for balance and use the other to push you forward so you fall face first in the bed. Your wig goes askew and you briefly worry about your makeup smudging before you feel the dildo plunge deeply and slowly inside of you, stroking your prostate. You let out a deep, whining moan and I know Iíve got you where I want you. I take one hand and start to stroke your cock as well. Your panting and moaning increase and I tell you youíre not to cum until youíve got permission. A weak ďYes Princess.Ē, breathily escapes your lips as you near the edge. You start to plead, but I tell you to be patient and wait or Iíll start fucking your mouth instead, which quiets you instantly aside from your involuntary moans. I feel your legs quaking beneath me as you desperately trying to hold yourself up on sky-high heels while youíre teetering on the edge of orgasm and I tell you to beg for it. ďPlease please pl-please Princess, p-please let me cum f-for you.Ē, you beg, and itís like music to my ears. I stroke your cock faster and just as I feel it twitch and pulsate, I let go and focus solely on fucking you. You gasp and your whole body trembles as your cock dribbles cum into a giant puddle beneath you as I slow down my pace. I pull out and drape my body gently over yours and embrace you for a moment, whispering that youíre my favorite toy and youíve made me so, very happy.

Your eyes are still half closed in bliss and your body is still contorted over the bed to avoid letting your dress hit the pile of sticky mess you made, when I ease myself off of you. You suddenly see a flash from the polaroid as I snap a picture of your beautifully used body. I tape it to the wall alongside the other photo so that youíll be reminded of it all week. I help you to stand up and ask if you would like to undress. You sheepishly nod yes, and I tell you that if you can unlock all the locks yourself youíre more than welcome to. I see the desperation wash over your face as I go into the bathroom and turn on the shower. You usefully tug at the locks and look around for the key feeling utterly defeated, eying the steam rolling out of the bathroom wishing you could just crawl under the steaming hot water already. You fumble for another minute trying to hold the tiny key between your nails unsuccessfully when you see me smirking at you from the door way in just an open robe. I wave you over and you stumble your way over on weakened legs and I slowly unlock each lock for you starting with the heels. The arches of your feet cry out in pain as you finally are able to stand flat footed. The jewelry clangs into a pile onto the counter with your collar. The dress, cuff and under garments sit in a heap on the floor below you. I guide you to the toilet seat and sit you down. I peel the lashes from your eyes and youíre surprised how heavy they were because you were too caught up in the moment earlier to notice. I smooth a silky, waxy make up removing balm all over your face and wipe it off with a hot, wet washcloth. I tilt your face up towards mine and give you one quick kiss before I take your hand and pull you behind the steamy glass shower doors with me.

We had to have spent at least thirty minutes under the hot water together, letting our muscles unwind as we soaped and massaged each others bodies. We dreamt of these small gestures for months, and it felt so good to finally express them in person. There wasnít a moment where our bodies werenít entwined one way or another, as we snuck kisses in between breaths. Thoroughly spent and exhausted, you climb naked into bed and your eyes feel heavy as soon as your head hits the pillow. I stand in front of you and bend over to kiss your cheek and tell you how happy I am that youíre finally here with me before I sidle up beside you in a silk camisole and panties that press into your back as I wrap my arms around your chest and nestle my chin into your shoulder. The smell of my citrus shampoo wafts into your nose and you sigh contentedly as I whisper how much I adore you into your ear. You gently squeeze my hand with one of yours and go to turn out the lamp beside the bed. As you do, the second polaroid catches your eye and you see your mascara stained cheeks and smeared lipstick illuminated by the light, the words on your ass smeared while your dress is bunched up around your hips sloppily. Your cheeks flush and as you turn off the light, youíre amazed at how loved and complete you could feel while you were so thoroughly used and vulnerable. You briefly wonder what other things are in store for you during the next two weeks if this was just night one. Your thoughts drift and melt away as we savor this time together, finally getting to fall asleep alongside each other for the first time all year.
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    This is simply a beautiful blog. Thank you.
    Posted 11-27-2021 at 05:54 AM by StrawDog StrawDog is offline
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    Originally Posted by StrawDog View Comment
    This is simply a beautiful blog. Thank you.

    Why thank you! (:
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