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Pretty Pink Doll Part 1

Posted 11-26-2021 at 09:36 PM by lola.fox

Iíve told you that this day would come for almost a year now. A year filled with late night chats and dark fantasies uttered in whispered tones, never a lull in the conversation and never enough hours in the day. A year of trying new things, expanding our likes one kink at a time, learning as much about ourselves as we learnt about each other. A year of preparing for this moment; making me a budget, spending hours together combing the internet for just the right purchases to fulfill my visions. Granting me the trust to choose all the implements and exercises I could ever dream of just to prepare for this moment. Itís finally here.

Your flight to New York went much quicker than you could have imagined. You spent so much of your time leading up to it fretting over all the things that had to be done, telling me how you didnít think all of the things Iíd picked out for you would be able to fit in your suitcase. The trepidation that crept into your mind when you imagined TSA would search your bag in front of everyone, exposing your pretty pink cage and the many satin and lace trimmed delicates hastily hidden under your hiking gear. It was adorable, but unfounded. You made it through the airport and onto the plane seamlessly, rewarding your efforts not with the complimentary wine they were serving during refreshments, but by purchasing some champagne to sip during your very first international flight. You thought youíd be counting down the minutes until it was time to land but the time flew by. Slightly buzzed you imagined the many outfits you had packed, wondered what would be waiting for you when you arrived since you knew I had several surprises shipped to my house. You especially couldnít wait to see what I had in mind for the candy pink patent locking ballet heels we custom ordered for you. You were only allowed to try them on to check the size and itís been torture to have to wait to play with them. Between all the day dreaming, the champagne and waking up early to catch your flight you must have drifted off to sleep for several hours and were very startled to hear the flight attendant announce your descent.

Deplaning, walking through custom and finding your bags kept your mind occupied as you rushed about, eager to walk through the doors and meet me for the first time. You nearly barrel through to the other side when your bag is in hand, but you remembered the last text you received from me before you got on the plane. Theyíre very simple but you always dread this. You pull out your phone and reread it; ďBefore you meet me, head to the bathroom and edge once to your favorite photo of me. Put on your cage and come kiss meĒ. It sounds simple enough, but you are not the quietest when it comes to edging and you detest trying to squeeze your hard cock into a tiny pink cage afterwards. But just like I say to you when I tell you ďAnything for youĒ, I know youíll return the sentiment. You head to the nearest bathroom stall and cram into it with your baggage. You want to make this quick, since weíve already waited so long to be able to get our hands on each other, so you hastily undo your zipper and wrap your hand around your cock while you pull up a photo of me in pigtails and pink accents. Ironic youíd pick such a sweet photo of me to look at while youíre following orders. You start stroking when you see my lightly glossed lips and imagine parting them with your cock. You pick up the pace when you think of your cock thrusting into my mouth, letting the head of your cock hit the back of my throat with every stoke. You near the edge as you think about pulling out and cumming all over my chest, nearly letting a small moan escape from your pursed lips. Uh oh, donít forget where you are and why youíre here. You struggle to try to get rid of your erection, still slightly embarrassed and shocked that it was that easy to lose your grip on reality. You send me a message to let me know youíll be out momentarily, manage to squeeze your cock into the small cage and put yourself together enough to finally come meet me.

The airport is quiet, the bustle from the flights during your arrival time has died down while you were in the bathroom. Somehow this makes you a little more nervous. You open the doors to the exit and hastily scan the room to spot me, your heart catching in your throat when you donít see me. On a second look you spot me. Iím shorter than you pictured. When I described my height with freedom measurements, as you so lovingly put them, it was hard for you to imagine just how small five foot two is in comparison to your tall frame. My green eyes finally, actually, look green to you instead of the brown that you pretend they are. They are just as big as the looked in pictures though, and the thought of that makes you smile since that was always the thing you said you loved most about me. Iím dressed casually and comfortably in all black, like I said I usually do, but you see the signature pops of pink that remind you so much of me. The pale pink eyeshadow accenting my forest green eyes, the swipe of shimmering pink gloss across my full lips, the oversized muted pink purse dangling from my finger tips. You swiftly walk over to me stopping just within arms reach and drop your bags to your sides. I look up at you and smile and you pull me into the most satisfying, fulfilling embraces that Iíve ever felt, so much so hot tears spring into my eyes from all the relief I feel in that moment. You pull away slightly to tilt my face up to yours, your breath catching when you see the droplets rain down my face from my big watery eyes. You wipe my tears by kissing each tearstained cheek before pressing your now salted, wet lips to mine for our very first kiss. We get lost in that passionate, aching kiss for what only feels like seconds, but must be much longer as we hear a security guard uncomfortably clear his throat near us in an effort to get us to move out of the lobby and into somewhere more appropriate. You give me another embrace, placing your chin over my head as you squeeze me and Iíve never felt safer, which allows me a moment to collect myself. My throat still feels like it has a lump in it, from months of emotions all balled into this moment of anticipation, but I manage to tell you itís time to gather your things. Iíve waited long enough to get my hands on you and I donít want to delay it any longer, but we have some things to pick up before I make you mine. Those words send a rush through your body as you walk with me to my car. You place your suitcases into the trunk of my car, but before I let you shut the door, I have you turn around so I can rummage through your suitcase to get something. You feel your skin prickle with heat as you wonder what it is and where weíre going that causes me to already raid your stash of naughty toys. We share one more lingering, passionate kiss against my car before we force ourselves apart and into the car. Itís time for our time together to officially start.

Youíre nervously glancing out the window trying to get some idea of where weíre headed but itís of no use, you donít know this city and the parking lot we pull into has so many stores that youíre unable to take in any of their names before I tell you to be my eager little bunny and hop to it. You get out of the car and make your way to the driver side door and open it for me as I get out of the car and give you a quick peck on the cheek. I take your hand and tell you not to worry, Iím here to take care of you.. I would never put a face as sweet as yours in harms way. We enter tinted glass doors to a dimly light reception area, with nothing but a front desk, a trickling fountain and some calming music playing. This doesnít do much to settle your nerves as you wonder whatís behind the steel, gray doors at the end of the hall. I tell you to sit down while I quietly speak to the receptionist and come join you. I place my hand on your thigh and squeeze, look up at your pretty blue eyes and smile adoringly at you because even though youíre nervous and so far not only from your home but also your comfort zone, you still put your full trust in me.

The receptionist calls us in and takes us back to a small, pristine room that smells like a mix of honey and cleaning supplies and has some sort of leather table in the center. She tells you to undress fully, lie down and that someone will be with you shortly. I see your eyes widen with genuine fear, youíve still got your cage on and youíre averse to public play - youíve got no idea what might be happening in just mere moments. I tell you that itís okay and slide my hands under your shirt onto your smooth chest and around to your back to pull you into an embrace. The gesture helps to loosen your shoulders a bit and I help you pull off your shirt. I turn around to fold it and put it on the counter while you take the rest of your clothes off. I place them on the counter as well as you stand there awkwardly, with your hands folded tensely in front of your pink cage. I smirk and tell you to hop up on the table and lay on your back, making sure to spread your legs into a butterfly position so that the soles of your feet touch. I see the start of sweat beads begin to glisten on your skin the more vulnerable that you feel. I place my hand on your chest and feel your heart beat quickly with anticipation. I run my hand down to that adorable bubblegum pink cage we ordered together and straighten out the heart-shaped lock attached to it. As I do your cock twitches beneath it, defying your nerves until a knock on the door asks if weíre ready. You start to jerk up, your resolve faltering, too embarrassed to be seen naked for by a stranger, let alone in a pink cage on top of that. I push your chest back onto the bed while exclaiming, ďJust a moment!Ē, and tell you that you only need to ask. I tug on the necklace that holds your chastity cage key and dangled it over my chest as I hear you whisper one desperate, rushed ďPlease Princess.Ē Iíll never get tired of hearing those words. I swiftly unlock your cage and place it in my purse as I go to open the door.

In walks a small woman wearing clean white scrubs, and she goes the counter to prepare for the task ahead. You strain your neck to see what sheís doing as I sit beside you and hold your hand. ďFirst time?Ē, she says. I nod in agreement and she tells you not to worry, itís not as bad as everyone says. You give me a puzzle look until you feel the skin on your thighs be pulled tautly and feel sticky hot wax be spread on them. Youíve heard me mention before how I would take you to be waxed one day, but youíd always assume it was idle banter. Sometimes you have to endure a little pain if you want to fulfill your role as a pretty doll. You brace yourself for the agony you know is about to strike as the aesthetician pulls away the first strip of wax covered paper, but itís merely a quick sting. You start to unclench your muscles and relax because it really isnít as bad as you thought, though some parts of the Brazilian did hurt a little more than the legs. In no time youíre covered in aloe and the waxer is closing the door behind her. I gently help you up so that youíre sitting on the edge of the table and place myself between your legs. I hold your face between my hands and lean into you for a slightly too long kiss, as I start to feel your cock press into my stomach as we embrace. I ensure that I lock it back up in its pretty little cage and tell you itís time to get dressed and that Iíll meet you out front. The moment you go to slide on your clothing you revel in the silky smooth feeling of your now waxed body. A slight shudder rolls through your body as you realize you just finished the first step in becoming the doll youíve always dreamt of being.

When you exit the front doors, you see me wave you over and pass you my bag to hold as we walk to the next shop next door. Normally you would protest, but youíre still in a slight state of confusion and you keep getting very distracted by your boxers gliding over your now smooth thighs. As we walk into Ulta, the local beauty store, I can see youíre not fully registering where we are. I take this moment of ignorant bliss to walk back toward the bathrooms with you and tell you to take my bag into the stall with you to insert the remote control plug inside yourself. The Hush and all of the other bluetooth toys we got from Lovense are still some of our most used and favorite purchases; but I wonder if youíll still love as much them now that I get to use them while weíre out and about. While youíre inserting the plug, your thoughts are racing. ďHow loud will this be? Iím pretty sure itíll be loud. Were there a lot of people in the store? What was it that we were shopping for again? How long will this take?Ē Once the plug is firmly in place, you exit the stall and wash your hands. As you do, you glance in the mirror to see if you recognize the man who stepped off the plane mere hours ago. What will change for you next?

Iím browsing through a display from Too Faced; itís such a pretty brand and itís got all the essentials on my list. You look at all the options and feel utterly overwhelmed, until you feel a low rumbling vibration creep up your spine through your insides. I seek one quick shudder as I take your hesitant hand and swatch a few colors from an eyeshadow palette that Iím eyeing onto your wrist. I think the soft brown shades and pale shimmering pinks will be perfect for what I have in mind. I toss some mascara, liquid eyeliner, raspberry lip crayon and sheer gloss into the basket as well. I wave over to a sales girl and feel you tense; we donít want that. I squeeze your hand and turn the Hush higher now so that itís at about medium strength. I watch as you bite your lip and your eyes frantically plead with me to lower the controls. I smirk and oblige, letting it slide back to a low rumble and see your shoulders drop. I tell the sales person that weíre shopping for some foundation and concealer for your sister and you have very similar complexions, maybe she can give us some suggestions? You look visibly uncomfortable as she tries out different shades on your cheek, so much so she had to stop and apply a little powder to your face to soak up the moisture. I adore you even more in this vulnerable, defenseless instant; allowing me to pull the strings on all the things you so feared in our discussions. Once we have some suitable options for you, I thank the sales girl and drag you to the fake lashes. This is something you were so intrigued by, I know the small details are the biggest draw for you. I turn the Hush on the highest setting and pick up each box of lashes, inspecting them one by one as you squirm beside me. I flick my finger around my phones screen letting the vibrations pulsate slightly before setting it back to high. I just know that your cock is throbbing and straining against your cage. I see your knees grow weak and bend in slightly as you grip the metal case to hold your balance. I pick out two sets of lashes and place them in the basket with the rest of the items I canít wait to adorn you in. I reach up and stroke your cheek with the back of my hand and pull you by your chin so that your face is close to mine and give you a lingering kiss. It might be a little too intimate for the middle of a shop, but if anyone else knew what was going on beneath the surface.. well, we wonít get into that. As I pull away I make sure to whisper how proud I am of you and give your Hush one final pulse to ensure you let out the tiniest of whimpers. I finally turn it off but instead of telling you to remove it, I just pull your wallet out of your pocket and send you out to the car to cool off in the cool October air.
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