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Back from being MIA / Naked store run

Posted 11-10-2021 at 03:17 AM by ClaireScott

Hello everyone! First off, I’m so sorry for disappearing (and leaving a few dares unfinished). My summer was both a crazy one emotionally but also a pleasant one in terms of exploring my exhibitionism. I’ll share more of my summer adventures in my next few posts. To celebrate my return, I thought I’d share a challenge I did back in the summer to get you interested in my blog again

Naked store run:
This was a challenge that came to mind as I was talking to a friend about their experience with weirdly dressed customers in a store (she works retail). I decided it would be fun to run into a store naked and purchase a few items. I had done something similar in a sex shop (earlier blog “Naked in a sex shop”) but that was a store where sexuality was the theme and “deviant behaviour” as some people would call is is somewhat…expected? I also decided to do this as summer was coming to an end, and this dare would be a lot more complicated during the colder seasons.

For this challenge I decided to go to a small grocery shop or 7-11, but instead of going at time where no one would be there, I decided to be brave and leave it up to chance. To decide the time of day I used a random time generator that I found online. My challenge was, regardless of how many people were in the store, I had to go into the store and buy a bag of chips, a drink from the cold drinks refrigerator, and any item from behind the counter while being completely naked.

I decided to do this on a Wednesday sometime back in July and determined the time of day on the Tuesday night before. With a click of a button, the time for my challenge was set: 4.15pm… Now I had to find a grocery store as I figured a 7-11 might be rather busy in the middle of the day. I decided I was going to drive a little further away from where I lived to a small neighbourhood mom and pop grocer I had been to before. The plan was to drive there, strip naked and leave my clothes in the car, grab the items and drive off (after paying of course).

Wednesday: 3:30pm, I was in my apartment mentally preparing myself and working out the smaller details… I would wear a summer dress that I could just pull off easily, flat sandals for shoes I could kick off easily and nothing else underneath. I dressed myself wearing only a light yellow floral patterned sundress that buttoned down the front and slipped on a pair of white strapped sandals.

I got into my car and drove 15 minutes to the grocery store I had in mind. The regular traffic made me nervous, thinking there would be more people at the shop than I’d like. Finally, I arrived and pulled into the small parking area in front of the store. It was a small stand alone shop that served a nearby neighbourhood but was surrounded by empty lots all with “for rent” signs in their dusty windows. I looked around to see if there were any passerby’s and no one was in sight. I checked the clock in my car and the time was 4.05pm. 10 minutes to go and I sat there nervously.

4.15pm, it was time. I tied my hair up into a bun so I would have my hair out of the way, then took a deep breath. I unbuttoned my dress all the way down in a hurry and slipped it off my body and kicked off my sandals. And so there I was, completely naked in my car, in broad daylight next to a quiet road and a local grocery store. I pulled my credit card out of my wallet and grabbed my car keys, and took another deep breath before stepping out of the car. I felt the warm summer air wrap around my bare body and the heat radiating off the gravel ground.

The ground was hotter than expected and I hurriedly skipped and hopped to the front door which opened with a chime of a bell. I stepped inside to be greeted by a surprised and confused older Asian man. His eyes wide with surprise. I felt his eyes looking at my bare body as I awkwardly smiled and made my way to the back of the store. I grabbed a bag of chips of the shelf, then went down another aisle to the refrigerators where I grabbed a bottle of pop. I felt my nipples harden as the cold air from the refrigerator caressed my skin…my senses felt heightened, my bare body sensitive to temperature changes, the air circulation, and even the cold cement floor under my bare feet as I tiptoed around the store.

Finally I stepped up to the counter and placed my items on the counter, the Asian man still wide-eyed at the sight of the nude brunette standing in front of him. I saw him eyeing my young body but turned my focus to the items behind him so I could complete my task. I felt embarrassed by my nakedness, yet sexy and empowered at the same time. I could almost feel the man’s longing to reach out and touch me physically…and I found that exhilarating. I nervously cleared my throat and asked for some batteries that I spotted behind the man.

With a smile on his face, turned and grabbed the batteries and placed it on the counter. “Why you naked?” He asked as he scanned the items into the register. I felt myself blush as my brain scrambled for a coherent answer. “It’s a dare…I challenged myself to buy something in a store naked…” Stil smiling, he nodded before continuing “You….you WANT do like this?” I understood he was asking if I actually WANTED to be in there naked by choice. Embarrassed but smiling I chuckled and nodded…”Yeah… it’s hard to explain” I replied.

Just then, I heard a vehicle pull up followed by the voice of a woman and an elementary aged child. I panicked, looked at the Asian man and said “No kids! People ok, but no kids!” He nodded and pointed to an entryway next to the counter and instructed me to go in. The doorway led to a storeroom illuminated by a frosted window partly blocked by boxes of pop and snacks. I hid in the musty room behind some boxes listening to the voices outside. The child whined about not being able to buy some candy, and after a few beeps from the register and the closing of the cash drawer, they were gone.

The cashier called out to me “OK! CLEAR!”. I emerged from the back room surveying the store. He laughed at me and all I could do was smile back. I thanked him and paid for my items. As my receipt printed, he cheekily asked “You did not steal anything back there, did you?” I laughed and I was surprised that I felt as comfortable as I did. To reward his cheek and his help, I smiled and raised my hands above my head and did a slow turn around for him, ensuring he had a full view of my body. “Nothing on me…” I said blushing as I came to face him again.

I grabbed my items and slowly walked out the store. As I pushed the front door open to leave, he called out “Come back again! You come naked, I give discount!” I laughed and left the store and entered my car. I dressed myself and saw the Asian man watching me from the door…that sly perv

I felt accomplished. And it’s weird that I feel empowered and strong in my nakedness at times. Not weak or shame or degraded…I’m proud of my body…of the power it has…and that realization has led me to some of my other adventures over the summer (which I will share in my next few posts).

As always, thanks you reading and do share your thoughts, feedback and please do check out my other blog entries. Also, new dares and ideas are always welcome so shoot me a note or leave a comment!

Hugs and kisses!
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  1. Old Comment
    CSasha's Avatar
    Sounds like a very lovely encounter. It's great to hear about such positive resonance and actual help.
    Posted 11-10-2021 at 11:27 AM by CSasha CSasha is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Orgasmic.Goddess's Avatar


    Great report, that's a difficult task to do and there were unexpected risks involved that you deftly managed to avoid. Well done.

    I've had discussions on trying to boob flash a cashier or have an "accidental" off-shoulder top slippage & reveal. Those are still a challenge, but are also safer as there's still the option to back-out if the situation isn't right.

    Going in nude is definitely a commitment. Although, from what you say, it seems like you still may be welcome to go back to that store nude. I'm also curious what kind of discount he may offer you next time
    Take care.
    Posted 11-11-2021 at 09:24 PM by Orgasmic.Goddess Orgasmic.Goddess is offline

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