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Report: Getting naked on a closed track [3/3]

Posted 11-10-2021 at 09:16 PM by SilverBlue
Updated 11-10-2021 at 09:43 PM by SilverBlue

In an earlier post I wrote about doing dares in public spaces without getting into trouble, especially for nudity. It takes planning and preparation here, but I was in conversation with someone from Europe who claimed that in Germany there’s no laws against non-sexualised public nudity. However, he admitted to never actually seeing anyone nude in public himself. He added that there are also topless and nude beaches etc... around Europe too, which we kinda have here, but they’re not officially nude beaches. One beach I know of isn’t really all that private so other people wander along the beach too, so you go nude at your own risk. Sure, although here in NZ we have to find locations and plan the best time of day to do a dare; in some countries your laws aren’t so strict, in which case you can probably just wander around parks or streets in the nude with reckless abandon! Lucky you.


So, back to the nude trail walk. Bad weather had damaged the track, so they’d fenced it off to the public. Breaking the rules and entering the track, we found it was still usable and we could make it all the way to the other end of the closed section and the rest of the park. We had maybe 4km of track to ourselves, so we did get daring along the way, although not as much as we might have if we’d have known the track would be fenced off at both ends and fully private. But how were we to know? Then we continued along the open section of the track to the waterfall, before making our way back the same way we came.

I said in my last blog that the walk back along the closed trail was much the same, but there is one thing that might be worth mentioning. I’ll just write briefly about that and then wrap up this THREE part blog post.

We’d both calmed down after walking to the waterfall fully dressed, but I think we were both excited about the walk back again. When we got to the closed section of the track, there was another couple who were also out hiking, standing in front of the fenced off entrance to “our” track. It was a junction point where the 3 tracks joined, so I guess they were deciding which way to go. I think they might have even had a map out (I can’t remember). But still, I was a slightly concerned that they might decide to follow us when we climbed around the fence. To be safer, we waited until we were some distance from the fence before I was stripped down to just my shoes again. Master stopped at a few random points along the track for me to edge and I was getting horny and wet again in no time. I said to Master that I hoped we weren’t pushing our luck. Master said to me that he regretted not bringing along some bondage gear or toys. I’m with him on that, but we weren’t to know, so sometimes you just have to improvise.

Master had me stand, feet apart a little, and place both my hands on my head. It was Fucktoy inspection time. Master ordered me to remain still, to keep my eyes closed, and my hands on my head. I felt his hands all over my body, his tongue…. damn I just wanted him to fuck me there like the little needy slut I am. His fingers had penetrated my pussy lips, so he’d have known how horny I was. But he also enjoyed putting me in these awkward situations. Me, the filthy little Fucktoy. Him, the composed Master in complete control. Master said to me “tell me when you’re about to cum.” and he massaged my pussy. I felt myself get closer and let him know, so he'd stop and shift his hands and lips to my breasts for a while. I could hear the stream flowing, and the wind in the hills, the birds… being out in nature where anyone could (but didn’t) catch us in the act. Master reminded me not to cum when fingered me again. I remember trembling to keep my arms up and my body quivering from his touch. Of course, he didn’t let me orgasm until the third time, when my knees nearly gave out on me and my body leaned into his as I came. The sweet release of an orgasm was my reward from Master for being a good Fucktoy.

We carried on until we were getting near the entrance to the track, I think Master was toying with the idea of making me get into the car nude, I understand that it’s tempting to get a Fucktoy to do more and more for you. However, restraint and common sense is important, even when both a Fucktoy and her Master are aroused. We were both lucky to have an opportunity like this, and it was a good idea not the spoil it by going too far.

I mean, this isn’t Germany
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    Cassandra's Avatar
    Splendid report. I enjoy how much you share with us. And I am very happy for you.

    I am living in Germany, and I don't see any nude people on the street. Compared to many other countries, there's more of a relaxed attitude towards nudity in Germany, though I think it's even better in the Scandinavian and maybe Baltic states. As far as I know the law, and I just read it up, there's no law against being non-sexually nude in public (exhibitionism in regard of showing other people your genitals to be aroused is forbidden), BUT there's a regulation against "disturbing other people" with your nudity. The most common case is that civil servants or police officers tell you to dress or leave, expel you from the area, but you can also get fined for up to 1,000€. That's also true for your balcony or garden, beach, or wherever, unless it's explicitly officially marked as a nude beach or club or area. As long as you take care that other people need to take effort to see you naked and don't get you in their sight by being there, it's fine. In doubt, in takes somebody to complain.
    Posted 11-11-2021 at 03:31 AM by Cassandra Cassandra is offline
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    bananabob's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your closed track adventures SB! Hopefully you manage to find some quiet spots over summer.
    Posted 11-11-2021 at 03:01 PM by bananabob bananabob is offline

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