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I was asked if I was on the spectrum

Posted 05-10-2021 at 08:39 AM by andrew_b

Those of you know even a tiny bit will know that I enjoy chatting about exhibitionism, particularly when it involves some element of being dared to something risky

Anyway, I had been chatting to this girl on reddit and we were getting on great (so I thought). I'm fully aware that I can be a bit much for some people with how much detail I like to go into for dare ideas, this I'm sure is why plenty of conversations with people don't last

It seemed to be going fine, then literally out of blue she says that I've clearly got some kind of weird fetish for this kind of thing. It's true but I'm also capable of regular chats as well

My point is, if she had of let me know earlier in the conversation that she was getting tired of it. Then we could have chatted about something else

Then I decided to try make peace with situation, saying sorry etc and like I'm saying now. That it wouldn't have to be focused on one subject, that we could chat about other things.

It had been a couple of days, possibly even a week but got a reply from her today. She said she was fine with chatting again but then out of the blue asked if I was on the spectrum (autist one that is)

I find many issues with this, at the forefront I find it quite insulting but very ignorant. I'm not but what if I was. It could have been something very damaging to my own view of myself. It wouldn't because I've built up a thick skin over the years.

My point is, what if it was someone else who maybe was more fragile. This is something I find very worrying and upsetting about the world now. It's not just online either

Everyone these days are obviously a lot braver, as well brazen about what the say to people online and how they say it but I also spent years working in customer service over the phone. This is another breading ground for this unfiltered hate, this is something that can get down. It's not so much what people, it can be as personal as you like. I really don't care because I know it won't hurt me but where did this really come from.

This isn't me being really na´ve, I'm fully aware what's made this more common place than it used to be but it frustrates me that there aren't more people like me who strive to bring as much positivity into as I can do. If more people did that and had decency as a thought for how this affects things in a global sense.

It might not be something that is obvious over years even but every generation shows the attitude that has been passed on and bread from those older than them.

This was definitely way longer than it was meant to be but anyone who has read this far, doesn't mind me venting yet again

The one thing that helps me come to peace with stuff like this is when I write it down

Thank you very much for taking the time for reading if you have. Feel free to add your own thoughts to this as well, I'd be more than interested in having a discussion about this
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  1. Old Comment
    As someone who IS autistic, that person can shove it lmao
    Posted 05-10-2021 at 04:24 PM by Throwaway2018 Throwaway2018 is offline
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    andrew_b's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Throwaway2018 View Comment
    As someone who IS autistic, that person can shove it lmao
    Damn straight. It was the point I was trying to get across to this woman
    Posted 05-11-2021 at 05:45 PM by andrew_b andrew_b is offline
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    Everyone is on the spectrum. Some just more than others. What sometimes amazes me is how thoughtless and cruel we can all sometimes be.
    Posted 06-10-2021 at 10:33 AM by Ch4rl13 Ch4rl13 is offline

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