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Have sex with just two clicks!

Posted 03-04-2021 at 04:40 AM by Cassandra

Sex with real persons, in real, for real, for free, just two clicks, no effort, no filling in any forms, adding information, giving any pictures away, getting your ass up ...

If you guessed by now that this is a rant, you are right. At least, a little bit.

Small update: I just had two wonderful kinky sex dates with the same person on two different days. And hopefully this is going to continue with more sessions next week. Jealous?

Well, I am happy, and feel rewarded for the effort I put it.

I created an account on a fetish sex dating site around two years ago. I added pictures of me, collecting some since a around four years, always caring for not revealing my face. I filled out and revised the descriptions several times, including German and English now. It's a local site for Germany but apparently there are some non-German speakers on them, too.

I picked up looking for a date again recently but overall I looked at many profiles, wrote to those potentially fitting, and even more, replied to many who wrote me. One quick hint for anyone going to do the same: pics bring you a lot of attention.

Here comes the little rant:
There was one person, no profile pic, very few profile description and not even checked any list of fetishes and kinks. I asked if he could host (one of the most important questions). He said yes. After we had agreed on a time, I asked where to go to. And then he realized, I was getting to know where he actually lived, he as the real person, not just an anonymous stranger being provided free sex.

So, wait a second: I have a profile pic, a detailed description, my kink and fetish list, and dozens of pics, for you, for free. My account persists like this for months. So I reveal something here. Serious question: what is your FAIR part of the deal?

I am a slut and I want cock(s). I am satisfied by satisfying you. But I am also a real person which has limited time and nerves. To be honest, I get exhausted by any encounter showing that attitude of give me everything for no effort at all. If you didn't know, even findom is work! Get your ass up!

I also get many standard messages I cannot relate to, like "What's up?" or "Howru" (How are you in lazy speak). Again, most often by people without even a profile pic. How much effort is it to choose and upload a pic you like to represent you? Something around two clicks!

Or, I get compliments on my pics, statements about matches of my kink and fetish list. Great! But if it doesn't go anywhere from there, don't be surprised if I message more.
If always check the profile of anyone writing me on that site (and even here, very often). If I find it matching, I give an impulse, like asking if they can host, or ask what they like to do, or when. As long as I have something to follow up on, great! Otherwise, I am not there for small talk. Later possible. But I don't go to a sex date site to just talk! It's even a detail in my profile: what do want here? Kinky dates. No strings attached. I didn't select "Friends" or "Chat".

Second quick hint: learn to filter and say no. In my experience, if someone is looking for "Woman" and possibly even "Transgender" but not for men, they are not looking for me. Even if they added binary, they just don't know what it means and are just expanding their options.

If you are looking for a woman in your profile, you are not looking for me. Period.
If you are looking for a dom, you are not looking for me (on that site, I am a switch but I am not looking for more subs). Period!
Unless we agreed on something else, a No is a No. For anyone not aligned to this, I ignore or even block if that's necessary.

But more than a rant, here is the take-away for you: "Have sex with just two clicks!" is the worst expectation you can have. Even if it's not that extreme for you, step up your game. Invest in your profile, add pics, but most of all: be persistent. Come back the next day, next week, next month. Take a break whenever you need. But take it easy, take it slow, invest, and be patient and attentive for the return.

More likely, as you read this, if you are well in your game, or perceived as a woman, meaning you get plenty of messages and responses, don't shy away from saying 'No' when it doesn't match, ignore, and block if necessary. For your own sake but also to proof that disrespect and laziness won't do it.

Have a great day
And best luck with finding whatever you are looking for
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  1. Old Comment
    420jenni's Avatar
    Heya! Glad you're getting fucked well
    I've been having a bit of a tough time with some parts of dating lately, particularly being uncertain as to where and how to focus my efforts in finding someone who can do me the way I want to be done. I really appreciate you taking the time to write this, it makes me feel quite a bit better and more motivated! I'll be patient and persistent
    Posted 03-05-2021 at 03:54 AM by 420jenni 420jenni is offline

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