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Can I do better second time round?

Posted 01-17-2021 at 12:16 PM by RainbowSky

This week, since becoming owned has been a bit of an unusual week. Its been my time of the month which has caused issues for us both in terms of play and just medically - although I have finally spoken to a doctor about them so when my medication arrives maybe it will be better.

I've completed several tasks for Sir today. Some have been quite simple, others more challenging.

Task 1 of the day

Equipment required
  • Vibe

The Task
Edge using the vibe whilst saying "I am a cuntosaurus", then edge again whilst saying "I am a pussyflap".

The report
I'm not keen on edging but I did as Sir requested. I went into the bathroom, naked with my vibe and before I started called myself the names 5 times, sounding much more confident than before which is good.

I then held the vibe to my cunt and began rubbing it over my cunt whilst saying I am a cuntosaurus. It was embarrassing to watch myself 'perform' and I could just imagine being made to do it in front of someone. I said the words 10 times before I was on the edge. I removed the vibe for a few seconds to allow for recovery and then put it back on now saying "I am a pussyflap". This one took 13 times of me saying it. Having just come off my period my "sex-drive" isn't really present at the current moment so I suppose this is why it took longer. Sir then had me sit on the floor and wait for a few minutes before he wanted me to repeat it but this time I had to hold the edge. I stood back up and started straight away, this time when I got to the edge after 16 times of saying I am a cuntosaurus, I varied the pressure and managed to hold the first edge for 6 seconds. I then took a few seconds break and began again. This time I reached the edge after just 3 sentences were said and only managed to hold it for 2 seconds but Sir was still happy with me. Holding an edge is new for me and it's not really something I enjoy particularly, but it may also be because of the situation that I was doing it in. Maybe once my "sex-drive" is more active maybe holding an edge won't be so bad. The whole thing made me feel humiliated and like a dirty slut performing for others.

Task 2 of the day
See Task 9

Sir wanted me to repeat task 9, but to do it properly. So I won't explain the full task again but essentially it is to edge in every room whilst in hogtie to hair.

The report
This time I opened the bathroom door first and made sure all the curtains in my flat were closed before I tied my hair up quickly into a ponytail and then added the rope quickly, this time getting it first time. I then measured where my cuffs would need to go when bending my neck and then shortened them a little as there was a lot of slack last time. I then got into the latex panties with the vibe on full, then the latex bodysuit over the top. I put the gag in tightly securing it. I put the scissors and my phone in the ass of my body suit and then lay down of my front bending backwards to attach the cuffs. Immediately this began to make my neck and back ache but I eventually got the cuffs attached to my ankles and then my wrists. Remaining laying on my front I began to try and grind on the vibe. As I have just come off my period it is very difficult to get to an edge because my "sex drive" is very low due to it. I began humping the air, up and down like a room, trying to make something happen. I pulled back as far as I could like had worked before but nothing. I kept humping the ground and eventually the first edge happened. I rolled onto my back and began to try and push myself backwards. This very quickly was realised that it was not comfortable to do as it put additional strain on my neck and back and also just wasn't working. So I rolled onto my right side. This gave me lots of contact points: shoulder, arm, hip, leg, side of foot and hand if I twisted my arms slightly. I moved my feet closer to my bum, wriggled my hands higher and touched the ground and then using these pushed upwards. I moved. Not much but I did move, although my arm and leg burst into fire from the carpet burn they received. I kept using this method using my stomach muscles to sort of ripple/worm motion to help me wriggle towards the door. Once at the door I curled up as tight as I could and rolled out the door and down the wooden corridor. This was painful as each roll put pressure on the vibe against my clit and pressed my breasts into the floor which was cold. I then got to outside the door and used the previous wriggling method to make it into my spare bedroom which took ages as I could only go forwards so had to rotate 180 before I could use it. Once I just made it through the door I started humping the ground again, slamming my cunt against the ground and grinding it against the vibe continuously, drool beginning to seep out the sides of the gag as I broke out into a sweat from all the movement and humping and panting from air. It took a very long time to get to an edge but I eventually managed it although my cunt was beginning to be really sore and painful from the overstimulation. I rotated 180, wriggled my way back out the room and onto the wooden corridor, rolled into the bathroom (didn't need to rotate as the bathroom is at 90 degrees from the spare bedroom) and quickly lay on my side and began to hump the air by rippling my stomach as humping the ground was beginning to cause pain. I must have looked ridiculous wriggling like a worm as I tried to hump the air. I completed it eventually and then rolled back into the corridor, rotated 180 and wriggled my way through the door of the living room. Again I decided not to use the ground and just hump like a worm writhing on the floor. My cunt was soaked and painful and the vibe had slipped down away from my clit and was nearer the centre of my crotch near my holes. This made this edge so much harder as there was no real stimulation to bring me to the edge but eventually we got there by humping. I rotated 180 rolled all the way back down the corridor and when I just made it onto the carpet of my bedroom began humping the ground, hoping that would bring enough stimulation to complete the task and edge again. It still took ages but I eventually managed it and then quickly removed the cuffs and rope and vibe.

I am incredibly happy and proud to have completed the task properly this time without cheating and Sir was also very happy with me but it did just remind me of my guilt as the task is clearly achieveable so I should have worked harder first time around to achieve it.

Task 3 of the day
Equipment required
  • 4 pegs
  • Open mouth hood
  • Plug gag
  • Heavy books
  • Headphones

The task
To remain as a low-down bookcase for 15 minutes with pegs on pussy lips and not wobbling.

The report
I was set up with the pegs on my pussy lips, feet shoulder width apart, knees spread, crouched down. My lips were immediately sore because of the aftereffects of my period. I crouched down and pressed start on the timer. I then pulled the mask down, popped the headphones on and picked the books up. It wasn't long before I had to take all the pegs off because that area is just too tender at the moment following the last few days. I picked the books back up and carried on. My legs were shaking and my arms struggled to hold the books up and kept dipping and having to bend at the elbows. I was very wobbly but when I look the headphones off and the mask and paused the timer it was on 15:39. I had to keep the gag on whilst writing my report to Sir.

Sir was happy with my timing but not my wobbliness. He wanted me to be perfectly still and I had failed at this. He made me write lines to remind me to practise my balance. I wrote 34 lines and it took me about half an hour to complete. Sir then made me keep the gag on until it was just before dinner when he made me beg to remove the gag.

M: Please Sir, can I remove my gag. It's very full and I need to use my mouth soon Sir. Please can I remove it Sir.
S: We could make you eat with it in, mash up your food, remove the plug and spoon it in couldn't we
M: Sir please don't make me do that. I would really like to enjoy this meal Sir.
S: What makes you think you deserve that? I really don't need your mouth for anything tonight, I don't need you to speak, there's an easy access hole for food and drink. All I need it for is to produce drool, which you are doing nicely.
M: Please Sir I deserve to remove the plug because I have completed two tasks already for you today Sir in a relatively competent way, including one which I had failed before. I believe that means I should be able to remove my gag Sir so please can I?
S: Relatively. What else can you offer me?
M: I can force the plug out to cover me in the drool so I am sitting eating my dinner while covered in my own drool as a reminder of the gag and then put the gag back in after Sir.
S: That's a good offer. Tilt your head back and force it out. Let the drool explode and run down your face. You may clean it off before dinner and not have to put it back in after. You've done well. I may change my mind though. Instead of gagging, you will have a restriction on speech. No speaking out loud tonight.

Well I did as instructed and was covered in drool all over my chin, and nose, and even my eyes and ears.

For some reason I now feel really drained after today.
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  1. Old Comment
    SilvertongueLyra's Avatar
    Wow, that's a really well detailed report! Looking forward to reading more from you and hoping you have a wonderful time ahead 😘.

    I can't manage edges at all immediately after my period personally, holding an edge would be well beyond me then.
    Posted 01-19-2021 at 04:15 PM by SilvertongueLyra SilvertongueLyra is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Originally Posted by SilvertongueLyra View Comment
    Wow, that's a really well detailed report! Looking forward to reading more from you and hoping you have a wonderful time ahead 😘.

    I can't manage edges at all immediately after my period personally, holding an edge would be well beyond me then.
    She is amazing with her reports/blogs isn't she!

    Its great to hear that you are look forward to reading more! We are glad you're along for the ride!
    Posted 01-20-2021 at 04:29 AM by Ben8725 Ben8725 is offline

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