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Detailed Likes/Dislikes

Posted 11-30-2020 at 07:39 AM by subaisha

I was asked recently to put up a more detailed description of my likes and dislikes and I thought it was a wonderful idea to those who would like to know more. This is an addition to my originally ďAbout, Likes/Limits and RulesĒ blog post, so please check this one out too before you send me and dares or tasks.
Obviously, those are essentially just guidelines, so you know why I like/dislike certain things and what would fit best for tasks/punishments. How you use that information in the end if up to you, of course (:

So this is a list of things I love or like. Theyíre best to use for dares/tasks.

Light/medium spanking: Itís simple, spanking turns me on. I love it.

Bondage: Another thing I love. Itís one of the two things I got a 100% on the bdsm test. Just the thought of being tied up, unable to move and completely helpless is just amazing to me.

Orgasm Control: Love the idea of it, knowing that other people have control over my orgasms. Iím not the best at it yet though, which often gets me in trouble as long term orgasm control often results in me failing and getting punished.

Edging: Basically fits under orgasm control. Love it, but not the best at following instructions here.

Anal: Always love all of my holes being filled and stretched. However, this can also end up being quite painful, so while this is a like, it might also turn into a dislike.

Nipple Play: My nipples are quite sensitive so itís always fun to play with them (:

So those are things that while I donít particularly like them, they arenít a limit either. This usually fits well for punishments, so I put them into two different groups: Unpleasant (so things I donít really like to do, for whatever reason) and effective (things that usually have a more effective result as a punishment). Now that doesnít mean the unpleasant ones are ineffective, but they are probably more suited if you just feel like giving me an unpleasant task/punishment for no reason, while the effective ones are best for punishments due to failing at a tasks or not following rules. How you want to use my dislikes in the end is up to you though, and it obviously always depends on the task you send me.

Bladder control: Iím not against it but I donít particularly like it either.

Hidden public: While I like the idea, Iím a rather shy person, so knowing that Iím doing something that could get me exposed/humiliated actually does scare the hell out of me lmao.

Corner time: Just find it boring.

Writing lines: Again, Iím just getting bored easily. Also, depending on the lines and how I have to write them, this can turn into an extremely degrading task.

Hard spanking: While I do love spanking, there is always a point when it changes from pleasure to torture. Usually depends on the implements used as well as the body part getting spanked and the intensity.
Getting whipped is usually the most painful, while using my own hands never results into extreme pain (also because my hands probably get tired before I could get to that point).

Clit and nipple torture: The most sensitive parts, and while I can take the pain for a while, itíll get unbearable rather soon.

Degradation: Love it and hate it at the same time. Love the thought of degradation and I know that I want to be degraded (itís the second 100% I got on the bdsm test) but Iím also rather sensitive, so I know Iíll probably cry (:
So while I like degrading language being used during a session, I definitely also resonate more to getting approval when I did something right. If you want to send me a punishment, a degrading message is definitely going to be very effective.

I wonít get into my limits as they are either rather self-explanatory or Iíve already explained them on my ďAboutĒ entry, but in case someone just clicked on this blog post and didnít read my original one, here they are:

Limits: permanent, blood, public, poo/pee, animals, non-consensual, pictures/videos

And again, if something isn't on the list or you got any other quiestions about my likes/dislikes/limits, just send me a pm (:
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