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Re: Which Is Important!

Posted 11-19-2020 at 02:36 PM by MasterDaddy02

That Privacy Policy:

How important is that safety defense in a blog? Well according to so many. It is very important what you share about yourself. So many don't dare take any chances in opening themselves up. Especially on this site because it is unhealthy and harmful in so many ways. They know how it can be used against them and fully dangerous. Some have said that you must think before writing anything concerning yourself. Some have set strong guidelines and don't go outside the box. Some friends say; they just don't get it from people setting themselves up in what they say too. One Dom was telling me that he does get a kick. He at times just shakes his head and goes that person is overdoing it about themselves.

I was talking to a new sub who joined GD. She was asking me questions about this site. She was then stating the following to me. Are people "braindead."? I said what do you mean. Then she said, how some people just unleash their whole life on it. Don't they have any intelligence? To say the least. I said that is a good question. From letting it all out on here. They feel that is what people need to hear. Then she said, but that is really crazy. I said you are right. Then came how they are just asking for big trouble. I told her that is correct and good luck to them. She then shared how they will just be told "BS". to gain anything possible. She goes I am no one fools. Then we laugh and she goes into details about limits. She won't get played by others on here. Well to each their own is what I told her. I said your guards must be up and stay up. You ask for it if you get played by "fake words." She said, that she is not easy and will not give in to good words.

It was a very interesting chat and I think she does bring up some good points. I just feel it is up to each to decide if they are "air words." After all, you will hear them no matter what. But you do set yourself up for a downfall.
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