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My First Gunging Experience

Posted 11-18-2020 at 02:09 PM by Thelonehound

My First Gunging.

On the orders of user YoyoFoxwell, I was forced to purchase and use gunge for the first time. Despite being a large fan of gunge, I have never used it myself and was equally excited and terrified to do it. As part of the dare, I was told to write this a report and post it here.

First, i was told to dunk my head into it, which was terrifying. Kneeling in my boxers before a buclet of pink gunge was terrifying, and I had to force myself to do it. When I did, the sloppy, mushy mess enevloped my face completely and it was humiliating. All I could think of was how I was degrading myself and gunging myself for a stranger.

Next, i had to dunk my head again, but remain like that until i ran out of breath. Again, the humiliation of the situation was all I coudl think of, and I was fully hard already. I forced yself to remain there for as long as i could, cock leaking. I wanted to touch myself and cum, and had to hold myself back from doing it. The feeling of the gunge was like rotten scrablmed eggs, and it was both increible and humiliating.

Once I'd done that, I had to fill the front and back of my boxers with gunge. I did this, and the feeling of it pressing against my dick and ass was awful, but I loved it. On the darerers orders, I was forced to give myself a wedgie. I managed to get the waistband of my boxers to my shoulders, which hurt like fuck and pushed the slime into my dick. It also made some of it fall through my boxers and down my legs. Again, it was an awful and brilliant feeling, and I'm so glad I felt it.

Afte this, i had to tip the rest of the gunge over my head. The feeling of it hitting my head, sliding down my body felt a little like vomit, and it made me really horny. I was then permitted to remove my boxers, jerk off and cum, if i rubbed my cum into my chest. Once i had done that, I was left a post-orgasm mess. I had to deal with the fact that I was naked and covered in gunge and cum, all for a master I had never met. It was utterly humiliating, and I'm hard as fuck thinking about it.

I hope you enjoyed my story.
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