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Edge and Stretch My Ass || A birthday celebrated in exquisite getDare style

Posted 11-06-2020 at 01:30 PM by AnalAddict

Some of you may have seen my TODR thread in the past few days, asking for dares to celebrate my 36th birthday. Some of you may have contributed to it, in which case I'm extending another heartfelt THANK YOU. For those of you who haven't seen it, let's say it was a resounding success and that it resulted in the best birthday celebration ever. Or as Dungeonmaster put it, "the best one so far". I have a feeling this might be a tradition in the making.

Part of the fun of this whole event was the anticipation build-up. I started the thread on November 2 and watched the gifts and dares come in, one by one. Somewhere along the way, I thought it would be fun to torture myself some more by putting a rule in place: no touching until my birthday. Let's just say I was a writhing mess by Thursday night.

The first gifts

The first celebration of my birthday started as soon as midnight had passed. The relief of my large plug sliding into my asshole was amazing, but short-lived, because OF COURSE it only amped up my arousal and I wasn't allowed to come until the end of the day. Three edges later and I was buzzing with energy, trying to figure out how the hell I was going to sleep. It took some effort, but I got a lovely reward in the form of vivid dreams that made me squirm by the time I woke up.

I tend to sleep in on my birthday, but this time I was wide awake before 8 am. There was this strange mix of sensations warring inside. Some of the haze right after waking up was there, but mingled with it was the arousal left by days of momentum and the fullnes of the plug. And then there were the spikes of excitement pricking through the haze until I couldn't even consider closing my eyes for a little more sleep.

Instead I revelled in the freedom to touch my body, to move and feel the slight friction of the plug, which has a nice bulb that pushes against the wall of my pussy and makes me squirm. Any remnants of sleep still left in my body faded by the third time I edged and I was a panting, dripping mess by the tenth about an hour later. Once I recovered enough to get out of my bed, my legs were shaking. And my day had hardly started.

After breakfast, filled with my large plug and still dripping wet, I got to the creative ENEMA-ME dare that MadScience had thought out for me. Filling my 2l enema bag at the sink was...a challenge. It required speed and focus to open the tap fully, finger my ass the indicated number of times, then close the tap with that same hand. I worked my way up from pushing my finger in once and turning off the tap, twice and tap, three times, and by the time I got to fingering my ass 12 times, the enema bag was already half full. At last I fingered my ass 36 times, capturing all the water that overflowed the bag into the sink to transfer to the enema bag later. As the creator of this dare pointed out, this is were things went wrong, because my lack of speed meant I got A LOT of water for my enema.

Next was my cold shower. I got to prepare my ass for its fucking by fingering my ass 36 times with every single finger—so a total of 360 strokes, while under the cold water spray. I actually like cold showers a lot, but turns out that my over-stimulated body had more trouble than usual taking it, especially because the lovely preparation for my asshole MadScience had foreseen took a lot longer than I thought.

I was shivering by the time I inserted the nozzle. It’s probably worth mentioning at this point that I usually don’t take large enemas, only a liter or so at most. There was a good reason that MadScience’s instruction terrified me from the moment he delivered them, though that slight sense of dread only added to the anticipation of my day of dares. Taking two liters was a challenge, but I breathed through the discomfort and with some small breaks, managed to get it all inside of me. Unfortunately, that was not the end of it because I still had a little over a liter of water left in the sink to be put into my body. I plugged up and got to the sink, filled the bag, and headed back in the shower where I found that I couldn’t manage more than a quarter of the second bag. More water squirted out past the nozzle than went in at that point, so I decided to plug and focus on the rest of the challenge.

As instructed, I looked at myself in the mirror while holding the enema. I took a large make-up mirror with me in the shower, because there was no way in hell I was getting out of that shower until I could release. Already it was very hard to hold, and I was only a few minutes in. Looking at myself like this was a lesson in humiliation. Nothing like seeing your distended belly, your dripping pussy, and your blushing face while your gut is gurgling with the enema. At first, rubbing my pussy and clit helped with the discomfort and the cramps, but about 15 minutes in I was barely up to keep standing and I was covered in cold sweat. When I started getting nauseous after 5 minutes more, I called time and expelled, squatting over the toilet without touching the seat. Another strike, as I was supposed to hold the water for 30 minutes.

My legs were burning and shaking when I got back to the sink for the final bit of cleaning. I took an old toothbrush and followed instructions—brushing the inside of my rectum gently, a bit deeper with each slow rotation I made. After a few minutes I washed out the brush several times (with soap), and then—as a fan of ATM and in the spirit of the challenge MadScience had thrown down—brushed my teeth with it. Does that count as a mouthsoaping? I still can’t think too hard about it or my gut clenches in a mix of excitement and shame. There’s a reason I choose my nickname, my lovely getDarians.

The final bit of this dare was to truly prepare me for the rest of my day. I displayed all the toys that would be used in my body on the bathroom counter--5 plugs and two dildos, and looked at them for a while to build even more anticipation, knowing that all of those toys were going to end up deep inside of me soon. I relubed my asshole and worked my way up the range--from 36 strokes with my small plug to the medium, large and XL plug as well as the 9 inch dildo (which didn't pose a problem). Then came the 8 inch dildo which is a lot thicker and stretched me out nicely. The final XXL plug was a struggle, despite all the preparation, due to its shape without taper making it basically a large steel ball to be pushed inside. I managed it after a few tries, and after 36 strokes, my ass was ready for the rest of this day.

Time to use the clean and stretched ass

The warm shower was bliss for my over-stimulated body. I had already put the suction cup 9 inch dildo on the shower wall and imagined how I'd look after my edges, bent over and taking it deep and slow. With every new edge I reached, they came faster and a little harder to control. It was only once I was ready for my 'fucking' gifts -- 62 ball-deep strokes of my dildo in my ass, that I realised the lube wasn't going to stay on under the spray of my rainshower, and that I had washed the lube on the outside of my asshole away while showering. I debated getting more lube for my asshole at least, but finally decided to try and see if my ass was stretched enough to take the dildo with only the warm water as lubricant.

It took some wriggling and trying, but yes, turns out I could take the dildo. The stretching was all the more glorious. Once inside, the lube there helped ease the process and I took all 9 inches in a slow stroke. As promised? I bent over, put my hands on the shower floor and inched foward again until most of the dildo was out, before pushing my ass back against the wall. There was something deeply sinful and submissive about the warm water running over me while I fucked myself, blinding me, running into my mouth, and adding what felt like caresses all over my body.

If I had planned to do edges during the 5 to 10 minutes I fucked my ass like that, I would have been flying through them because I was a hairwidth away from the edge without even touching myself. Once I finished my fucking, I cleaned up (again) and got out of the shower.

I had planned to do 10 more edges after the shower with my XL plug in, so I laid on my bed to put it in. If there is ONE thing that almost earned me punishment more times than I can tell during my birthday, it's that damn plug. It slide inside me and without even touching myself, I nearly came from the stretch (it's wider than my dildo) and the way it rubbed against my pussy walls from inside my ass. I froze and tried desperately to control the feeling. The second I touched my clit, I was at edge number two of this batch. And for the sake of torturing myself some more, I couldn't help but pull out the plug slowly (almost came again), before pushing it past my clenching asshole again (and yes, almost came again). Those ten edges took less than ten minutes.

I considered changing to the large plug again for my birthday lunch, because I wasn't about to explain to my friend who came over why I was freezing in place every five seconds. Luckily, I more or less got used to the feeling, and with the diversion of food and good talk, I managed to control the sensation somewhat. Though I'm sure she found me rather distracted during lunch. Once she left, I went back to my room for three more edges, and they took mere seconds.

At that point I had to take a break from the fun for some emergency work stuff I couldn't dodge. To keep the arousal, I did it all plugged, though I downsized to the large plug so I could at least focus somewhat.

The final stretch (pun intended)

Once I started the last stretch after work, my body felt almost liquid with arousal. Because I apparently like myself half-crazy with lust (and who doesn’t), I put in the XL plug again. By this time, it was purely my own choice, as I had long reached the 4 hours plugging I had been gifted. The ten edges I did to get me back in the zone for the final few dares were over before they even began. I hardly came down from the edge anymore, so it took only seconds to get back to the point where I was in danger of losing control and falling right over the edge.

My body was primed when I got on my back, knees to my chest, and took the belt to my ass for the 41 strokes I received for my birthday. I’m no stranger to the belt striping my skin, but this time it hurt more than usual. I think every nerve ending was on edge at this stage. In this position, I hit my sit spot repeatedly and the burn stayed with me for the rest of the day and the day after, just the way I like it.

It was time to move onto the CLAMP-AGNE dare wowman presented me with, so I clamped my nipples and ambled to the kitchen, naked, ass marked and plugged, and pussy dripping. I don’t like playing while I’m in any way impaired, so I limited my lovely intermezzo to one glass of champagne that I sipped while I appreciated the burn in my so far unused nipples. When my thirty minutes were up and my glass was empty, I went in search of some way to pull the clamps off without the use or even assistance of my hands (might have tried pulling them off with my teeth otherwise ). It took me several attempts, but I finally used the openings of a radiator to tug them off. They left my nipples a little swollen and aching. By now, I was so aroused that the pain in my nipples was just one more trigger for pleasure, sending bolts of lust straight to my clit. The final ten edges went even quicker than the last round, especially with the final parts of my day on my mind.

Preparing everything for the orgasm game tallishguy invented was delicious build-up for what was to come. I put 'slut' on my chest and 'spank me' on my ass with a marker and every time I moved I felt the slickness of my pussy. There was really no need to lube my pussy for what was to come. I re-applied the nipple clamps, and my right nipple was so swollen after the last dare that the clamp was hard to put on. (Btw, Bdsub, I heard you were the mastermind behind that evil idea ). And still, every shard of pain added to my arousal, rather than diminishing it.

I used the gD dice roller application, and started my BIRTHDAY ORGASM game. Trying to deepthroat the 8 inch dildo was a fun challenge because it's almost too thick to get to the back of my throat, but at least I managed to gag on it before I took it all the way in my dripping pussy. Deepthroating the 9 inch dildo while I fucked the dildo, with the plug inserted was...a mindfuck. Not as much as later on in the game, when it felt like I was being fucked by three thick cocks, but drooling and gagging all over it got me to the edge in no time. I moved up in plug size quite quickly (every time I rolled a 3 or 6, I was to replace with the larger plug and edge again), with edges sometimes only taking a few seconds because I never really came down from the high. Then came the point where I pushed in the (now famous) XL plug and I once again nearly came from that alone. And that was before I inserted the 8 inch dildo in my pussy. I had to sit still for a few minutes to avoid coming, and the moment I gagged on the 9 inch dildo, I was on the edge. Forcing the dildo inside me made even that really big plug come out, that's how stretched my asshole was at that point and how filled I was. The next and last plug is the challenging one I mentioned before. I had to breathe through the stretch when I inserted it and I went nearly insane with lust thinking about adding that dildo in my pussy. At that point I half-lost my mind. I had to edge 3 times before I got the dice roll that allowed me to cum. I came with the 9 inch dildo in my throat making me choke, and when my orgasm hit me, I doubled over and couldn't stop shaking for a few minutes.

I did my best but I'm pretty sure the 36 belt strokes I had to administer were not the hardest ones I've handed out. I had just lost all strength in my limbs.

I expected my arousal to drop after my orgasm, like it always does, and for me to take a while to get back into the CLEAN UP dare Dungeonmaster gave me, but the momentum built up in my body just never really faded. Legs still shaking, I laid out the five plugs on a towel and added the two dildos, one covered in my pussy juices and the other one glistening from all the drool. As instructed, I picked up the 8 inch dildo and laid on my back on the bed, head over the edge, and forced the thick thing in my mouth, once again fighting to take the thickness as deep as it would go and gagging as it hit the back of my throat. I pushed two fingers in my dripping pussy and the sound of me sopping wet got me to the edge in no time. I stopped with the dildo at the back of my throat until I came back down and continued until I reached 36 strokes.

When I retrieved the small plug for cleaning, I stayed on my back and spread my legs even wider. I sucked on it, the thought of it having been in my ass not too long ago turning me on like crazy. I had to stop spanking my pussy a few times because every time it reverberated in my clit I got closer to the edge again. After the 36 spanks, I moved to the medium plug, which hit the back of my throat when I sucked it in my mouth. I slapped my tits 36 times each, and then edged in a matter of seconds. When I read the instructions for these last two dares, I thought that they would take a while to complete given the edges involved, but turns out you can edge in seconds if your arousal gets built up that high.

The third plug barely fit in my mouth--it's quite long and has two bulbs but I pushed it in as far as it would go while pinching my nipples hard for 36 seconds straight, one at a time. After two dares that had my nipples clamped and tortured, it hurt nicely. Knowing I'd have to clamp them again afterwards, had me shiver. If I'd touched my pussy at that point, I would have edged again. After the pinching, when my hands free were free, I made sure to lick the base of the plug clean too, before moving on to the rest of the toys.

I got up from the bed and put on my weighted nipple clamps as well as four clothespins on my pussy, two on each side. I used the full-length mirror in my room and put the suction cup dildo a little lower than face level so I'd have to bend over to deepthroat it while looking at myself and fucking my fingers. It was a powerful mindfuck to see myself do that, drooling, gagging, the sight of my hand between my legs and with ‘slut’ still written on my chest. Slut indeed. And fuck, did it feel good. Normally I would feel humiliated, a little torn (and still turned on), but this time I was too far gone to bother with humiliation. All I was capable of feeling was arousal so powerful it took over my entire being.

I got the final plug, the metal ball, and laid on my back to see the red marks already on my ass. It was a little hard to coordinate between spanking each ass cheek another 36 times and sucking the plug because it didn’t fit in my mouth, but I managed by kind of alternating between both.

Finally, I marked my stomach with HAPPY BIRTHDAY in big letters and put the 9 inch dildo in my mouth. I left it fixed to the mirror, but a little higher so I could stand straight. Hands behind my back I looked at these birthday wishes on my stomach, the way my mouth closed over the dildo, my clamped nipples, the clothespins on my pussy. Standing still like that was a nice final bit of torture because all I wanted was friction, to suck that dildo instead of just holding it, to DO something, fuck something. I think that was the genius of this final challenge—getting me right back at the heights of mindless arousal, despite a massive orgasm right before.

Once it was done, once I realised I'd finished every single challenge and I had taken off all the clamps, all the adrenaline just left my body and I blissed out. There's no better way of describing it. I left everything like it was and just laid in my bed and pulled the cover of me, and even the feeling of the sheets made me squirm and made me feel how slick my pussy was and how empty my asshole felt and the burn of my nipples. I think I slept for five minutes here and there, and then went back to squirming at the memories, and just lazing in a fog of contentment and left-over arousal. A perfectly happy slutty mess.

The aftermath

It's been over a day, and the arousal is still simmering in my body, throbbing somewhere below the surface. Ready to come back in full force at the smallest of things. This morning in the gym, the mere exertion of my thighs triggered it. I wasn't even rubbing them against each other or doing anything other than usual and still I could feel myself getting wet. And there's no coming for me--Erikagrace_cd owns my aftercare and has ordered me in denial for the full 72 hours after my birthday orgasm, with instructions to edge regularly and to report back every day.

Right now, I'm back to squirming, and with good reason. My new and amazing owner Dungeonmaster made sure to put me in the right state of mind to report to all of you. Plugged, my dildo balls-deep and held in place by a tight crotchrope, soaked panties stuffed in my mouth.

And so, I'm right back to building arousal, edges, and performing tasks. I wouldn't have it any other way.

THANK YOU, ALL OF YOU, for the most memorable birthday ever. It's not every year that you can say you were blissed out of your mind for the entire evening, with the after effects lingering for at least a full day.

You made me truly happy, and I can't ever thank you enough. I hope the report helps pay some of my debt
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  1. Old Comment
    Dungeonmaster's Avatar
    Good girl
    The complete report is as amazing as the short one. Really well done.

    More tasks for next year
    Posted 11-06-2020 at 01:52 PM by Dungeonmaster Dungeonmaster is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Andrew 25:17's Avatar
    Lovely report and I'm glad to hear you had so much fun for your birthday!
    Posted 11-06-2020 at 02:58 PM by Andrew 25:17 Andrew 25:17 is online now
  3. Old Comment
    AnalAddict's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Dungeonmaster View Comment
    Good girl
    The complete report is as amazing as the short one. Really well done.

    More tasks for next year
    Thank you, Sir. And yes please. Can't wait for my birthday
    Posted 11-06-2020 at 03:14 PM by AnalAddict AnalAddict is offline
  4. Old Comment
    AnalAddict's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Andrew 25:17 View Comment
    Lovely report and I'm glad to hear you had so much fun for your birthday!
    How could I not with all those perfect gifts? Thank you for your contributions, it was a pleasure having you over on my thread!
    Posted 11-06-2020 at 03:15 PM by AnalAddict AnalAddict is offline
  5. Old Comment
    Matt:'s Avatar
    Amazing report, really enjoyed reading it, glad you had a great time
    Posted 11-06-2020 at 03:33 PM by Matt: Matt: is offline
  6. Old Comment
    AnalAddict's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Matt: View Comment
    Amazing report, really enjoyed reading it, glad you had a great time
    Thank you for all your gifts that contributed to my great time
    Posted 11-06-2020 at 03:59 PM by AnalAddict AnalAddict is offline
  7. Old Comment
    bluedieblub's Avatar
    Amazing report! I'm happy to see you having so much fun with your birthday gifts,
    Posted 11-06-2020 at 04:18 PM by bluedieblub bluedieblub is online now
  8. Old Comment
    AnalAddict's Avatar
    Originally Posted by bluedieblub View Comment
    Amazing report! I'm happy to see you having so much fun with your birthday gifts,
    Oh yes I did! Excited about the gifts you’re assembling in your own thread?
    Posted 11-06-2020 at 04:41 PM by AnalAddict AnalAddict is offline
  9. Old Comment
    bluedieblub's Avatar
    Well, it's definitely preventing me from properly enjoying your report, or rather extending the duration I can enjoy it I'm enjoying them so far, expected more people to abuse the tasks, but I'm happy with where it is going. I've been slowly working them off, too excited to wait for it ^^
    Posted 11-06-2020 at 05:03 PM by bluedieblub bluedieblub is online now
  10. Old Comment
    Bdsub's Avatar
    A terrific write up! Glad I could play a small part in your special day. Bet you can’t wait for your next birthday
    Posted 11-06-2020 at 05:09 PM by Bdsub Bdsub is offline
  11. Old Comment
    AnalAddict's Avatar
    Originally Posted by bluedieblub View Comment
    Well, it's definitely preventing me from properly enjoying your report, or rather extending the duration I can enjoy it I'm enjoying them so far, expected more people to abuse the tasks, but I'm happy with where it is going. I've been slowly working them off, too excited to wait for it ^^
    Sounds like you’re asking for some tasks then. Mmmmm.
    Posted 11-07-2020 at 12:59 AM by AnalAddict AnalAddict is offline
  12. Old Comment
    AnalAddict's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Bdsub View Comment
    A terrific write up! Glad I could play a small part in your special day. Bet you can’t wait for your next birthday
    More than a small part, I’d say. Between your gifts, your conspiring with tallishguy and the punishment I was allowed to give you, it was a real pleasure having you on the thread! Thanks!
    Posted 11-07-2020 at 01:00 AM by AnalAddict AnalAddict is offline
  13. Old Comment
    InstantInferno's Avatar
    Oh wow. Your signature got me curious, and you definitely didn't oversell it - that is one amazing birthday, exquisitely described. It's easy to see why people here were so keen to give you such generous birthday, ah, "gifts" after reading the write-up.
    Posted 11-07-2020 at 02:20 AM by InstantInferno InstantInferno is offline
  14. Old Comment
    AnalAddict's Avatar
    Originally Posted by InstantInferno View Comment
    Oh wow. Your signature got me curious, and you definitely didn't oversell it - that is one amazing birthday, exquisitely described. It's easy to see why people here were so keen to give you such generous birthday, ah, "gifts" after reading the write-up.
    Thank you. And I’m glad I delivered with the report
    Posted 11-07-2020 at 06:03 AM by AnalAddict AnalAddict is offline

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