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Switching It Up - Domme fantasies part 1

Posted 10-24-2020 at 06:10 AM by AnalAddict
Updated 11-22-2020 at 05:41 AM by AnalAddict

While I am most definitely submissive most of the time, my former dom and I are exploring my more dominant side as well. A switch himself, he asked me to blog fantasies of myself as a domme--in detail. Here's my first exploration.


I slam the car door shut loud enough to alert you that I'm home and take my time getting my bags from the trunk. With all the warning I'm giving you, you'd better be on your knees, waiting to welcome me as soon as I get in the door. Last time you didn't... Well, let's say you experienced the very literal meaning of 'blue balls'.

It seems you've learned your lesson. You're a sight to behold--on your knees with your weight leaning back on your heels and your hands clasped behind your back so I can see the body I own on full display. Bare chest, strong unclad thighs, and your cock caged behind the fabric of your jockstrap. Mine.

The moment I set my briefcase and handbag down, you're crawling towards me. I'm sure you're feeling the large butt plug I've selected for you this morning with every movement of your hips. You take off my high heels, one at a time, and kiss the arch of my foot before setting it down gently.

"Your dinner is served, Mistress."
"Seems like you've been a good little slut," I tell you. I'm keeping a tally of your actions and you're compensating nicely for your misbehaviour last night. You'll be thankful for that later.
I let you lean against my leg while I eat, stroking my fingers through your hair from time to time. Your purr-like groan makes me smile. The deeper groan you emit when I bury my fingers in your hair and tug your head back hard is even better. Your full attention is on me, as it should be.
"Get in position, slut," I tell you, seeing the spark of want in your eyes flare.
"Yes, Mistress," you breathe before you crawl to the couch. You get up, on your knees, forearms braced on the backrest and ass thrust back.

I take my time before I walk over. My fingers run along the sides of your jockstrap and you jerk at the light tickle, before you rush to get back in position. My fingers hook under the fabric and I pull--slowly, until I hear you whimper as the wedgie forces the plug deeper in you and chafes your balls. You're not moving out of position though, and I whisper "good slave" against the skin of your back. The goosebumps that appear are perfect. Your body reacts so beautifully for me it gets me breathless at times.

After a while, I tug the jockstrap down your legs until right above your knees. You once told me the light tension of the fabric gets you anxious for what's to come--whether it's a spanking or a hard fuck. It amps up the anticipation just a little bit more.

"How many times?" I ask you.
"Fifty-eight, Mistress," you say with a little break in your voice.
Fifty-eight seconds before you'd realised you hadn't done what I ordered last night. It's going to bite you in the ass now.
The hairbrush is already waiting on the cushions.
"Fifty-eight on each ass cheek," I decide, "and eight on the balls."
You whimper beautifully but don't move.
"You've earned warm-up thanks to your obedience tonight."
"Thank you, Mistress," you say, right before my palm lands on your right ass cheek. I spank you until your ass is rosy and run my nails over the skin to add to that perfect glow.
"Now for your punishment, my little slut. Every five spanks, you will thank me. Forget one and those five don't count."
Your ass clenches visibly. "Yes, Mistress."

I caress your ass with the hairbrush, knowing what it does to you to have one of your more hated implements ready to strike at any moment that pleases me.
The first hard hit has you jerk forward, but you resume position immediately. I admire the bright red spot and let anticipation build for long seconds before I hit in the exact same spot, harder still. Those five on your sit spot turn into a dark bruise that will serve as a reminder of tonight for a few days.
"Thank you, Mistress," you offer.
I direct my attention to your other ass cheek and work on the mirroring mark with five hard strokes.

You're a well-behaved slut tonight--thanking me when you're supposed to, crawling back in position despite the muffled screams you emit against the leather of the couch. The last fifteen on each ass cheek come in quick succession, the hard wallops absorbed in your marked flesh. Your last 'thank you, Mistress' is laced with tears, but you know punishment isn't over yet.

"On your back," I order.
You don't move, and I check. "Colour, slave?"
"Green, Mistress. Sorry, Mistress."
"I'll round up to ten to make up for your inattention, little slut," I tell you.
"Yes, Mistress." You're on your back now, your legs folded back to your chest, only your balls sticking out from between your closed thighs.
When I run my fingers along the crack of your ass and tap the base of the butt plug, you moan. Even louder when I pat the bruise on your ass.
"How many, slave?" I ask.
"Ten, Mistress."
"Count for me. You'll thank me at the end for receiving your deserved punishment."
"Yes, Mistress."
By the time the tenth tap hits your exposed balls, you have tears in your eyes.

"Good slut," I tell you once you thanked me. "You've taken your punishment well. Now that you're forgiven, we can move to the next part."
You know exactly what I will do to you. I had you prepare the strap on and display it on another cushion, knowing the thought would have you on edge all day. Knowing that every time you bent over with the plug in your ass, you'd imagine me fucking you hard with the thick dildo attached to the harness.

You look a little confused when I sink into the couch and spread my legs. "Take off my stockings, little slut."
You rush to do as you're told and carefully roll them down my legs before looking up at me for your next instruction.
"You will make me come now, little slut. Fingers and tongue. You have five minutes."
It's not too tall an order--I'm turned on by the devotion in your eyes and the thought of burying my strap on deep inside of you. I fight my orgasm a little to see and feel you work even harder, but I come hard well before your assigned time is up.

"Pull out the plug, slut,"
I see you wince a little when the widest part forces it way out of your body, and I can't wait to see your asshole clench around my dildo.
"Since you did such a good job making me come, you can use my wetness as additional lube."
You're careful when you scoop my juices out of my pussy and reach back to push them into your own body. The thought turns me on even more, morphing the post-orgasm haze into the craving to own you. Now.

I use your collar to bring you to your feet. You may be taller than I am, but the look in your eyes tells me you know exactly who's in charge.
"Position," I murmur, and you're back on your knees in mere seconds.
I admire the slight gape of your asshole, glistening with the lube you used for your plug and my own juices, while I put on the harness. Your body is trembling just a little, just enough to know you're ready for me.

I put the thick head of the dildo against your hole and wait.
"Please, Mistress," you beg, and I push until the ring of muscles relents and lets me in. I don't stop pushing until the life-like balls of the dildo rest against your red-and-blue ass.
"Such a good little slave," I praise you, running my palm along the length of your spine.
Slowly, I withdraw. When I thrust back in, hard, I pull your head back by your hair, the arch of your back allowing me to go even deeper.
"Tell me what I'm doing to you, little slut." I'm pounding you hard now, the fingers of one hand digging into the flesh of your hip, my other still in your hair.
"Fucking my ass, Mistress. Owning me, using me-ee." You draw out the last vowel when I grind hard as soon as I hit bottom.
"This ass is all mine," I remind you, still as deep as I can go, keeping still.
"Yes, Mistress." You can't resists temptation and move forward a little to release some of the pressure.
I use my entire weight to press you against the back of the couch, allowing no escape.
That's when I feel you relax under me, when I get your full submission despite the pain of the dildo stretching you, digging deep inside your gut.
"Beautiful, my pet," I praise you, and resume a slow rhythm, easing out almost completely before sliding back in to the balls.
You take me like that for a long time, fucking yourself on that thick dildo when I need a break, getting fucked when the craving to own you once again takes over my senses.

I pull out and you slump against the couch, shivering. The harness is off and on the ground in seconds and I grab the blanket to my right. I cover your shoulders and pull you in my lap, warming your exhausted body with my own and the fabric.
"You did well, pet," I tell you, with a light caress over your brow.
You can't even keep your eyes open. "Thank you, Mistress," you mumble.
I think you don't even feel my soft kiss brush your lips before you sink into sleep.
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  1. Old Comment
    Bdsub's Avatar
    Great writing, enjoyed it
    Posted 10-24-2020 at 02:38 PM by Bdsub Bdsub is offline
  2. Old Comment
    AnalAddict's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Bdsub View Comment
    Great writing, enjoyed it
    Glad you liked it! Always a little nerve wracking to share fantasies ;-)
    Posted 10-25-2020 at 06:14 AM by AnalAddict AnalAddict is offline
  3. Old Comment
    A2M2's Avatar
    Wow! This is very good! Love the perspective when reading it. I bet it was very enjoyable
    Posted 11-23-2020 at 01:25 PM by A2M2 A2M2 is offline
  4. Old Comment
    AnalAddict's Avatar
    Originally Posted by A2M2 View Comment
    Wow! This is very good! Love the perspective when reading it. I bet it was very enjoyable
    Only a fantasy, but itís always fun to write and imagine...
    Posted 11-23-2020 at 01:32 PM by AnalAddict AnalAddict is offline

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