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This blog is a permanent record of some of the punishments and humiliations I have received.

I am a fat piggy and am grateful to RST for training me. I am obedient to him and am subject to any discipline he deems fit.

I will chronicle my servitude to him and further shame myself on this blog.
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Adventures in waxing

Posted 10-22-2020 at 06:58 AM by MsX

Another task from RST.

He had placed me under restriction for three days - no panties, no wine, no touching myself, and no adult content at all (no porn, no erotic stories, no going on GD unless to chat to him and post blogs at his command).

My restriction was over this morning, and he had me dress in my slut suit. He assigned me a short slutty denim skirt, a black bra, and a blue top that was too tight and showed off too much cleavage and too much bra.

I had to touch myself to an edge right before leaving, then drive to the appointment without panties. I wiped my fingers beneath my nose so I could seal in the smell of a horny slut in heat. The mask sealed in the smell of my desire.

I drove to the salon and parked outside, arriving 15 minutes early. There were two empty cars outside. I saw nobody around. Then I spread my legs a little and slipped my left hand down.

RST had me playing with my clitty and edging my cunt. He wanted me to go in dripping with a slimy cunt like a horny pig.

Those 15 minutes were fraught with tension. I swirled my thumb on my clit and stroked my pussy lips, playing with the hair that would soon be gone.

Then, eventually, I was called to enter the salon. I slipped on a pair of pink and black panties that RST chose because they looked like something a trashy teen girl would wear.

I felt the wetness of my cunt as I walked inside. The waxer knows me, and she was in the room when I slipped the panties off again. There was a wet spot already forming.

She didn't say anything, but she could clearly tell that I was wet.

I had my legs spread wide open and felt the breeze on my wet cunt. I was already worked up and horny from playing with myself where someone could have seen. There were cars that went by - I don't think anyone saw my display.

After the wax I slipped the panties on and pulled them off again as I sat in the car.

He had instructed me to drive somewhere of my choice and then he allowed me to have one orgasm. I am not permitted to choose when I cum - if he instructs me to have one I must have one. If he does not permit, I am denied.

I was so wet and flustered and just needed to cum...I found a very low-traffic area. Parked down a small side street...then I sank low into the seat and played with my sloppy slimy cunt.

I was too excited to control myself for long...then I lost control completely...humping my fingers and desperately writhing...whimpering...

Flushed and cunt still spasming, I returned home to document the experience.

I wonder when the next orgasm will be permitted...
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  1. Old Comment
    RST's Avatar
    It sounds like you did great. I think the waxing lady was either unaware or very discrete. Did you have a red face lying there? Dis you feel burning shame? Did you have trouble with small talk?
    Posted 10-22-2020 at 07:41 AM by RST RST is offline
  2. Old Comment
    MsX's Avatar
    Originally Posted by RST View Comment
    It sounds like you did great. I think the waxing lady was either unaware or very discrete. Did you have a red face lying there? Dis you feel burning shame? Did you have trouble with small talk?
    Thank you, Sir
    She handled it well, if she did notice.
    I had a red face...red chest. It waxed and waned as I thought about the shameful thing I had just done in the car, just before exposing my swollen went cunt.
    I managed just fine with the small talk, but it was touch and go a few times.
    Posted 10-22-2020 at 11:49 AM by MsX MsX is offline

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