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A Day in Ponyville Adventure

Posted 09-17-2020 at 05:19 PM by Ponies
Updated 09-17-2020 at 05:42 PM by Ponies

Hey Everypony!

This is going to be the new home of my Ponyville Adventure series of dares.

I have some plans for new dares in the works and will also be resubmitting the existing to include some fixes and alterations. Hopefully this time I will be sober and catch the mistakes.

Below you will find links to the possible adventures you may have! Feel free to roll or pick whichever you want to get started. Most importantly have fun!

Feedback is welcomed!


“What happened to me?” You say to no one in particular. You just woke up with a rather splitting headache. As your eyes adjust to the light you notice you are laying down with forest surrounding you. Carefully you try and stand up.

“Whoa!” you scream while losing balance. Stumbling along you slip and roll down a slope.

"Ow" you reach an arm back to rub your thigh, it is at this moment you realize that you are not quite the human you fell asleep as the night before. In fact you seem to be a pony. A very colorful pony with a green coat and light blue mane and tail.

(Insert a butt plug that has a tail, if you do not own one insert a plug of any type. If limit ignore… Also add any type of animal ears you may own.)

As you begin to work though the process of how to walk on four legs you slowly crawl though the forest. Confusion begins to set in on how you ever ended up in this place to begin with. However your mind is telling you the forest is dangerous, so you put the thoughts aside. Several minutes of walking later you find a dirt path that seems to be leading towards thinner brush. You decide to follow it.

Select your adventure!

Rarity – The Element of Generosity shows you your more feminine side.

Twilight – The element of magic Is on her way back to Ponyville when she sees you in the middle of poison joke… The joke is indeed on you as regression quickly kicks in.

Pinkie Pie – The Element of Laughter takes you on a messy and random adventure

(coming soon) Fluttershy – The element of kindness…. Has some strange ways of showing it (bdsm)

(coming soon) Rainbow Dash – The Element of loyalty takes you on during her daily workout, she shoes you some of the rather unorthodox parts that keeps her in shape.

(coming soon) Applejack – The element of honesty shows you around the farm and shows that there is quite a bit to “Apple Bucking”

(coming soon) Starlight Glimmer – She was once known for mind control, does she still have what it takes?

(coming soon) Cutie Mark Crusaders – They always have crazy ideas up their hooves

(coming soon) Diamond Tiara and Silverspoon – Uh Oh, you found the bullies…

(coming soon) The Mane 6 (and some guests) - You find yourself in a very strange truth or dare game.
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